Review of the Falke cycling range: High quality biking clothing

Dec 07, 2022 BY Luke Rees

When you get the chance to review some high quality bike clothing, you don’t say no. There’s nothing like trying on some new gear and going for a ride. So, when asked to write a review of the Falke cycling range, it was a no brainer.

But here’s the part where full disclosure is required. I am an avid mountain biker and online the gear looked ideal for my off-road adventures. But when it arrived I quickly realised it’s designed more with road cyclists in mind. This cycling gear is streamlined and built for speed, while it fits me I felt uncomfortable and knew my MTB buddies would take the micky.

review of the Falke cycling range

High quality biking clothing by Falke

Still, I could instantly tell that this is high quality stuff. This is not the kind of bike gear you’ll find in a discount out-of-town multi-sport superstore. This is high quality bike clothing for serious riders.

So with this in mind, I thought it best to give it to a friend who is into road cycling to get a more objective review. You can find out more of what he thought below, but first let’s take a closer look at Falke and what they do.

The Falke family have been making the highest quality clothing since 1895. Hailing from Germany, this family business has grown to become a global presence, using only the very best materials with a focus on superior finish and handcrafted perfection.

But it’s not only about the quality, Falke also strive to make clothes that look great too. After all, if you are paying for the best in performance you’ll want to look good too.

review of the Falke cycling range

As well as a general range of everyday clothing and ergonomic sports socks, underwear and hosiery, Falke also has a strong focus on sports clothing. This includes running, football, skiing, tennis, golf and hiking gear plus of course high quality biking clothing. There is a big selection of cycling kit, all of which is designed to help you move better, feel better and perform better.

Review of the Falke cycling range

As mentioned above, I was given the chance to review the following products but it didn’t really match my kind of riding. So I thought it would be better coming from someone who really knows what they are doing. Our roadie was provided with three items to conduct this review of the Falke cycling range which you can find out more about below:

Review of Falke compression men tights

These compression tights are full length leggings made from a skin-friendly polyamide. The design aims to help muscles get less tired during activity and recover quicker once you have stopped.

They have a seamless finish for optimal fit and maximum range of movement, which is ideal when you are on the bike. There are also features such as an elasticated waist band and integrated key pocket. So, you can wear these either under another pair of shorts or as a top garment.

Review of Falke compression men tights

The moisture regulation and fast drying helps to keep you dry and at the right temperature. So with the unpredictable weather in the UK this a major bonus. Our tamed roadie said they were super comfortable when cycling or running and that he hardly noticed he was wearing them.

They come in black and cost £119. Find out more here:

Review of Falke men biking shorts

If compression tights are not your thing, or you want to wear them under a top layer, then these biking shorts are exactly what you need. Made from a top quality material with a high polyamide content, moisture is quickly wicked away to keep you dry in the saddle. Which is a major plus point either on a hot sweaty ride or if you get caught in a shower.

There’s a handy back zip pocket, two hand pockets and a comfortable closure with an eye and press stud. Plus, the reflective elements help to keep you safe on the bike, perfect for those early morning or late evening rides when the visibility is not at its best.

Review of Falke men biking shorts

Our rider said he had a good range of movement from the regular fit which was comfortable to ride in. He also said the design is good so they don’t look out of place in a pub or cafe after a ride. His final feedback was that the fast drying times are very convenient if you want to wash between rides on consecutive days.

Available in black for £169. Pick up a pair direct from Falke:

Review of Falke men biking jacket stand up collar

This light biking jacket has a stand up collar, extended back and an optimum fit thanks to the elastic cuffs. The internal mesh helps to keep you dry at all times and is made from polyamide which is breathable and quick drying.

This high quality biking jacket has extended sleeves to protect your hands against the cold. This is perfect for those rides on chillier days when your hands can end up like blocks of ice.

Review of Falke men biking jacket stand up collar high quality biking clothing by Falke

There are two concealed zip pockets with a double-sided puller for easy access, which can easily be opened when you’re in the saddle. And, as with the other Falke items reviewed there are reflective elements for better visibility.

Our reviewer said the jacket has a light, figure-hugging form that is flexible, non-restrictive and moves with him. He also said it is great at keeping the wind off or a light shower, but it didn’t keep him dry in a heavy downpour (but it quickly dried after).

It’s available in black or a greenish yellow for £299:

Review of Falke biking clothing: Conclusion

All three of these Falke cycling products are made with superior quality materials and both look and feel great to the touch. Trying on the gear, both myself and the reviewer could tell this high quality bike clothing is well made and designed by people who know about cycling. No surprise as Falke are a manufacturer with a long and proud tradition.

review of the high quality Falke cycling range of high quality biking gear

Our cyclist was very impressed when doing this review of the Falke cycling range. He was particularly vocal about the quality of the materials and the close cut of the clothing that didn’t inhibit movement or cause any rubbing or chaffing.

We hope you found this review of the high quality Falke biking range useful. There’s a good selection of other cycling gear, plus clothing for trekking, running, skiing, golf and more. Check it out here:


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