Review of Surf Berbere: Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco

Oct 15, 2018 BY Cara Rees

Looking for a surfing break or a fun packed, relaxing but active vacation with a bit of culture? Then read this first-hand review of Surf Berbere to find out why you should consider a Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco.

Review of Surf Berbere Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco by Cara Rees

With budget airlines offering regularly scheduled flights, Morocco is easy to access from most of Europe. There is also the option of travelling overland and getting the ferry from Spain to Morocco. The climate offers year-round warmth and sunshine.

As a destination Morocco has lots of adventure to offer. From trekking in the Atlas mountains to visiting the Sahara desert and exploring its varied history to experiencing its vibrant culture. Plus, most importantly, the south Moroccan coastline is renowned for its surf.

Surf holiday in Morocco

The Moroccan surf is mainly point break (yes, this is a real surf term not just a 90’s film), beach break or reef break. As I learned during this review of Surf Berbere these types of break are caused by physical attributes of the coast rather than the nature of the wave itself.

This variety means that regardless of the swell direction or size there is almost always be some waves. So your Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco is pretty much guaranteed to include plenty of surfing with very few flat water days.

For those experienced surfers looking for great waves, Morocco offers consistent swell creating some of the world’s top surf from late autumn to March. Also, there is so much good coastline that you can always find uncrowded waves to enjoy. Check out this guide to the best surf sports in Morocco for more information.

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

Why choose a Taghazout surf holiday?

Taghazout is home to the best surf spots in Morocco and it is less than an hour transfer from Agadir airport. The average daytime temperature is 20-30 degrees Celsius year-round. You can expect 6-8 hours of sunshine a day and just five days of rain a year.

Yes, you’d be very lucky/unlucky – it’s a matter of perspective after all – to have rainy day during your holiday. In the winter months you will want warm clothes for the evenings if you want to sit out under the stars during your Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco.

Taghazout sits in a bay with plenty of restaurants along sections of it’s pretty waterfront. It is a small laid-back fishing village, so you are unlikely to experience any of the less enjoyable tourist hassle prevalent in other parts of Morocco. In fact, I experienced none and was comfortable walking around in shorts and a vest top – this is inappropriate/ill-advised attire in most of Morocco.

The fishing boats leave from and return to the sandy beach in the centre of the bay but there is also plenty of space for bathers. The arms of the bay are lined by rocks which many people snorkel and on one morning a shoal of dolphins were playing along.

Plus, you can paddle out from the surf camp and ride the waves practically back to your doorstep!

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots Hash Point by Surf Berbere

Introducing Surf Berbere

Surf Berbere offer Taghazout surf holidays for all levels from complete beginner to level 1 surf instructor courses. Their all-inclusive package with five days of surfing, including equipment hire and lessons, is just £390 per person. Check out to see their various packages including bespoke options.

All the Surf Berbere instructors are qualified and have intimate experience of the local surf. As I found out during this review of Surf Berbere this means they know the best places to take you to find the right waves for your level.

For experienced surfers they offer guided surfing taking you to the best beaches with the type of surf you want. The instructor surfs with you offering tips and advice throughout the day.

For beginner and intermediate surfers, the standard day involves a warm up, a short beach-based lesson then two hours in the surf with the instructor giving hands on teaching. This is followed by lunch, then two more hours in the water with the instructor observing you and coaching to constantly help you improve.

Review of Surf Berbere surfing lessons

Surf Berbere make the bold statement on their website ‘Learn to Surf in seven days’! I took this statement with a pinch of salt since everyone has different natural abilities and I only had five days anyway.

Review of Surf Berbere Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco surf school by Cara Rees

I decided I’d be happy if I managed to stand on the board on a wave during my stay, however with the help of our instructor Yusef, this was achieved on the first day by my entire class. We all had good and bad days but by the end of my stay we were all having great fun surfing.

Every day as I had small successes and experienced new pleasures from surfing:

  • Day 1: With the instructors help the surprised joy of standing on a wave.
  • Day 2: Getting my paddling right, feeling the wave lift me, speeding along and staying with the wave all the way to the beach –effectively body boarding on a surfboard.
  • Day 3: Catching my own waves and standing up: Elation… for a few short moments until I lost the wave because I was looking down.
  • Day 4: Really starting to ride the waves and keeping my balance. An exhilarating and addictive feeling.
  • Day 5: We went to Imsouane and surfed a 500m long wave.

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots Imsouane

Imsouane (also called Immesouane) has one of Morocco’s longest waves – up to 800m on a good day – and is a must during a Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco. Also, you can walk most the way out around the bay. An awesome day of riding waves half a kilometer almost all the way into the beach in beautiful surroundings. I loved every moment guiding my board on the wave.

Review of Surf Berbere: Yoga

If you are new to surfing you will be amazed at the muscle groups you will use and if you are experienced I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how beneficial yoga is after a day surfing. There were two yoga instructors during my stay who both led classes specifically designed to stretch and strengthen you for your Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco.

Their classes were a combination of movement and breathing yoga (Vinyasa and Hatha yoga) and are suitable for all levels of experience. Some of the moves/postures were challenging but we were all rewarded with feeling less stiff, achy and tender afterwards. On the way back from the beach during this review of Surf Berbere we always looked forward to our yoga class.

The rooftop terrace where the yoga is held every evening is beautiful. You can look out over the sea while completing your stretches and listen to the waves while doing breathing exercises/meditation. You can decide daily if you want to add a yoga session or purchase it has part of your camp package.

It happens every evening from 6:30 to 7:30 which for most the year is during sunset. So, as you stretch and relax from an active day surfing the light softens and transitions into warm yellows with occasional coral orange highlights, a wonderful experience!

Review of Surf Berbere Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco yoga by Cara Rees

Review of Surf Berbere holiday

Welcome and staff

The welcome was warm, friendly and dynamic. Adela offered me tea and asked me to fill out a few bits of paperwork. Then on the lovely yoga roof terrace, Adela and Leo explained how everything from timings and trips, to food and activities, work at the surf camp. It was very professional but relaxing and as my first surf camp it was reassuring to know what to expect.

Leo also spoke passionately about the types of surf and experience I would get during my stay. His enthusiasm was infectious and we were busy chatting away about right-hand waves and riding goofy (right foot in front) when Adela had to remind us that I needed to be shown to my room if I wanted to attend yoga at 6:30pm.

Throughout my Surf Berbere holiday I found all the staff to be happy to help and they obviously enjoy their jobs taking pride in providing the best surf camp experience possible. They actively seek feedback, even offering the incentive of a beverage or crepe if you fill out a feedback form.


During this review of Surf Berbere I was in a two-bedroom apartment with three other women and was introduced to my flatmates by the hosts. The room I shared was cosy with two single beds and space under them to store your bags/suitcase. The second bedroom was larger having a bedside cabinet and chest of drawers for storage.

The apartment was spacious with an alluring, bright airy feel. The décor was a quirky mixture of dated tiling with modern Moroccan vibrant furnishings and surf pictures. There were four seats and a table on the balcony overlooking the sea, two large sofas with a coffee table, an open plan kitchen area with a fridge and a wet room bathroom.

Review of Surf Berbere Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco photo courtesy of Surf Berbere

The apartment was cleaned, and the beds made daily. There was a pretty view of Taghazout from the balcony and I loved falling asleep to the sound of the waves. The accommodation is perfect for a Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco.

Review of Surf Berbere: Food

Surf Berbere aim to give you tasty nutritious food, so you will have plenty of fuel for your Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco. And they achieve this throughout!

Starting with buffet breakfast at the gorgeous waterside café. It included a great selection of fruit, cereal, bread, crepes, muffins and boiled eggs. Plus everyone’s favourite the avocado and tomato bruschetta.

Every day lunch was on the beach. You could choose from a sandwich – a large baguette style roll – or a warm dish such as couscous salad with chicken or fragrant veggie curry with rice. Water is provided and there are snacks of crisps, cookies, and fruit.

Dinner is a multi-dish event. Starting with grazing on bread, the tastiest olives I had in Morocco (lemon and herb dressed) and Moroccan Amlou dip (made from argan oil with argan kernels or almonds). This was followed by soup or starters like grilled Aubergine. The main event was a variety of BBQ’s dishes served with salads or delicious tagines.

Review of Surf Berbere Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco by Cara Rees

Plus, the camp caters well for a variety of dietary needs. There was a vegan woman at the camp during my stay who said she enjoyed the food and the smoothies they made for her. After dinner in true Moroccan fashion there are indulgent deserts, followed by sweetened mint tea and then a Shisha with flavoured tobacco is passed around.


Dinner is served on the surf camp building roof terrace, a lovely communal space where everyone gathers. The kitchen, BBQ and main seating are all open plan, plus there is a cute, cosy seating area in a tent for cooler or windy evenings. You are welcome to purchase alcohol and consume it on the roof terrace and there is a Bluetooth sound system that people take it in turns to use to play their music.

After dinner the balance board is brought out. This is a board which you balance on a rolling cylinder (Indo board). The grill is moved away for safety then people practice their balance some even dancing on the board to the music.

The staff often get involved showing special moves/tricks like how to kneel and doing some amazing dance routines on the board. This includes doing spins or having two of them dancing together or removing the board and balancing on the cylinder then replacing it again – all without touching the ground. It’s a fun, relaxed way to spend evenings on a Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco.

The surf Berbere camp has such a great vibe! The shared experience of learning to surf and socialising together helps to form a new group of friends. My group are meeting up again in six weeks time to hopefully plan our next Surf Berbere holiday.

Review of Surf Berbere Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco photo courtesy of Surf Berbere

Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco: Conclusion

I will conclude my review of Surf Berbere by saying I intend to return. Hopefully fairly regularly in the future. The staff looked after everyone so well it felt like a home away from home. The food was great with a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

I got to surf everyday with instructors who know the area and really care that you get the best experience. Plus, they helped me to catch not only plenty of waves but the surfing bug too. My Taghazout surf holiday in Morocco offered everything I had hoped for and more with the Surf Berbere experience providing the icing on the cake.

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