Review of Ski 2000 Selva: Val Gardena Adult Skiing Lessons in Italy

Jun 18, 2024 BY Louise Rowe

Last winter I returned to skiing after more than two decades away from the slopes. In this review of Ski 2000 Selva, find out how booking Val Gardena adult skiing lessons in Italy transformed this lapsed beginner skier into someone comfortable on the slopes.

Is skiing like riding a bike, once conquered you don’t forget? Returning to the slopes in my forties, after a 24 year break, I was keen to find out. Would my body cope with the physical exertion of skiing? Would I take to the slopes with the same fearless spirit, knowing this time I wouldn’t be bouncing back up with the same gusto?

My past experience consisted of two days skiing without instruction on Vancouver Island and a couple of half days in Whistler. Prior to that, as a teen, I’d also done a week of downhill skiing on cross country skis in Cairngorm, Scotland. At the time I felt I’d got the hang of it, but it’s unlikely I slid down the mountain with anything resembling style.

Review of Ski 2000 Selva Val Gardena Adult Skiing Lessons in Italy 2

Review of Ski 2000 Selva Val Gardena

So as pretty much a complete beginner, I headed to the beautiful Val Gardena in the Dolomites. After three half days of fantastic instruction by Ski 2000, would this eager, middle-aged woman be gliding down the mountain?

The Gear

Since I hit the slopes last, what’s apparent is the incredible evolution in ski gear/ technology. Attire from my previous ski experience involved oversized salopettes from the local charity shop, topped off with dearstalker hat for warmth.

With a seasoned snowboard writer for a partner, this time I was kitted out in all the gear, his bedroom resembling an outlet ski/snowboard shop. However, this didn’t stretch to boots and skis. So, on our first morning we headed to the fantastic Dolomiti Adventures. Their knowledgeable, friendly staff made hiring the equipment (and returning it) effortless.

With an extensive range of well maintained equipment, I recommend Dolomiti Adventures for both ski and snowboard gear hire. Whilst I got fitted out in store, equipment can be ordered online and delivered to your hotel if you know what you want.

Review of Ski 2000 Selva Private Lessons

With boots on and skis in hand, we made our way to one of two Ski 2000 shops in Selva. After making ourselves known, we were soon boarding the shuttle bus for the very short hop to the beginners’ slopes. Whilst my German is limited, the enormous sign saying “kinderland” wasn’t lost on me; I did begin to wonder if I might be too old to learn a new skill?

Review of Ski 2000 private adult lessons in Selva Val Gardena

I met my instructor and so began a two-hour private lesson. Sitting between high season/ low season, private lessons, depending on times, are between €53 to €73 per hour, or €78 to €111 euros for 1.5/2 hour packages. Ski 2000, offers a wide range of bespoke bundles for groups, youths and adults which can be found on their website.

Despite the name, if you prefer to glide down the mountain on a snowboarding holiday, they fully cater for this too. Various packages also include equipment hire with lockers located in store. So Ski 2000 are both practical and offer value for money.

As a lapsed skier I thoroughly recommend paying the extra for an initial private lesson. We quickly went from snow plough to parallel skiing. Having 1:1 tuition meant from the onset, focus was on my technique, any bad habits were spotted and worked on.

My instructor was extremely patient, his personable approach meant I felt well supported. With little victories applauded my confidence rose. The button lifts and good selection of quiet, beginner slopes in Selva Val Gardena gave me plenty of opportunities to diligently practice the techniques.

As the lesson ended, sitting in the café adjacent to the slope we ordered a massive pizza. As I released the clasp on my ski boots and sunk my teeth into gooey doughy delight, it hit me how tired my body felt. Skiing certainly uses muscles I hadn’t flexed in a long time. For a beginner, two hours intense focus on a new skill was certainly enough both physically and mentally.

Relaxing after skiing in Selva Val Gardena in Italy

Afternoon in Val Gardena

I attempted to fly solo in the afternoon navigating another area of the slopes. Yet my embryonic skills quickly showed themselves for what they were. Holidaying with an advanced snowboarder, we reflected whilst there were excellent teaching slopes, Val Gardena lacked longer, beginner descents, which we could share.

Deciding against more skiing, I opted to spend the remainder of the afternoon at the top of the mountain drinking glühwein – it seemed the sensible thing to do. In fact, you would struggle to find a more magical place in the world to have a drink! Val Gardena is truly a beautiful resort. As the late afternoon sun reflects off the mountains, they radiate a pinkish hue, like fire meets ice.

Sitting on top of the world I basked in being in the mountains; a ski holiday certainly isn’t all about getting down the slopes. Val Gardena, whilst apparently not lively by other resorts standards, does have an après scene. We found this most buzzing late afternoon, as people hit the bars directly from the slopes. By evening this petered out as people returned to their hotel for a spa and dinner.

Review of Ski 2000 Selva Group Lessons

Collected by Ski 2000, I was again taken to the beginner slopes, this time for group Val Gardena adult skiing lessons in Italy. I skied down and positioned myself in the green section – the absolute beginner’s area, feeling the natural choice for someone who’d only done two hours skiing in 24 years.

However, it quickly became apparent that I cut a solitary figure. The ski instructor, overseeing the blue section remarked, if I could ski into the section, I could probably ski sufficiently to join his group. So off I went, hoping he and I weren’t going to rue his decision.

Large, quiet beginner ski area in Selva Val Gardena

We spent the next two hours the steeper side of the beginners’ slopes, building on what I worked on the previous day. There were six of us, whilst there wasn’t the scope for as much individual attention there was still focus on improving our posture.

Apparently, I needed to bend into the turns further. In my head my knee was practically touching the snow, but footage obtained by my boyfriend certainly showed a different picture. Again, the instructor was warm and extremely approachable, testimony to this, by the lessons end, my confidence had risen further.


Val Gardena Adult Skiing Lessons in Italy: Day 3

Back with the same Ski 2000 instructor and group as the previous day, as agreed the day before we moved further up the mountain to tackle a red run. There was a little part of me which hoped our instructor might have reflected against this, as to be honest, I was slightly terrified; the slope looked much higher and steeper.

The beauty of having an instructor is the choice of where to ski wasn’t for me to make. The fact he had assessed it as safe, was in the back of my mind, as we took the long button lift up. At the top it certainly looked steep.

For the first run down, the instructor told us to approach it as we felt comfortable, so I opted for slow and cautious – very slow and very cautious! I slightly lost control in the middle section but with a racing heart and covered in sweat I made it safely to the bottom.

Review of Ski 2000 Selva Val Gardena Adult Skiing Lessons in Italy

With each descent my confidence grew; like the previous day, we continued to build on our technique which felt more vital as the difficulty increased. By the end of the session, I felt exhausted but proud of the progress I’d made. So much so that my partner and I skied the red together plus the busy gauntlet into town in search of more pizza and a chance to rest weary legs.

Review of Hotel Silvana in Selva Val Gardena

We stayed at the lovely, modern and very friendly Hotel Silvana. Located slightly outside the main village it’s walking distance in normal footwear. Not so in ski boots – but there are regular free buses to take you in.

We had the set dinner menu each night which was a hearty five course meal of Italian mountain cuisine. Vegetarians are catered for, but the options were limited compared to meat eaters. I also eat fish which added extra options. Breakfast was a combination of full continental buffet and hot food – all of which was delicious.

The rooms themselves were spacious, with an enormous bed and a balcony. The bathroom was so warm we fashioned it into a makeshift dry room which was surprisingly effective. The hotel had a ski room with lockers, a small but funky bar and a spa area to alleviate aching muscles.

Hotel Silvana in Selva Val Gardena Italy

Val Gardena Adult Skiing Lessons in Italy: Conclusion

After just three days I’d certainly not describe myself as a “skier”, but I was pleased by the progress made. Instruction by the amazing Ski 2000 Selva was absolutely key to this. It’s not only the skills that lessons give you, but the confidence it instils in you to take the next steps needed to progress.

Whilst our stay was short, I felt confident that if I’d had a week, I would be exploring longer blue/red runs in the rest of the ski area. Perhaps I’d still not be skiing with much style, but at least with the skills to avoid coming to harm. Ultimately, I found venturing back onto the slopes after more than two decades to be a lot of fun.

Seeing the fearlessness of small children whizzing past me, certainly age generates caution. So, while the journey might be slower, mastering the slope on skis didn’t feel entirely out of reach. It seems when it comes to skiing, an old dog can be taught new tricks.

We hope you found this review of Ski 2000 Selva useful. To book Val Gardena adult skiing lessons in Italy head to their website: To find out more about the Val Gardena ski area and book accommodation visit:

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