Review of Saxx Shorts: 2N1 & Comfortable Lined Swimmers

Sep 29, 2023 BY Luke Rees

This summer I have been wearing some great two in one sport shorts and swim shorts with exceptionally comfortable liners. Read this review of Saxx shorts to find out about their range of products and what I thought of their 2N1 Sport 2 Life and Oh Buoy comfortable lined swimmers which have been word for everything from hiking to paddle boarding.

Review of Saxx Shorts the 2N1 Sport and Life & Comfortable Lined Swimmers

I am a big fan of Saxx underwear, after exhaustive testing they topped my list of the best men’s underwear. I have also previously had some Saxx sport shorts with built in undies and they were great. So when I had the chance to test their latest models I was happy to oblige.

Review of Saxx BallPark Pouch™

The secret to Saxx underpants success is their patented BallPark Pouch™ which offers friction-free support for your crown jewels. But it’s not just supportive, the pouch helps stop sweaty balls and sticky inner thighs.

A pouch for your man bits may sound like a weird concept, but when you are wearing Saxx underpants you don’t notice it. You just pull them on and everything falls into place. And while you don’t notice it you certainly appreciate the extra comfort and support it provides.

This is most noticeable when getting active, as the BallPark keeps your balls supported holding them comfortably in place. The pouch also keeps everything dry when you start to get sweaty by wicking away moisture. They also reduces friction in sensitive areas, particularly between you thighs and what is dangling between them.

Saxx ballpark pouch review

Furthermore, all Saxx shorts and underwear have other comfort tech. This includes a 3D design, which takes your shape and muscles into account when designing the fit for all round comfort. They are also made with flat out seams for chafe free comfort – so you won’t get any sore spots.

Review of Saxx Shorts

For this review of Saxx shorts I was sent a pair of the 2N1 Sport 2 Life shorts and a couple of pairs of the Oh Buoy Swim shorts.

Review of 2N1 Sport 2 Life shorts

These are the ultimate do it all shorts. I have worn them over the summer for lazy days in the garden, hiking, going for a jog and a trip to the pub. They look good, although more on the casual side, and their lightweight makes them easy to pack and comfier than heavy materials on hot days.

They have a slim fit liner with 5 inch legs with a standard fit shell with 7 inch legs. This means the underpant portion keeps everything in place, while the shorts are baggy enough not to look like a Lycra wearing road cyclist and long enough not to be revealing.

Review of Saxx Shorts 2N1 & Comfortable Lined Swimmers

They provides unrestricted movement, perfect for exercising in the gym or playing football in the park. I found myself climbing trees with my kids in these shorts and was confident the underwear would help avoid any unwanted displays, while the polyester and elastane outer meant the shorts flex with me.

The pockets are good, and there are plenty of them with a zipped one at the back. Although I did find that the hand pockets are not really deep enough, as my Samsung S21 Ultra (admittedly a large smartphone) falls out when sitting down and I was worried about losing it when jogging.

To conclude this review of the  2N1 Sport 2 Life shorts I’d say they are very comfortable and versatile. The lining underwear is soft, breathable and wicks sweat away. They also make a 9 inch leg version and have a more casual looking shorts that still have active benefits.

2N1 Sport 2 Life Shorts Features

  • BallPark Pouch™
  • Flat Out Seams™
  • Three-D Fit™
  • Sport Mesh liner
  • Flat front drawcord waist
  • 4-way stretch
  • Low-profile hand pockets
  • Back zip security pocket
  • FOMO stash pocket.
  • Shell: polyester (86%) and elastane (14%).
  • Sport Mesh liner: polyester (89%) and elastane (11%).
  • Shell: 7″ inseam
  • Liner: 5″ inseam.
  • Price £61.00 GBP
  • Buy direct here:

Review of Saxx 2n1 shorts

Review of Oh Buoy Swim Shorts

If you are looking for a pair of beach or pool shorts look no further. On the outside they seem like normal beachwear with a range of designs including vibrant options and more subdued patterns. The swim shorts have elastic waist to keep them up when you dive in and useful pockets front and back.

But gone are the horrid mesh liners that swim shorts often have which are uncomfortable and offer little support. They are replaced by the super comfortable Saxx underwear designed for use in the water. The DropTemp™ Cooling Hydro Liner keeps you fresh, comfortable and dries quickly which is helped by quick drain pockets.

For longevity the shell is fade resistant. The liner is odour resistant so you can take these away on a holiday and wear them every day. Just be sure to give them a rinse as odour free does not mean they are self cleaning!

There are again useful pockets. This time with deeper hand pockets and a secure key loop. Overall these are very comfortable lined swimmers that are more than just beach wear. Like a good pair of boardies you can wear these all day in the summer for everything from beach trips to surfing holidays or pool parties to scuba diving courses.

Review of oh buoy swim shorts from Saxx

Oh Buoy Swim Shorts Features

  • DropTemp™ Cooling Hydro Liner
  • BallPark Pouch™
  • Rear patch pocket with security key loop
  • Front pockets
  • Stash pocket on liner leg
  • Fade-resistant shell
  • Odour-resistant liner
  • Quick-drain pockets.Swim Shorts 5″ / Lazy Days- Gumball
  • Shell: polyester (88%) and elastane (12%)
  • Liner: polyester (87%) and elastane (13%).
  • Shell: 5″ inseam
  • Liner: 5″ inseam
  • Price £58.00 GBP
  • Buy your own here:

We hope you found this review of Saxx shorts useful. Now perhaps take a look at these adventure holidays worldwide to find somewhere to wear your comfortable lined swimmers!


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