Review of Doom goggles by SPY: Testing Happy Lens & Lock Steady

Mar 09, 2018 BY Luke Rees

The right pair of goggles can make or break your time on the slopes. But did you know some goggles could make you happier? In this review of Doom goggles by SPY Optics I spent time testing their Happy Lens and Lock Steady technologies plus other features.

Review of Doom goggles by SPY Optics

In case you have not heard of SPY, they have been producing eyewear since 1994. They are an independent company based in Southern California that has become immersed in the action sports community. They make sunglasses, goggles and prescription frames for people looking to get more from their time outdoors.

Review of Doom goggles by SPY

For me ski goggles are all about helping you see on the mountain whilst protecting your eyes. Afterall, if you can’t see you can’t see you can’t ski or snowboard. And if your vision is even slightly impaired it can completely ruin your day.

So a strong selling point of SPY Optics Doom goggles is they come with both category 3 (for bright light and sunshine) and category 1 (low light and poor visibility) lenses. This means that pretty much whatever the light the Doom goggles will help you see.

The frame is built from flexible polyurethane to fit any shape face. For comfort it has triple-layer Isotron™ face foam, with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece where the goggles meet your face. Together then combine to create exceptionally comfortable goggles.

Review of Doom goggles by SPY Optics Silver Spectra lens

The spherical dual-lens is treated with anti-fog 5.5-base ARC®, which for me worked a treat even after face planting in powder. The outside of the lens has anti-scratch protection, which is very useful – particularly as I scratched my last goggles within an hour of first wearing them.

I absolutely love the wide field of view, plus the clarity and contrast you get through the Doom goggles. However unfortunately the fit with my Alpina helmet is not the best. I can still wear them but I get gaps down the side of the helmet where the goggles meet which leads to cold patches down the side of my head.

They are designed to fit most helmets, and I found friends with POC, Scott and Bern lids had no fit issues. The silicone backed strap does a great job of keeping your goggles securely in place.

Testing Happy Lens

Despite some fit issues I carried on with this review of Doom goggles by SPY, as I felt I could still test the Happy Lens and Lock Steady technologies. Hopefully my thoughts help in your purchasing decisions.

In short, Happy Lens doesn’t let through bad forms of light but does let through the good bits. Specifically this means it stops high energy short wave UV and blue light, but lets through longer wave blue light of 480 nm and above.

Studies have found that Long Wave Blue light is beneficial for us when it enters our eyes, and independent studies have shown can positively affect mood and alertness. So the Happy Lens is the only eyewear that blocks all of the bad rays that could damage your eyes, whilst still letting through the beneficial light.

I have to be honest when testing this review of Doom goggles by SPY I did not notice any difference in my happiness. I guess snowboarding always makes me happy so it is hard to tell. However, the Happy Lens on the Doom goggles has fabulous contrast and clarity.

I also have some SPY sunglasses with happy lens and have found them particularly good for driving. I am not the calmest of drivers and generally dislike driving. But found on a couple of long journeys that wearing the SPY happy lens sunnies I was chilled out and remained alert even after three hours behind the wheel.

Review of Doom goggles by SPY happy yellow and lucid green

Testing Lock Steady

Lock Steady™ is the new lens changing technology that is well worth including in this review of Doom goggles by SPY Optics. With the press of a button you can swiftly remove one lens and then click in another.

It is a very easy to use system that is a huge improvement on some of the old ways of changing lenses. Removing the unwanted lens is super easy – although I wouldn’t recommend doing it on a chair lift as if you don’t have a firm grip they can pop off.

Putting the replacement lens on is slightly more fiddly as you have to line up the clips. But it is still very easy. However, I can’t change the lens without taking my gloves and goggles off which is a little annoying. I have tested some magnetic lens changing systems that I can use with gloves on and goggles still in place.

Review of Doom goggles: Conclusion

Ignoring that the Doom goggles do not fit my Alpina helmet as they fit most brands, these are excellent goggles. They are very comfortable with the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility. Scratch protection is good as is the non fog coating and the Lock Steady lens changing is very easy to use.

Review of Doom goggles by SPY Optics - colour options

The clarity and contrast through the Happy Lens is exceptional – probably the best I have experienced. I like the idea of the mood improving element, but I can’t confirm if it works as snowboarding makes me happy anyway. Although I have found my focus is good when driving in Happy Lens Spy sunnies – but more testing required.

To conclude this review of SPY Optics Doom goggles, I’d say they are excellent ski and snowboard eyewear. You get an exceptional view of the slopes, and if it wasn’t for the compatibility with my helmet they would be my go to goggles.

The Doom goggles come in seven colour options and cost from £160 to £165 with two lenses. You can pick up a pair at:


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