Review of Dakine Seeker 24L: Robust mountain biking hydration backpack

Sep 19, 2019 BY Luke Rees

Looking for a robust mountain biking hydration backpack with very useful pockets? Then check out this review of Dakine Seeker 24L, as it’s an excellent MTB rucksack.

Review of Dakine Seeker 24L Robust mountain biking hydration backpack

Why a Dakine MTB rucksack?

Until recently my only experience of Dakine was through snowboarding. I’ve had their high roller snowboard bag now for well over a decade and it has survived exceptionally well. I also had some Dakine wrist guards that were indestructible – until I lost them.

In need of a new backpack for mountain biking day trips and multi day adventures I chose Dakine because they are a brand I trust. I had some big summer riding plans in the Alps so it would get plenty of use.

Unfortunately in spring I injured my wrist snowboarding – I could have done with those Dakine wrist guards! It was only a sprain but it took moths to get better and I couldn’t ride. As a result my alpine MTB plans were cancelled.

Eventually I got back to riding in September. Only locally on the South Downs in Sussex but it was great to be back in the saddle. Despite the Dakine Seeker 24L being overkill for a two to three hour ride I excitedly filled it up and hit the trail.

Review of Dakine Seeker 24L

So far I have tested this robust mountain biking hydration backpack on a few short rides in Sussex. The trails have varied from easy paths along the cliff tops to more technical single track around Stanmer Park in Brighton. While I have done small jumps I haven’t ridden anything extreme.

Review of Dakine Seeker 24L Robust mountain biking hydration backpack

First impressions

When unpacking the Dakine Seeker my first thought was ‘this is fairly heavy’ – empty it weight 1.4kg. This was quickly followed by ‘wow this is seriously well made and well thought out’. On first impressions it seems the perfect MTB rucksack.

I love the various different pockets and organisation. The main compartment is accessed through a waterproof roll top, so your gear inside will stay dry. It is big enough to hold spare clothing and if you pack light you can fit enough gear for a multi day adventure.

On the front of the bag is an easy access organiser pocket. There is space for your pump, tools, first aid kit, snacks, keys a thin waterproof and more. It is not just practical but with a large zip-down opening everything is instantly within reach.

There is an additional fleece lined pocket on the front which is perfect for storing sunnies. Plus a bottom side pocket that could fit your phone, wallet and other essentials. Finally, there is a dedicated pocket for the three litre hydration bladder.

Mountain biking hydration backpack

Due to the zipped side entry the Hydrapak® bladder is easy to access. It is also very simple to fill and to connect to the hose.

Packed Dakine Seeker 24L excellent MTB rucksack

Its location in the base of the pack keeps the weight low on your back. This is both easier to carry and helps you to keep a low centre of gravity when riding.

I love that the hose has a magnetic clip. This means you can have a sip while riding and it automatically pops back into place. As a result it won’t flick around when the speed gets up or the trail becomes bumpy.

The high flow Blaster bite valve makes it easy to guzzle plenty of water quickly if you wish. It also has a very useful shut-off valve – I once had a bladder empty in the back of my car because something leant on the valve.

Review of Dakine Seeker 24L: Riding

Of course a robust mountain biking hydration backpack isn’t any good if it is uncomfortable to ride in. Fortunately the Seeker is excellent. I filled it up with stuff I didn’t need and even fully loaded it is comfortable and sits securely on my back.

The breathable ergonomic shoulder straps are a revelation. Not only do they conform perfectly to your body but they are less sweaty. They are probably the comfiest straps I have had on a backpack.

Back of Dakine seeker 24L SLATE BLUE excellent MTB rucksack

On your back there is a suspended air panel which keeps the air flowing to avoid a sweaty back. It is also very comfortable and seems to help keep the pack in place when riding.

The hip and chest straps also do a good job keeping the bag from moving around. Overall the Dakine Seeker 24L feels solid in place, and I quickly learnt that it would not shift or upset my balance.

Other practical features

A review of Dakine Seeker 24L MTB backpack would not be complete without talking about some of its other useful attributes. First of these being that Dakine offer a lifetime guarantee. So this robust mountain biking hydration backpack is built to last.

There are also various straps that allow you to attach a helmet or body armour to the outside. I have not given it ago but apparently a full face lid, or normal bike helmet will clip in place.

Within the back is a sleeve to insert a DK Impact CE-certified Spine protector. This is not included in the purchase, but it would be very useful when riding extreme terrain.

Dakine seeker 24L SLATE BLUE excellent MTB rucksack

For your safety and visibility there is a reflective logo and some high viz detailing.

Any negatives of Dakine Seeker 24L?

I think it is always important in a review to point out anything I don’t like. First would be the base weight of the pack. Weighing in at 1.4kg it is a long way from lightweight and every gram counts when you’re riding.

It also seems a little strange that the hydration tube goes up through the main compartment and out of the roll top of the bag. This creates a point water could get in – although I haven’t experienced this myself it seems possible. Also in the very unlikely case of a leak from the Hydrapak everything could get wet.

Finally it only comes in one colour. This is only a negative if you don’t like that colour. But in my opinion such a good pack should have a few different options.

Please note I have the brighter blue version of this bag seen on the left below. The new version, which is the same in all but colour, is the greener version on the right. You can pick up either colour at retailers and online stores, but only the greener version is available on the Dakine website.

Dakine seeker 2018-19 and 2019-20

Robust mountain biking hydration backpack

Dakine make top quality, hard wearing gear that is guaranteed to last. For this reason they are not lightweight. And although the weight is a negative it’s one that you can accept for such a top quality, hard wearing rucksack with a lifetime guarantee.

The Seeker 24L is a great backpack. The pockets and organisation are perfect for mountain bikers. It is super comfortable and helps you avoid getting sweaty. The hydration bladder and valve are the best I have used and I love the magnetic return.

To conclude this review of Dakine Seeker 24L I’d say it’s the perfect MTB rucksack for day rides and light-weight multi-day adventures. It is ideal for mountain biking, but it’s features also make it good for other sports such as skiing, snowboarding and hiking.

Costing £165, and worth every penny, you can pick up the Seeker 24L here:


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