Review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex: Long stylish backcountry shell jacket

Nov 06, 2019 BY nathan

Looking for a long stylish backcountry shell jacket for skiing or snowboarding? Then read this review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex jacket as it might be just what you are looking for.

I tested this jacket on a four day snowboarding holiday in Solden in Austria. We experienced everything from warm glorious sunshine in spring conditions, to a cold, windy white out with fresh snow falling. Unfortunately I didn’t get to test it in deep pow.

Review of Solden snowboard holiday in Otztal

Review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex

After opening the parcel I was struck by the quality feel to this Dakine jacket. The material feels fairly soft to touch but thick and strong. The construction of the seams feels solid with the cut of the panels accurate.

Fit and feel of the Dakine Eliot

The cuff, snow skirt and Storm Flap have poppers that make a reassuring click/pop when you fasten or release them. And the zips are strong and smooth in operation.

I was genuinely excited try it out during this review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex. This long stylish backcountry shell jacket fits me perfectly. It suits my tall slim frame much better than the baggy jackets I’ve previously owned.

Review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex Long stylish backcountry shell jacket front and back

The extra length means no more soggy bum from sitting in the snow. The slim fit stops snow from getting in under a baggy snow skirt when I take a tumble.

Long stylish backcountry shell jacket

Looking in the mirror the Dakine Eliot’s styling lends itself to suitwear and streetwear as much as it does to slopewear. The muted grey/green colour compliments any other item of clothing. And the stylish cut is long enough to cover a suit jacket as an alternative to a trench coat or wax jacket.

The well thought out styling details shine through in this long stylish backcountry shell jacket. It starts with the neat stitching and accurate cut to the panels. The original artwork by Eric Pollard on the kick pleat is a really nice touch.

Review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex Long stylish backcountry shell jacket with nice design details

The minimal, subtle branding is also a big plus to me. I don’t mind people knowing what I am wearing but I don’t want the whole mountain to know. So I like the discrete Dakine logos on the upper left arm and right pocket. Plus the Gore-Tex logo on the right cuff looks good.

Winter jacket of many uses

I love that the Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex jacket can be your one stop shop for a winter jacket. Travelling to the slopes, riding the park or heading to the backcountry? It’s go you covered! But it’s also fine at home for nipping to the pub or a restaurant and even commuting to work!

It manages all of these with ease. And because its a shell it dries very quickly. For example, between leaving the slopes in a wet jacket and heading out for dinner a couple of hours later it had dried fully. It’s one jacket to rule them all, well at least for winter anyway.

Reviewing the Dakine Eliot jacketin Solden

Review of Dakine Eliot on the slopes

Of course this review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex would not be complete without discussing its performance for on the slope. After all this is where it should shine the brightest… And it did not disappoint for snowboarding!

The 3L Gore-Tex material is tough and rated at 30,000mm waterproof it sheds water beautifully. It also blocks the wind very successfully. With its longer back, sleeves and ample hood I found it to be extremely effective keeping cold at bay. When combined with a basic base layer and fleece it kept me warm even at 10 below.

The front zip easily closes all the way up to the collar. This covers my chin and reaches upto the bottom of my ears offering a place to hide your chin on the chairlift when it’s blowing a gale. The additional material around the collar added warmth and felt soft, which was a pleasant change from my previous jacket.

Review of Dakine Eliot snowboarding jacket in Solden

The hood works exceptionally well. With all three of the adjustment cords cinched tight it fits snugly around the head. The small peak keeps the rain out of your eyes when needed. While snug when cinched up I was amazed that at its loosest setting it fits over my helmet!

Dakine Eliot pockets and other features

No review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex jacket is complete without talking about the pockets and other useful features. The two Stacked hidden storm access chest pockets are both large. They easily fit my old Samsung Note 2 with gel cover which measures 83mm x 156mm x 14mm.

The two front pockets are large enough to fit gloves and wrist protectors. Plus there’s a large elasticated mesh goggle pocket inside the jacket. So if you get waylaid at apres you’ve got a much better chance of your kit remaining together.

Review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex Long stylish backcountry shell jacket wrist cuff poppers

You can adjust the cuffs using pop studs. I was initially disappointed because there are just two settings, the smaller of which didn’t feel as tight as I like. But it was not a big deal as I always wear my gloves over the jacket sleeves anyway.

This long stylish backcountry shell jacket by Dakine has the obligatory armpit vents – never buy a jacket without them! Strangely these don’t have a mesh which other jackets have to stop snow getting in. When I stacked at speed this did result in getting some snow inside the jacket. Fortunately this didn’t happen every time – I fall a lot!

Conclusion: Long stylish backcountry shell jacket

If you can’t tell by now I’m a big fan of this jacket. The combination of style and quality means I can see this remaining a well loved jacket for many years to come.

Review of Solden snowboard holiday in Otztal Austria

Having expanded beyond its original brief as a jacket for snowboarding I have worn it year round. And even after numerous days of wear I still find myself marveling at the solidness of the buttons as I repeatedly click/pop them.

To conclude this review of Dakine Eliot 3L Gore-Tex I highly recommend it, particularly if you are tall. My 5’7″ snowboarding buddy tried it on it was clearly too long for him. But if you are 5’10” or taller this is a long stylish backcountry shell jacket that you’ll love.

The Dakine Eliot jacket as a RRP of £400 and is well worth this price tag. Currently Dakine have a sale on and you can get it half price so a huge bargain! It can be purchased here:


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