Review of Camp Minima 2 SL: Lightweight 2 person tent that packs small

Aug 10, 2020 BY AWE365 Team

Are you looking for a lightweight 2 person tent that packs small for hiking, biking or kayaking adventures? I’ve tried a few kayak shelters over the years but recently conducted a review of Camp Minima 2 SL. I have used it quite a few times when overnighting on kayak trips, and so far I’m really impressed!

Tent that packs small

With aluminium poles that are about half the standard length, the Camp Minima 2 SL packs down to an almost unbelievable size of 33 x 16cm (13 x 6.3 in.). And weighing in at just under 1.5Kg (3.5 lbs), it’s ideal for kayaking, but also for hiking and biking trips.

Review of Camp Minima 2 SL tent that packs small

It’s a double-hooped tunnel-type tent, with hoops at each end and pegged out around the outside with aluminium pegs. Its Nylon Ripstop 30D flyshet and mesh inner ensures breathability and helps it dry easily.

So let’s check out the details of this lightweight 2 person tent.

Review of Camp Minima 2 SL

The Camp Minima two-person tent needs just six fixing points as a minimum to put up and be secure. It’s good for beach and coastal pitches where the ground differs greatly. Although it is roomier and better secured when fully pegged out.

Even though it’s recommended to put it up the inner first, it can be used with only the outer shelter. This is thanks to having the needed pole clips to allow it to stand alone. I don’t know if this is an intended feature but has worked well for me on a couple of occasions.

I never recommend cooking or brewing up in a tent. But if you’re wanting to get out of the elements whilst you heat water etc, you can cook in the doorway and unclip the inner to pull it out of the way for safety.

Review of Camp Minima 2 SL Lightweight 2 person tent that packs small

Low profile

The Camp Minima is a low-profile tent, standing at just over 90cm at its highest point. So if you do go and get one, don’t think about sitting up in it playing cards!

That said, the low profile is excellent for when the wind picks up, and at its most streamlined it can be used as a windbreak. During this review of Camp Minima 2 SL I have found that even on the stormiest kayaking holidays I get a decent night’s sleep. The low profile means you will not expose yourself too much or risk having your tent blown all over.


The outer shell has a stated hydrostatic head rating of 2000mm and the groundsheet incorporated in the inner a rating of 5000mm. So far it’s kept me dry in some very demanding conditions.

Each tent comes complete with a repair kit. So there’s patches of each type of material, and sufficient adhesive for several repairs. It also includes a pole repair section in the unlikely event of one snapping.


The entrance porch of this lightweight 2 person tent that packs small is a little small – well, virtually non-existent! This means that either the kit you want to stay dry comes in with you, or it’s left outside. I’m lucky that I usually have a boat for all my gear, but when walking or cycling, it’ll have to come inside.

Review of Camp Minima 2 SL Lightweight 2 person tent

One drawback I’ve found is that if it’s raining heavily, being a little clumsy I open the door and some water comes into the head and sleeping area of the tent. Not a huge problem as it’s only a small amount of water – but enough to be little irritating when you’re half asleep!

Excellent lightweight 2 person tent

I use the Minima more like a luxury bivvi than a tent. To use it as a two-person tent you’d have to be very friendly with whoever you are on your camping with. But it would work well on trekking holidays for nights you spend in the wild.

To conclude this review of Camp Minima 2 SL I’d say that I’m very impressed with the quality, compact size and light weight of the Minima. I can live with the smaller dimensions as I use it solo. So much so I’m planning on using this Lightweight 2 person tent that packs small on a month-long kayaking expedition in November!

I hope you found this review of Camp Minima 2 SL useful. To buy this lightweight 2 person tent that packs small you can find out more here: It also comes in a 1 person size weighing 1.1Kg and three person weighing in at 2.1Kg.


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