Review of Alé Clothing for Mountain Biking: Enduro MTB Gear Test

Jul 21, 2023 BY Luke Rees

Mountain biking is fun no matter what you wear, but with the right gear it is much more comfortable. In this review of Alé clothing for mountain biking, I focussed on their off-road range. In this mainly enduro MTB gear test I have put Alé shorts, padded underwear, t-shirt and gloves through their paces on around ten rides.

Review of Alé MTB Gear in the Stanmer Parks, Sussex

Most of the riding was on the challenging trails in Stanmer Park, Brighton. There are technical trails with jumps, drops, berms, logs and roots. Much is cross country style, but there are some downhill trails, although it is more natural single track through the woods than bike park. Stanmer is not an official trail centre and you need to ride uphill to enjoy the down.

I have also spent a lot of time riding in the South Downs National Park, in both dry and wet conditions. There are some very steep hills meaning I get a proper sweat on. I also enjoyed a 67km ride with 900m of climbing to review the Alé MTB clothing for endurance and long distance riding.

Introducing Alé

Alé is more than a cycling brand; it’s a passion. Born out of the experience of APG Cycling, Alé combines seasoned knowledge with the daring spirit of young riders. Their journey began over thirty years ago, and they’ve been innovating ever since.

The heart of Alé lies in its all-Italian craftsmanship. They’re known for their vibrant, neon-infused designs that add a fresh and safety-conscious touch to cycling. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their continuous research and development, focusing on materials, designs and the production processes.

Review of Alé Clothing for Mountain Biking Enduro MTB Gear Test

Based in Verona, Italy, Alé blends the best of Italian tailoring with quality materials. They create performance oriented garments that stand up to the most challenging cycling conditions. Alé is a symbol of dynamism, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of breaking the mold, much like the champion Alé cyclist Eddy Merckx.

While the majority of the Alé cycling clothing is aimed at road cyclists they also have a range for off-roaders. Hence why I have been enjoying this Alé enduro MTB gear test.

Review of Alé Clothing for Mountain Biking

Here are my thoughts about the Alé MTB gear I tested:

Review of Alé MTB Enduro 2.0 Shorts

The MTB Enduro 2.0 Shorts are constructed with lightweight, durable and breathable fabrics. I have worn them over a pair of Alé liner shorts, but they function just as well when worn with any underwear. That said padded cycling underwear are the first specialist mountain biking clothing I’d recommend a newbie buy.

Review of Alé MTB Enduro 2 Shorts

The MTB Enduro shorts are stretchy and cut for freedom of movement. In all my rides I have never felt restricted by them and they’ve become my go-to shorts for all types of mountain biking from downhill to a leisurely ride. They are also durable, and withstand the rigors of trail riding. So unlike my skin they have not been torn when I have been attacked by brambles.

A review of Alé MTB Enduro 2.0 shorts would not be complete without discussing their other features. The adjustable elasticated waistband, which uses velcro, is very useful. There are rear air vents for breathability, I don’t notice them, but I certainly feel cooler than in other MTB shorts I own.

The standout feature of the Alé MTB Enduro 2.0 Shorts are the two zippered thigh pockets. Of course pockets are nothing revolutionary, however these are perfectly sized and positioned so I can ride with my phone without it banging against my leg or knee. There is also a third small pocket on the back providing convenient storage for my keys.

Pros and Cons of Alé MTB Enduro 2.0 Shorts


  • Lightweight, breathable and durable material.
  • Adjustable elasticated waistband.
  • Three excellent pockets.

Alé Enduro MTB Gear Test on the South Downs, Sussex


  • They only come in black.

Buy them for €97.95 here:

Review of Alé Enduro Padded Liner

The Alé Enduro Padded Liner are the perfect underwear to wear beneath the Enduro shorts. They are constructed with a stretch mesh material that is incredibly breathable and wicking, ensuring you don’t get too sweaty.

The standout feature of the Enduro Padded Liner is the chamois/padding. Alé describe it as a ‘four hour seat pad’ providing the right protection and comfort. I have found it great on most rides which are generally around three hours. However, when I rode 67kms I was a little sore around the inner thigh. But I was wearing them for more than six hours and didn’t use chamois creme.

Review of Alé Enduro Padded Liner

These liners are are super lightweight, weighing just 135g. The main fabric is a blend of 75% polyamide and 25% elastane, providing a good level of stretch and support that is also durable. They feature silicone elastic on the leg hem which I have found keeps the liners in place so they never ruck up during a ride.

Pros and Cons of Alé Enduro Padded Liner


  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable.
  • Stretch mesh material for a supportive fit.
  • 4 hour seat pad for comfort and cushioning.


  • Some riders might prefer a thicker padding.

Costing €47.95 you can pick up a pair here:

Review of Alé MTB Corner Short Sleeve Jersey

The Alé MTB Corner Short Sleeve Jersey uses the Airlight material. It is a polyester blend that is super lightweight, wicking and breathable so when I ride hard I don’t get damp and sweaty. While not the most exciting kit in this enduro MTB gear test it is still exceptionally good.

Review of Alé MTB Corner Short Sleeve Jersey

The jersey design is cut to be worn with protective pads if desired. However, I went for a large based on my chest size and it is a good fit that I am happy with. But I couldn’t fit armour underneath, so size up if you plan to wear protection under your top.

As with the shorts this top is really durable and hasn’t torn when I’ve been at odds with brambles, branches and other biking brutalities. It offers UV protection and I think looks really good coming in two coloured patterns. The material itself is not stretchy, but the loose cut means it is not restrictive.

Pros and Cons of Alé MTB Corner Short Sleeve Jersey


  • Lightweight, wicking and breathable to keep you dry.
  • Designed to be worn with armour (go up a size).
  • Comfortable and great design.


  • Some may prefer a stretchy material.

Review of Alé Enduro MTB Gear Test

It will set you back €54.95:

Review of Alé Fango Summer Gloves

The Alé Fango Summer Gloves provide maximum comfort and grip in a lightweight package that doesn’t lead to sweaty hands. There are seven grippy rubber pads spread across the middle finger and the top of the palm where your fingers meet the hand. I have found this means your hands don’t slip, even when riding fast technical tails in the wet.

The gloves also feature a touch screen insert on the thumb tip and fingers. This is brilliant, especially if you like to stop to take photos or reply to a message. The adjustable velcro wrist strap ensures a secure fit and stops any material flapping around when you are riding fast.

The Alé Fango Summer Gloves are designed to be durable and have saved me plenty of scrapes from thorny bushes and brambles. The reinforced area between the thumb and index finger add a little padding and comfort. There is also great padding on the outer palm which I found stops any jarring from the end of the handle bars.

Review of Alé Clothing for Mountain Biking Fango Summer Gloves

Pros and Cons of Alé Fango Summer Gloves


  • Excellent grip of handle bars and brake.
  • Touch screen compatible.
  • Well made, lightweight but robust.


  • Thin, so not much protection in a crash. But they are not designed for that.

They cost €59,95 and can be purchased here:

Conclusion of Enduro MTB Gear Test

To conclude my review of Alé clothing for mountain biking I have to say I love these products. The shorts, gloves and underwear are the best I have ever owned for mountain biking. The t-shirt is very good, but I have other sports tops that do as good a job, albeit this one looks a bit cooler!

The materials used are all excellent quality, robust and chosen perfectly for the job they do. It has all improved my comfort during MTB rides and has become my go to outfit. I will also be wearing them for downhill and enduro trails during mountain biking holidays in the Alps and Utah in August and September.

Review of Alé Clothing for Mountain Biking

Ultimately, this enduro MTB gear test shows Alé make top quality clothing for everyone from beginner to pro. I really struggle to come up with any negatives about this Alé MTB clothing except that it is quite expensive. But it is all top quality so you won’t regret your investment.

I hope you found this review of Alé clothing for mountain biking useful. Check out the Alé website for more info:


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