Review of Superfeet supportive insoles for snowboarding and hiking

Nov 15, 2019 BY Luke Rees

Every get foot pain? Got shoes that fit but are uncomfortable? Then read this review of Superfeet supportive insoles for snowboarding, hiking & running.

What are Superfeet supportive insoles?

Superfeet have a basis in podiatry. The’ve designed insoles that adapt the flat, two dimensional interior of your footwear to your foots three dimensional shape.

They not only set the standard for support, but as the first of it’s kind they effectively launched the supportive insole industry. With over 40 registered patents, Superfeet are always one step ahead of the rest of the industry.

Review of Superfeet supportive insoles for snowboarding - Image courtesy of

The shape of the Superfeet supportive insoles helps to stabilize the foot through arch support and a deep structured heel cup. They have foam running the full-length to add comfort and shock absorption.

There are a variety of different fit profiles that take into account the level of support you require. But also the volume of the shoe they will go in. Combined with a trim-to-fit system Superfeet supportive insoles are adaptable to all types of footwear, foot shapes and sizes.

Superfeet launched in 1977. There goal was to “Create a first class product with as much medical knowledge as could be built into it and that could truly, affordably, help people”.

That promise holds true today, as you can buy of superfeet for between £25 and £45. Plus they offer a 60 day comfort guarantee – so if you don’t like them you can take them back.

Superfeet supportive insoles for snowboarding

Every snowboarder has had foot pain and knows that it can completely ruin a days shredding. Good fitting boots, not doing your bindings up too tight, the right socks and cutting your toenails properly (yes you Nathan) all help.

But sometimes you need extra support. Having been riding with them for over 15 years this is my review of Superfeet supportive insoles for snowboarding.

Rock drop in Avoriaz/Morzine photo by Number97 Thomas Humpage Photography

I first came across Superfeet during a season in Whistler. It was two or three weeks after I bought my first snowboard boots which has ‘packed out’.

My comfortable Northwave Legends had stretched – this is to be expected – so they felt a bit loose and sloppy. I also started to get pain in the arch of my foot, particularly when holding the toe edge for a long time.

The answer, I was told, was to get some supportive insoles for snowboarding. They counteract the ‘packing out’ by taking up more room in the boot. they also provide more support for the arch of the foot.

I have been wearing them for snowboarding – and hiking – ever since. So I thought it’s about time I shared my experience with a review of Superfeet supportive insoles.

Review of Superfeet Green

My first pair of Superfeet was the Green – their original and most famous insole. It still has pretty much the same design as it did when it launched in 1977.

They provide professional-grade orthotic support and heavy-duty shock absorption. Ultimately they make your shoes fit and feel better all at an affordable price.

Review of Superfeet supportive insoles for snowboarding - Image courtesy of

For ten years I used the same pair of Superfeet Green insoles in both my snowboarding boots and my hiking boots. I swapped them back and forth until one day I threw them out by mistake when getting rid of my old snowboarding boots.

If I had not thrown them out I expect they would be still going strong as they are built to last. Superfeet says they last 12 months or 500 miles – whichever comes first. However, I think they will outlast the human race!

Apart from the first couple of days to break them in, I found the Greens to be spectacularly comfortable. Providing just the right amount of support in the heel and arch. Ultimately they turned a pair of slightly too big snowboarding boots into footwear I could ride hard in from first to last lift.

Superfeet Green for hiking

The Superfeet Greens also helped me break in a pair of Salomon hiking boots. When I first got them they were incredibly uncomfortable. But as soon as I replaced the existing insoles with the Superfeet they were more comfy.

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I have since used Superfeet Green in two or three other pairs of hiking boots and shoes. They always make a huge difference to the comfort and both my knees and ankles seem to ache less if wearing them.

Thought things couldn’t get any better? The Superfeet Green insoles are not just green in colour and name but also in the environmental sense.

They are completely vegan (not that I recommend eating them – particularly after I had boarded in them). They are also free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives. Plus they use an organic, odour eliminating, natural coating to stop the stinky bacteria from getting a foothold.

Review of Superfeet RedHot

After the runaway success I had with the Green I turned to Superfeet to replace the pair I accidentally threw out. In the end I replaced them with two pairs of Superfeet supportive insoles.

I got another pair of the trusty Greens for hiking in. And for my snowboarding boots I decided to get the RedHot insoles that are specifically designed for snowsports.

Before creating the Green innersole the Superfeet laboratory had been creating custom insoles for ski boots. The RedHot is the direct result of that experience.

Review of Superfeet supportive insoles for snowboarding - Image courtesy of

They use Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® as part of dual thermal layers. This creates a responsive temperature control by absorbing, storing and releasing warmth.

But they are not just there to keep your feet warm. Using a biomechanical design to stabilize your foot they provide better control when snowboarding.

With a snug fit there is less shifting of the foot and fewer pressure points to create discomfort. It also evenly distributes your weight across the foot reducing stress on feet, ankles and knees.

I have now been riding in the RedHot Superfeet supportive insoles for five seasons and around 150 days of snowboarding. In my opinion they make a big difference to comfort and joint pain.

The current Superfeet RedHot insoles have outlasted two pairs of Northwave Legend snowboard boots. I suspect they will still be going strong when my current ones get replaced.

The RedHot do as good a job as the my old Greens in terms of support and comfort. However they also add a little extra warmth which is always a good thing on the mountains.

Review of Superfeet supportive insoles for snowboarding - Image courtesy of

Review of Superfeet HotPink

Superfeet also makes a ladies version of the RedHot called the HotPink. Based on my recommendation my wife got a pair of these for her ski boots.

She used to get pain in the ball of her foot which has been eliminated since she started skiing in the HotPink’s. She has also complained less about cold feet.

As with the Greens, Superfeet RedHot and HotPink are vegan and free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives. They use a natural odour preventing coating to eliminate bacteria and help stop stinky feet. This is very important in my snowboarding boots!

Review of Superfeet Carbon

The latest addition to my superfeet collection is the Carbon. These are Superfeets thinnest lowest profile and lightest weight insole. They have a carbon fibre heel cup and can accommodate wider feet that other insoles.

I got them because my latest hiking trainers don’t have a very large footbox. So I found them too tight with the Superfeet Green.

They are my goto everyday footwear, so they get worn all the time. So far I have found the Carbon to provide similar support to the Green. The hiking trainers are now far more comfortable.

Review of Superfeet carbon for hiking and everyday wear

Superfeet supportive insoles: Conclusions

Have snowboard boots that have packed out? Do you get foot pain when snowboarding? Don’t splash out on new boots until you have tried Superfeet. Get the version that will fit you correctly and give them a go – you won’t regret it.

Same can be said about hiking boots or just everyday footwear. If you get pain in your arch, heel lift, or find your shoes have stretched and are slightly too big then get some Superfeet.

The best thing about this review of Superfeet supportive insoles for snowboarding and hiking is that you don’t have to take my word for it. With their 60 day money back comfort guarantee you can buy a pair and give them a go.

Just one pair of superfeet will last you a very long time – way longer than the advertised 12 months or 500 miles. Whether you are snowboarding, skiing, hiking or walking around in everyday life Superfeet will give your footwear a step up in comfort.

Superfeet can be bought from many UK retailers and prices range from around £25 up to £45. They can also be purchased direct from superfeet:


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