Reenact historic Kokoda march: Papua New Guinea trekking holiday

Mar 15, 2017 BY Paul McWilliams

Bring history to life, with a reenactment of the historic Kokoda march on a Papua New Guinea trekking holiday as you tackle the legendary Kokoda Track. Live, feel and trek one of the toughest ever military missions as you retrace the infamous steps of the 39th Australian Infantry Battalion B Company.

Reenact historic Kokoda march Papua New Guinea trekking holiday Image courtesy of No Roads Expeditions

Hike up and over the arduous Owen Stanley Ranges following in the exact footsteps of the 1942 expedition. And to make the experience as genuine as possible, with this No Roads reenactment you’ll do it wearing replica uniforms – including boots – and on the same rations as the original troops.

History of Kokoda march

In July of 1942, warned of the imminent arrival of Japanese troops, five officers and 125 men set off on a march never before undertaken. Led by Captain Sam Templeton, the mission was to traverse a treacherous part of Papua New Guinea to meet the rumoured invasion head on.

Reenact historic Kokoda march Papua New Guinea trekking holiday Image courtesy of No Roads Expeditions

The quickest route involved crossing the imposing Owen Stanley Ranges, creating what became known as the Kokoda Track. Camping along the way, the men had to deal with treacherous terrain, unknown native populations and difficult climatic conditions.

Accompanied by Bert Kienzle, a long time resident and knowledgeable guide, the men were able to survive the trek and be the first to engage the landing Japanese.

The trek was recorded in great detail by medical orderly Corporal Jack Wilkinson, giving us a first hand account of the events and mood of the men during the march. He also recorded campsites and routes, meaning it’s possible to follow in their footsteps 75 years later.

Reenact historic Kokoda march

Thanks to these records it’s now possible to recreate this incredible feat and reenact historic Kokoda march as part of a Papua New Guinea trekking holiday. And why not do it as accurately as possible?

Reenact historic Kokoda march Papua New Guinea trekking holiday Image courtesy of No Roads Expeditions

No Roads Expeditions have faithfully recreated the uniforms, right down to the dog tags and pay books that the men carried. They even provide (as close as possible) the rations the men carried to make the experience as authentic as they can.

Led by historian David Howell this a chance to test yourself to the limit and see if you’ve got what it takes to trek the Kokoda. David will explain the details of the trek, telling stories about the men and explaining the wider historical significance as you reenact the historic Kokoda march.

Everything is provided on this Papua New Guinea trekking holiday, included sleeping kit. All you need to bring is determination and a healthy respect for the men who had to do this for real back in 1942.

Reenact historic Kokoda march Papua New Guinea trekking holiday Image courtesy of No Roads Expeditions

Papua New Guinea trekking holiday

Starting at Port Moresby, you’ll make your way to the Bomana War Cemetery where the trek starts. From there it’s ten days of tough trekking to Kokoda taking in all the stops of the original expedition.

The track is about 94km and involves more than 5,500 metres of combined elevation gain along its course. You’ll pass the stunning forests of the Kagi Gap and Templeton’s Crossing, making camp each night and dining on your ration packs.

As well as the fascinating historical element, it’s also a great chance to experience a Papua New Guinea trekking holiday, surrounded by natural beauty. All permits are included and safety measures are in place to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Reenact historic Kokoda march Papua New Guinea trekking holiday Image courtesy of No Roads Expeditions

This is a complete re-enactment of the historic Kokoda march in the most accurate way possible. Every effort has been made to try and make the experience as authentic as possible to honour the men who sacrificed so much for our safety in 1942.

If you’d like to reenact the historic Kokoda march then join the No Roads Expeditions reenactment on a Papua New Guinea trekking holiday:

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