RAPANUI sustainable t-shirts that are made to be remade

Oct 20, 2022 BY Luke Rees

The team here at AWE365 are always keen to reduce our carbon footprint. So when we heard about RAPANUI sustainable t-shirts that are made to be remade we just had to find out more!

Jungle Was Massive RAPANUI sustainable t-shirt

So we ordered a selection – as a quality check of course! Very pleased with the look, feel and fit of the RAPANUI sustainable T-shirts we asked them to tell us more! So in their own words this is what the brand is all about:

Made to be remade

Our products are designed from the start to be remade, again, and again, and again. We use natural materials and renewable energy to make all of our garments: from our classic organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies, to our signature surf towels and PFC-free raincoats.

And our customers are an integral part of our story too. When one of our items wears out, they send it back to us by scanning the QR code on its label. In return they get store credit to spend on more circular stuff from us.

Teemill and RAPANUI sustainable t-shirts

We recycle that returned cotton into new items of clothing. Our innovative Remill process produces high quality, recycled cotton t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, beanies and more, all of which can go through the same process over and over again.

This t-shirt is rubbish

We take waste material and make new products from it. As material flows back in ever bigger quantities, we are increasingly blending Remill into our range and making new products from what otherwise would be waste. Products we’re proud to say are rubbish!

All of our organic cotton t-shirts that feature designs are printed on-demand in real time. This means we don’t make them until we know a customer wants one. We also have a custom design studio that can be used to customise our designs, or customers can upload their own.

RAPANUI sustainable t-shirts

Less than 1% of the world’s clothes get recycled back into new clothes once they are worn out. So we took everything we learnt at Rapanui and used it to create a solution that could scale as big as the fashion industry’s waste problem.

Teemill and RAPANUI sustainable t-shirts

We knew we could help, but also that we couldn’t do it on our own, so we created Teemill. It allows any brand, however big or small, to use the Rapanui circular and sustainable supply chain for themselves.

We now work with organisations on every level from NGOs like Greenpeace, WWF, Surfers Against Sewage and the
RSPCA. Plus influencers such as Yoga with Adriene and Joe Wicks, to side hustlers and bedroom fashion


Teemill helps all of them build a circular clothing brand without the hassle of holding any stock, building a website from scratch or worrying about the traceability of their supply chain. We take care of everything.

To date, Teemill has recovered more than 100,000 kg of organic cotton. This diverts it from landfill, avoids CO2 emissions and saves water. Ultimately repurposing it using our innovative circular Remill process to create new products, so the journey can start again.

Once you’ve ordered some Teemill and RAPANUI sustainable t-shirts check out our adventure holidays, action sport courses and extreme experiences to show them off!


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