Rafting expedition in Canada: Tatshenshini & Babine Rivers

Mar 14, 2018 BY Luke Rees

On Canadian rafting holidays in British Columbia you’ll explore pristine wilderness, spotting bears, eagles, and salmon as you paddle by. But which river to raft? For the best rafting expedition in Canada you really should try the Tatshenshini or Babine Rivers.

Rafting expedition in Canada  Babine River Image courtesy of Canadian Outback Rafting

Babine rafting expedition in Canada

Surrounded by the towering Coast Mountain range, the Babine River has some of the last remaining true wilderness on the planet. Tackle class IV white water as you experience the thrill of the natural world around you. Dine in style and camp out under the brilliant stars each night.

This six-day rafting expedition in British Columbia paddles down the ‘River of Grizzlies’. You’ll also pass through an area of important native heritage to the sacred headwaters.

Your guides will point out the abundant wildlife, including salmon spawning grounds. And you’ll be keeping your eyes peeled for the elusive black and grizzly bears on the riverbanks. Overhead, you’ll often see bald and golden eagles soaring above.

As you make your way through the canyon rapids of the Babine, you’ll hit the big waves of the Skeena. Ride the rapids and head down to the historic Gitxsan village of Hazelton, with its iconic totem poles.

You’ll paddle through thick forest and past vast glaciers. Tackling notorious rapid sections including ‘Pinball Alley’ and ‘Grizzly Drop’. Take a hike to the abandoned native village of Kisgegas, now covered in wildflowers. Then drink in the views of Mount Thomlinson in the distance.

Each day you’ll camp and eat by the riverside. Waking to the smell of freshly brewed coffee floating across the clean mountain air. Lunches are big enough to keep you going through to sumptuous multi-course dinners.

Rafting expedition in Canada  Babine River Image courtesy of Canadian Outback Rafting

Dining out by a waterfall or in a pristine river canyon is an unforgettable experience. While rafting the Babine River in Canada you’ll paddle hard on the river. But you won’t have to rough it on land, with luxury camping as standard.

This Babine River rafting expedition in Canada is run by Canadian Outback Rafting. Groups are kept small so you can enjoy this true wilderness the way it was meant to be.

Tatshenshini rafting expedition in Canada

This 10-day expedition connects you with nature and your surroundings in a remote part of Canada. Passing through areas of the Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska, you’ll paddle past huge glaciers and calving icebergs. Again, keep a look out for grizzlies and eagles as you go.

Rafting expedition in Canada Tatshenshini River Image courtesy of Canadian Outback Rafting

The long daylight hours mean there’s plenty of time to set up camp and explore before dining. There’s no light pollution here, so you’ll be sleeping under a blanket of stars. The incredible night time vista is a highlight of Canadian rafting holidays on the Tatshenshini river.

The 10-day length of this trip by Canadian Outback Rafting means it’s not all focused on rafting. There’s plenty of time to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings. Hike up on to the glacier and through the tundra, before jumping back into the boat to paddle down the Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers.

Canadian rafting holidays

Both Tatshenshini and Babine rafting expeditions in Canada are suitable for people of all ages, providing certain physical and health conditions and met. All trips are superbly catered and equipment is of the best possible standard. Guide to guest ratios are good to help you experience more from these once in a lifetime trips.

Rafting expedition in Canada Tatshenshini River Image courtesy of Canadian Outback Rafting

We hope this article has inspired you to head to Canada for a rafting adventure. If so check out the trips by Canadian Outback Rafting: www.canadianoutbackrafting.com

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