Pro Skier Review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen

Feb 19, 2024 BY Elsa Powell-Dooley

Welcoming pro skier Elsa Powell-Dooley to the AWE365 gear review team. She is testing out a whole host of kit for us this winter. First up, is this review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen. Over to Elsa:

Gloves are a make-or-break situation to your overall skiing experience. As once your hands are cold there’s no coming back from that, you’ll just be dreaming of a cosy fireplace until they warm up. Check out how I got on with these three fingered Helly Hansen gloves below.

Pro Skier Review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen Photo by Elsa Powell-Dooley

Review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves

I tested Helly Hansen’s ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves whilst skiing in Courchevel, the weather conditions were overcast with light snow. It was about -2°C but with a medium wind at the top of the slopes making it feel colder.

The snow had a melt-freeze groomed layer on top. But the higher you went the more wintery and soft the pistes were. One of the main things I look for in gloves is whether they are going to keep me warm and dry even when the temperature/weather fluctuates.

Warmth of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves

As I mentioned above it was about -2°C. At this temperature, I found the ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen kept my hands at the perfect temperature for the day’s conditions.

Pro Skier Review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen

The soft brushed fleece lining feels good on the hands. With 3M Thinsulate insulation it means the gloves will hold in the warmth, but still be lightweight.

Now they’re probably not aimed at very cold destination’s such as skiing in Finland or resorts in northern Canada that are regularly colder than -20°C. But they are great for typical winter conditions in the Alps and would be fine for spring temperatures too.

Review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves: Waterproofness

Having soggy gloves whilst skiing can quickly bring down the mood.

Pro Skier Review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen front

Throughout the day the snow became wet and heavy so when I was adjusting my slush covered boots or carrying wet skis these gloves were put to the test. It is a test they passed! As my hands were bone dry from start to finish.

The ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves are made from HELLY TECH® PROFESSIONAL material. This has a waterproof rating of 20,000mm, which is intended for challenging conditions so should keep your hands dry even if it rains all day.

Fit and Comfort of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves

Keep in mind that they are a unisex glove so as a woman I went for the small. They have a circumference of 6.5-7.5 inches and they fit like a glove…pun intended.

Pro Skier Review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen Photo by Elsa Powell-Dooley

I found the ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves very comfortable. I loved that you could easily put the jacket sleeves over the gloves – they are not bulky and don’t cause any bunching up of layers. Similarly, the adjustable cuffs on the gloves great as you had complete control over the fit.

I find removing my gloves on a chair lift stressful as I am worried I may drop them. So one of my highlights was the retainer strap, which goes around your wrist and attaches to the base of the glove. This gives you the freedom to remove a glove to access pockets or sort out GoPro settings. It’s a must-have for me.

Helly Hansen Three Finger Glove Design

I’ve personally never skied with this three finger glove design before. I normally go for mittens, as I feel they keep my hands the warmest.

Pro Skier Review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen Photo by Elsa Powell-Dooley

At first, it was strange having my index finger free, but by the end of the day I could see the benefits. It keeps your fingers mitten like warm whilst giving you the dexterity of gloves. So you can undo zips, adjust straps or buckles without having to remove your gloves and expose your fingers to the wintery temperatures.

There’s quite a bit of padding around and between the index finger and the middle finger which I sometimes found a little bulky when holding ski poles. But that was a minimal issue and the upside of this extra insulation is warmth, so it’s a double-edged sword.

ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves: Grip

Generally, I found the grip suitable for holding my ski poles, grabbing button lifts or pulling down chair lift bars. The ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen also have a reinforced leather palm which enhances durability, for extended use on the  slopes.

Pro Skier Review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen black

Review of 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen: Conclusion

Ultimately Helly Hansen is known for producing good quality products and these ULLR D 3  Fingers Gloves follow suit. I wasn’t sure at first about the three finger design, but I’m converted! You get the dexterity of gloves and the warmth of mittens – so the best of both worlds.

The gloves look good, coming in two colourways, they’re durable, warm and keep your hands dry. And that ticks most all the boxes when I’m searching for new gloves. So, if you are up for trying a new design and aren’t inclined towards gloves or mittens, the ULLR D 3-Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen are a great option.

We hope you found this pro skier review of ULLR D 3 Fingers Gloves by Helly Hansen useful. The RRP is £120 and you can purchase them from many stores of direct from HH:


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