Praha paraglide guide: Best Prague paragliding spots in Czechia

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The city of Prague, or Praha as it is known in Czechia (new name for Czech Republic) is well established for city breaks. But have a read of this Praha paraglide guide to find out why you should take to the air during a visit. The best Prague paragliding spots in Czechia are within easy reach of the city and offer spectacular views and a dose of adrenaline.

Why visit Prague?

A Prague holiday certainly has plenty going for it. This stunning city was locked behind the iron curtain until 1989. Once that was lifted, it quickly became a favourite with westerners. They came for its beautiful historic buildings and cobblestone streets. Then more came for its cheap nightlife. Now, more and more people are visiting for it’s outdoor activities and some are taking to the air for a spor of Prague paragliding!

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For a long time Prague was renowned for its very cheap beer and wild nightlife. While prices are still lower than elsewhere it can no longer be considered a bargain basement destination. That said you can still get a good pint of draft beer for less than £2, so if drinking is your plan it is a good place to go. Over the years the slightly seedy nightlife has become more sophisticated, but there are still parts of town that cater to that market.

Regardless of the partying it is a great destination for a romantic break, mixed groups or even a family holiday. Most parts of town have lovely cafes, good restaurants and plenty of shops. Talking of shopping it is well worth visiting in December to explore a Prague Christmas Market. There are quite a few in the city which make a great addition to winter paragliding in Prague.


Best Prague paragliding spots

To write this Praha paraglide guide we have used the website Paragliding Mapa. It is a useful resource and shows around 20 launches within a 90 minute drive of the city centre, at least half of which are less than an hour. This multitude of launches is because Prague has plenty of hills around it, giving paragliders lots of spots to launch from.

It is worth noting that most of these destinations are places where paragliding is tolerated as opposed to official launch sites. None are particularly high starting from 100 meters or lower but with thermals you can reach higher for a longer flight. The good news is the plethora of launches means the best Prague paragliding spots in Czechia have launches in any wind direction.

Praha paraglide guide: Best Prague paragliding spots in Czechia Paragliging photo by viktor vasicsek unsplash royalty free image

There are several paragliding schools in the city willing to take you out and get you in the air. Once up, you’ll enjoy glorious views of the countryside that surround the city. Expect to fly over rolling green hills and fields that are scattered with ancient stone villages, church towers and some majestic castles. Depending on proximity, height gained and visibility you may be able to see the city, but you won’t actually paraglide in Prague.

Paragliding spots in Czechia near Prague

If you are willing to head a little further out of the city, you’ll find bigger and better mountains to fly from.

The Krkonoše range near the German border are just a couple of hours away. Here there are many launches over 200 metres and some reaching up to around 500 metres. When the thermals are right the height you can gain from these is more than double achieved in the Praha paraglide spots.

In the winter, skiers and snowboarders flock to Czech ski resorts in the Krkonošes, while in summer the area is a favourite with hikers and mountain bikers. In spring and autumn, you’ll be able to fly past snow-capped peaks. In the summer enjoy the deep, rocky valleys and fly over lush green hillsides and flower filled meadows. Many also paraglide in winter, combining a skiing holidays with a flight over the wintry valleys.

Praha paraglide guide: Best Prague paragliding spots in CzechiaFlickr Image by Martintoy

There are plenty of operators offering tandem flights or paragliding courses in the Krkonoše mountains.

Praha paraglide guide

There are other mountain ranges further north bordering Poland, east bordering Slovakia, west bordering Switzerland and south towards Austria that also offer good paragliding spots in Czechia. However, they are all a long drive from Prague and so not considered for this article.

Whether you choose to visit Czechia in summer or winter there is paragliding available all over the country. And being able to combine Prague paragliding with exploring one of Europe’s loveliest cities is rather special. You can enjoy the art, culture and architecture or the restaurants, bars and clubs in combination with some very pretty countryside and the exhilarating experience of flying.

We hope you found this Praha paraglide guide useful. For more activities check out our page dedicated to Czech Republic adventure travel.

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Praha paraglide guide: Best Prague paragliding spots in Czechia

The city of Prague, or Praha as it is known in Czechia (new name for Czech Republic) is well established for city breaks. But have a read of this Praha paraglide...

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