Phuket paraglide holidays in Thailand: Paragliding in paradise

Jan 16, 2018 BY AWE365 Team

Phuket is best known as a holiday island on Thailand’s Andaman coast. What is less well known is that Phuket offers paragliding in paradise. Read this guide to Phuket paraglide holidays in thailand to find out why.

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Paragliding in paradise

Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island, and a popular place with beach-lovers and party people. They tend to flock to Patong, a busy, brash resort that is open round the clock. But escape the main destinations and Phuket is still Thai paradise.

Phuket paraglide holidays in Thailand can easily be reached. There is an international airport on the Island and another in nearby Krabi. Alternatively you can fly to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and get cheap connecting flights.

Phuket is not everyone’s favourite place in Thailand, and some of it’s bad rap is a little unfair. Climb into the air, and you’ll see it’s crescent-shaped white-sand beaches, mountainous interior and rolling rainforest in a different light. And along with many others, you’ll start to love Phuket particularly if you are paragliding in paradise.

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You can do just about anything you want on the island, and Phuket paraglide holidays in Thailand are perfectly possible.

Guide to Phuket paraglide holidays in Thailand

Phuket’s interior is hilly, with the highest peak reaching up to over 500m. There are plenty of opportunities for launching from the hills and flying down to the coast and landing on the beach.

The most popular spot got Phuket paragliding is Promthep Cape, on the south-western corner, near Nai Harn beach. You can take off from the coastal ridge at Promthep, and fly down to land on Nai Harn beach.

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The area is beautiful, mostly protected national parkland, with very little development compared to Patong and other big resorts. It’s a favourite haunt of locals and resident foreigners – which must tell you something! After a flight, relax on the beach with a plate of freshly caught seafood.

Other coastal ridges and hills around the island make good potential take-off points. Winds can be tricky, though, and you’ll need to avoid the May to October monsoon. Beginners can try tandem flights off the beaches with local operators where you have a tow launch from the water.

A Phuket paragliding holiday is a fantastic way to see the some of the best views of this gorgeous island. Thailand is a country where you’ll find stunning scenery, fantastic food, beautiful beaches and friendly people – all leading to happy memories. And if you’re paragliding in paradise, you’ll make those memories even more special.

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