Pathron Powder Toy review: Cheap all mountain snowboard

Nov 29, 2016 BY Luke Rees

Looking for a cheap all mountain snowboard that will handle everything from park to piste to powder? Check out this Pathron Powder Toy review as it might be the perfect snowboard for you.

Pathron Powder Toy review: Cheap all mountain snowboard

Pathron and its sister company Raven account for the majority of the snowboards used in Poland. Over the last few years their low cost and high quality boards have been growing in popularity across Europe, and we’ve been lucky to conduct a few Pathron Snowboard reviews.

Their range of boards go from freestyle to freeride, and street jib to split boards. They pack high quality materials into each board, but then charge less than half of what you’d pay for big brands (with big marketing budgets).

Introducing Pathron Powder Toy

Let’s start this Pathron Powder Toy review by telling you what it’s supposed to do and how it’s made. Due to it’s low price of just £229, it is essentially a cheap all mountain snowboard that as it’s name suggests will be good for heading off-piste.

The Pathron Powder Toy achieves this with a twin shape with a 2cm setback stance. You can easily centre the stance if you want to be more freestyle or take it further back if deep powder is on the menu.

pathron camrocker profile

The profile is camrocker, so camber between the bindings and rocker at the tip and tail. This is a popular profile giving the pop and power of camber with the float and forgiveness of rocker.

The sintered IS7200 base is about as high quality as they come, so it should hold wax well, be hard wearing and be quick. The lamination is lightweight triaxial fiberglass, which provides excellent torsional and longitudinal rigidity to ensure good pop that is long lasting.

To add power and pop there are carbon and kevlar strips that have been strategically placed to help in powder and help keep the board responsive. There are also power plates in the binding area to transfer power to the edges.

Overall it has a medium flex, but with slightly more in the nose than tail which again helps in powder. It is aimed at intermediate to advanced riders looking for a cheap all mountain snowboard that’s good in powder without being a specialist freeride board.

Pathron Powder Toy review: Cheap all mountain snowboard

Pathron Powder Toy review on piste

My first couple of days on this Pathron Powder Toy review were spent on icy pistes in the Pyrenees. It handled steep icy slopes very well with a good edge grip and ultimately feels like it won’t let you down.

It is relativity easy to carve and holds good power through the turn. Being twin in shape it is good for popping tricks and I found riding switch to be easy despite the setback stance.

The profile and relatively narrow waist make it easy to initiate turns making it really manoeuvrable. I found cross under turns really easy, even when going fairly slowly and that the Powder Toy promotes dynamic riding.

I took it for a few spins through the park in Font Romeu and Les Angles and found it had good pop and felt solid in the landing. Not being a big powder board it is light and pretty easy to spin, the rocker tips add a little forgiveness if you don’t make it all the way around.

French Pyrenees road trip Pathron Powder Toy Review in Font Romeu

On the third day I introduced the Powder Toy to powder in Ax 3 Domaines. It was not that deep, but enough to feel that the tip would float without leg burning effort. All in all a great start to this Pathron Powder Toy review.

Pathron Powder Toy review off-piste

My second trip for this Pathron Powder Toy review was to Morzine where I spent 10 days freeriding in the Portes du Soleil. Not all the time was on the Powder Toy as I also had a big powder board with me, however I spent at least half the time on it.

I was in Morzine to do the Mint Snowboarding backcountry camp which was an amazing 5 days of guided off piste. During this the Powder Toy got to dip it’s feet in deep powder, it really liked it.

It rides the deep stuff very well and lives up to its billing as a cheap all mountain snowboard that handles powder well. The float is good and it really comes into its own through the trees when you need good manoeuvrability.

Pathron Powder Toy Review in Ax 3 Domaine. Cheap all mountain snowboard

In a direct comparison to my Furberg Freeride – a big powder board I also took to Morzine – the Powder Toy is not as good when it is really steep or the powder is really deep. But then I wouldn’t expect it to be. However the Powder Toy is easier to ride on the piste and easier in tight technical sections or when riding slowly.

During this trip I tested the Powder Toy on small cliff drops which it handled very well, although was not as easy to ride out as my Furberg. I also did a few long tricky traverses, including one very steep and icy and it handled it easily.

I also found it was a joy to ride through end of day cut up powder on a busy piste. It’s manoeuvrability, and forgiveness coupled with its all round capabilities meant I could storm through where others were floundering.

Pathron Powder Toy review in slush

My final trip of the year for this Pathron Powder Toy review was an April slush fest in Les Arcs. The days started icy but soon softened up into typical spring conditions.

Pathron Powder Toy Review in Arc 1950. Cheap all mountain snowboard

The Powder Toy handled slush with ease. It’s set back stance and rocker tips means you avoid nose ploughing into slush and can ride it like super heavy powder. The fast base means you don’t stick in the slush and the camber between feet gives you the pop to use the slush to try tricks.

The ease of initiating turns and manoeuvrability means you can ride dynamically through the variable slush, picking a line and adjusting if you have to. All in all a lot of fun in the sun.

Through the park it was great over there the kickers. Easy to spin and grab. I am not much of a fan of rails and boxes and struggled to 50:50 it on a rainbow box – but that was probably more down to me rather than the board.

Is it a good cheap all mountain snowboard?

The Pathron Powder Toy is not the best freeride snowboard in the world, or the best for freestyle. There are probably better boards for riding on ice and in slush, plus there are better boards for carving. However, it does all of this very well and is particularly good in powder.

Pathron Powder Toy Review in Arc 1950. Cheap all mountain snowboard

It’s aimed at intermediate and advanced riders and I would agree. It would be perfect as a first snowboard for someone who’s through the beginner hump and looking to improve. It would also be good as a second board for riders that normally focuses on freestyle and are looking for a cheap all mountain snowboard that is good in powder.

So to conclude this Pathron Powder Toy review, I’d say that it does a spectacularly good job that more expensive all mountain snowboards would struggle to emulate. It is fun to ride and a brilliant all rounder with a lean towards freeride that lives up to its name of Powder Toy.

If you are looking for a cheap all mountain snowboard with a lean towards freeride then I hope you found this Pathron Powder Toy review of use. It comes in 156, 158, 160, 161W and 164W and you find out more at or buy it on Ebay for £229.


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