Paris skydive: Dropzones near the French capital

Jul 19, 2013 BY Paul McWilliams

Ah Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Home to some of the finest cuisine on the planet, the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Élysées. What better place to go if you want to throw yourself out of an aeroplane? That’s right, you heard us. The Paris skydive scene is thriving, making it one of the best places to go in Europe if you want to experience the thrill of skydiving. The view on the way down is not bad either.

Paris skydive flickr image by Ryan Harvey

Although they probably won’t let you jump from the Eiffel Tower itself, just outside the city there are lots of places you can get to easily from Paris for a day in (or should that be above) the French capital that you won’t forget.

There are a number of drop zones around Paris, including Peronne in the north, Auxerre to the east and Montargis in the south near Orleans. Depending on which company you go with you will usually be using one of these sites.

Paris skydive Wikimedia image by by Benh Lieu Song


With over 15,000 jumps behind them and a number of world titles, it’s fair to say that these guys have some experience. Perfect if you’re a beginner or looking to build your skydiving confidence. They offer top level training and tandem jumps, and their handy location in the northern Paris suburbs makes them a good choice.


Discover the thrill of freefall, first on a simulator, then during a tandem jump and ultimately on an accompanied solo jump, depending on your training. These guys offer all levels of skydiving instruction. A big name on the Paris skydive circuit, you know you’re in safe hands and guaranteed a thrill. Situated just south of Paris with easy access to the southern dropzones.


Specialising in organising skydiving experiences for groups and individuals from abroad, Parachutsime might be ideal if you’re coming from the UK. They also have experience organising trips in Morocco and Guyana, and while it might be tricky to go on a day trip to either of those places from Paris, their international experience is a good sign. You can find their offices on the Ile Saint Louis in the centre of Paris, although we’re guessing that’s more for admin purposes.

Paris skydive Wikimedia image by by Dregcla

Parachute – Ecole de Chute Libre

The largest skydive centre in France, they make most of their jumps in Peronne, about an hour and half outside the city, although they jump form all over France in places like Royan and Charente Marite. The jumping season is from March to October but in winter they do offer trips abroad. With a full range of courses for beginners through to intermediate jumpers, this is a good place to go for a Paris skydive.

Many Paris skydiving centres have offices in Paris and can arrange transport out to their dropzone. So you can combine your Paris skydive adventure with a mini-break in the city and spend a few days sightseeing in the city. There is plenty of accommodation in Paris and resources such as HostelBookers can help you find a hotel in Paris that meets your budget.

With a choice of top dropzones, unrivalled views, and plenty of culture to soak up, Paris is a great place to go to for a weekend of skydiving.

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