Palawan Islands: Four lesser-known spots for a Philippines kitesurfing holiday

Jan 30, 2015 BY Paul McWilliams

To the extreme west of the Philippines, sprouting up between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea, you’ll find the dazzling islands of Palawan. It’s a perfect place for a Philippines kitesurfing holiday and so far, only a lucky few know about it. So, get here quickly before the secret gets out.

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White-sand beaches, emerald water, limestone cliffs and diverse marine life are kept within nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. So besides kiting, you’ll enjoy many other watersports: wreck diving, snorkelling, SUPing, yachting, sailing, kayaking, cave-exploring, or just relaxing in enchanted nature.

But which of the islands do you choose for the best Philippines kitesurfing holiday experience? Here are four hotspots in Palawan with great wind conditions for every level of kiter.

Coron and the Calamianes Islands

During Amihan season, this scenic spot gets lots of sun and little rain, with hardly a cloud in the sky. With half a year’s kite season (November till March), you’ll enjoy wind even in the hot summer months of April when the Amihan brings in an easterly breeze.

Stay: To meet the need for infrastructure in these remote islands, the 250k Camp is a new solar-powered resort designed just for kitesurfers. Ensuring tranquillity with no more than fifteen guests at a time – on an exclusive, private island, no less.

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Cuyo Island

There are two lovely beaches on Cuyo Island, a pristine spot in the center of the Sulu Sea. During Amihan season, wind yield ranges from good to very strong. Tranquil, with an absence of crowds, you can enjoy side onshore wind at Anino resort beach, or offshore wind and shallow water, on Capusan Beach in Cuyo town.

Getting there: Book one of the two weekly flights by Air Juan to Cuyo from Puerto Princesa in Palawan.

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El Nido/San Fernando

For learning or advancing your skills, head to El Nido, where a quaint little beach town has been catering to backpackers for decades. Winds are moderate (12 to 20 knots) and cross on-shore most days.

Stay: The upscale Qi kiteboarding Palawan in San Fernando village offers a kilometre long private beach, a kite shop, and just six rooms for an undisturbed holiday.

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Puerto Princesa

With an airport in town, this is the landing point for most visitors to Palawan. It’s also famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Underground river, a long passage which runs through limestone rock and incredible cave formations. Beachfront bars, restaurants, spas and hotels, will give you a bit of laidback nightlife. Most resorts can arrange boat trips and island-hopping.

If you’re looking for light wind and want to do other activities besides kitesurfing, this is the place to go. A side shore breeze of 12 to 15 knots blows in when Amhian is Northerly—best to come between December to January.

Stay: Kite Club Palawan on Emerald Playa Beach and Nature Park. It has a 500m reef, small waves and flat waters to ride.

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