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05 Aug, 2020

The best kept kitesurfing secrets: 4 unknown kitesurf spots to visit

We just discovered this article that was written back in 2005 about the best kept kitesurfing secrets. Obviously 15 years later these '4 unknown kitesurf spots to visit' are now on the whole well known. But that doesn't mean that they are still not worth visiting! So we thought it would be fun to . . .

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04 Aug, 2020

Review of LARQ self cleaning bottle: Flask with UV water purification

Would you like to buy less plastic bottles of water, particularly when travelling? But are you worried whether the tap, or wild, water you fill your bottle with is safe to drink? Then you should consider getting a flask with UV water purification built in. Designed for travel, outdoors and everyday life, in . . .

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31 Jul, 2020

Beginner camping essentials list: Guide to camping gear for first-timers

In this guide to camping gear for first-timers we look at what equipment you need to get started. This beginner camping essentials list offers advice on the basics you require in order to be a happy camper. One positive of the COVID-19 pandemic is more people are looking towards camping and open . . .

Activities: Camping, Trekking
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