Options for white water rafting in Istanbul: Melen and Coruh River in Turkey

May 14, 2019 BY Paul McWilliams

Visiting Istanbul and fancy a white water adventure? The Melen and Coruh River in Turkey are not that far from the city giving good options for white water rafting in Istanbul.

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Introducing Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the world’s most significant cities in terms of history, geography, culture, and politics. Straddling the Bosphorus Strait it is the gateway between Europe and Asia.

The Bosphorus Strait links the Mediterranean (represented by the Sea of Marmara) and the Black Sea. Understandably the city is a conglomerate of Eastern and Western culture and righty is a popular tourist destination.

Due to its unique geographic position there has been an important city at Istanbul for more than two thousand years. The hills, seas, beaches, and the straight make for a beautiful destination with plenty of adventures nearby.

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Options for white water rafting in Istanbul

Nearby mountains and ample water flow mean that white water rafting in Istanbul is possible.

Melen River rafting

The Melen River lies two hours east of downtown Istanbul. The rapids are family friendly and provide an excellent day trip from the city. Tour companies are available to pick you up from the door of your hotel to drive you to the riverside drop off location in Duzce.

Rafting the 11 kilometre route normally takes about an hour and a half. Many tours offer lunch at a stopping point halfway down the river. offering the chance to eat, relax, lounge the in the sun, capture a few pictures, and enjoy the mountain scenery.

There are showers and changing facilities available at the end before the two hour return journey to Istanbul. Including transportation the tour down the Melen River in turkey takes pretty much a full day.

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Coruh River rafting in Turkey

Another notable rafting location in Turkey is the Coruh River. It is often included in articles about the best whitewater worldwide.

Unfortunately the the Coruh River is over a thousand kilometres away, so it’s certainly not white water rafting in Istanbul! Located near the towns of Erzurum and Yusufeli there are 20 kilometres of challenging rapids. You can fly cheaply to Erzurum from Istanbul in under two hours.

Some sections of the Coruh have Class V rapids when flow is at it’s maximum in May and June. On the international scale of river difficulty this is as high as is considered fartable. difficulty and rafting experience is strongly recommended before taking on these challenging rapids.

When to raft?

The Melen River is raftable year round. But summer is best time to visit as while the water will be chilly, the air temperature will be warm.

With cheap hotels and so much culture and history Istanbul is appealing for everyone from city breakers to backpackers. So why not add an element of adventure and and try white water rafting in Istanbul.

Check out out Turkey adventure discounts as you could save a fortune on your next trip.

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