Norway cross country skiing holiday in Rondane National Park

Oct 07, 2019 BY Paul McWilliams

Are you fit, sporty and love the wilderness? Then a Norway cross country skiing holiday in Rondane National Park might be just the adventure for you.

Norway cross country skiing holiday by Undiscovered Mountains

Norway: Home of cross country skiing

Norway is the home of this tough but rewarding sport. So what better place to strap on your skis and test your physical and mental ability on the trail?


Offered by Undiscovered Mountains, this new and totally unique cross-country skiing trip culminates in an overnight ‘hytte’ adventure. It’s perfect for families with sporty teenagers, fit and active couples, individuals or groups of friends.

You don’t need any previous experience of cross country skiing. But you will need to be relatively fit to make the most of this adventure.

If you have ever considered taking up cross country skiing, then it’s hard to imagine a better place to do it. Below we go into more detail about what you can expect from a Norway cross country skiing holiday in Rondane National Park.

Norway cross country skiing holiday in Rondane National Park by Undiscovered Mountains

Introducing Rondane National Park

The trip takes place in the foothills along the edge of the stunning Rondane National Park. This is perhaps the ideal place in which to experience the mountains and highlands of eastern Norway.

Once you are above the treeline you’ll be greeted by an endless expanse of tall peaks rising into the pristine sky. The tallest of the lot is Rondeslottet. It stands at an impressive 2,178 metres and is just one of the ten peaks that stand over 2,000 metres.

The national park was first created back in 1962. It covers an area of more than 1,000 square kilometres across the regions of Oppland and Hedmark.

In the summer months it can be crossed in a variety of ways, either trekking, biking, on horseback or rafting down the rivers. But in winter the best way to get around is on cross country skis.

cross country skiing holiday in Norway by Undiscovered Mountains

If you’re lucky, during your trip you’ll encounter plenty of wildlife, including moose and wild reindeer herds. It’s also possible to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Skills, activities and itinerary

Of course, the main aim of this cross country skiing holiday in Norway is to improve your cross-country skiing skills and test your mental and physical toughness. And this starts from day one.

For the first three mornings you will head out to master your technique. Learning from an instructor how to move more efficiently, the best ways to slide and how to stay safe on your skis.

Learn to cross country ski in Norway with Undiscovered Mountains

In the afternoons, you will put these new skills into practice heading out to follow a trail. You’ll also test your mountain skills with orienteering or wildlife tracking. There is even a chance to enjoy a spot of night skiing, which comes highly recommended.

After three days on the skis, your muscles will probably be due a rest. So there will be a free day when you can try out a selection of other winter activities.

These include husky sledding, snowshoeing or a ride in a horse drawn carriage. At certain times of year you can also try your hand at ice fishing – learning to catch fish from beneath frozen lakes and rivers is great fun.

Dog sledding in Norway  by Undiscovered Mountains

Suitably refreshed, the last two days of your week will be your big expedition. You’ll pack up your kit and head out on the trail for an overnight ‘hytte’ adventure.

This remote accommodation will be your home for the night. It will also give you a real insight into the traditional Norwegian cross-country lifestyle.

What is a hytte?

If you’re not familiar with hyttes, then you’re in for a real treat. A big part of the traditional country lifestyle and culture in the winter months is to travel between remote hyttes. These are small mountain cabins located out in the wilderness, usually with beds, a log burner and that’s about it.

hytte cross country skiing in Norway by Undiscovered Mountains

Many Norwegian families own a hytte and will spend some holiday time there each year. They’ll ski out and back again carrying everything they need with them. There are also publicly owned hytte which are shared on a communal basis by those who need them.

It’s a big part of rural Norwegian culture and adds to the sense of adventure on your cross country skiing holiday in Norway.

Cross country skiing holiday in Rondane National Park: Who?

As we mentioned above, you don’t need to have any specific cross country or even normal skiing experience. You’ll spend several days getting to grips with the technique and that is usually enough to master the basics.

You don’t need to be Olympic standard, just competent enough to move yourself around over the ground. However, you will need to have a reasonably good level of fitness.

children cross country skiing in Norway image from Undiscovered Alps

If you are capable of running 5k or manage a full day’s hike you’ll be able to keep pace on the trail. If you are a reasonably sporty or active person you’ll get a lot from your holiday in the Rondane National Park.

It’s an ideal trip for active families or couples, or even friend groups who love to drive each other on. A minimum age of 10 is suggested for kids. Several hours each day will be spent out in the cold, so you need to be able to handle that too.

Why choose a Norway cross country skiing holiday?

Still need a little convincing? Then consider the following. Not only will you learn to cross country ski in the sports spiritual home, you will also be staying in a family run and traditional Norwegian hotel in Venabu.

You’ll sample delicious locally sourced food prepared in the traditional way, with all dietary requirements catered for. Plus, there is a choice of other fun winter activities to try during your stay. And if you are lucky you could see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

cross country skiing holiday in Norway by Undiscovered Mountains

All this and more is why a cross country skiing holiday in Norway could be the perfect adventure for you this winter.

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