‘Need for speed’ Swiss adrenaline break: Best extreme weekend?

Oct 25, 2016 BY Luke Rees

Want to experience possibly the best extreme weekend on the planet? Head on this ‘Need for Speed’ Swiss adrenaline break and you’ll be taking on some of the most intense high-speed winter activities.

Kulm Hotel St Moritz Swiss adrenaline break - the Best extreme weekend

Best extreme weekend

Toboggan down the iconic Cresta Run, try out skijoring, ride an Olympic bobsleigh track and skydive over the stunning Engadine Valley. It’s all possible on the ultimate Swiss adrenaline break in St Moritz where you can also ski or snowboard.

Based out of the superb Kulm Hotel in St Moritz, with its huge array of spa and relaxation facilities, take on as many adrenaline fuelled activities as you can handle.

Cresta toboggan run

Tackle the iconic Cresta Run, flying down the track while lying on the equivalent of a small tea tray. You’ll get two sessions here to try and improve your times. Hold on tight as you approach the infamous Shuttlecock, a place where many rides come to an abrupt end.

Cresta Run on Swiss adrenaline break in St Moritz during best extreme weekend on the planet

As a beginner you might not reach the terrifying speeds of the pros, but expect to be hitting corners at around 40mph. Which feels a lot faster when you’re so close to the snow.

Olympic bobsleigh

After building your nerve on the Cresta Run and enjoying lunch in the Kulm Hotel’s Sunny Bar whilst chatting with regular riders, you’ll have the chance to step things up a bit.

Guest ride down the Olympic bobsleigh circuit in St Moritz, hitting speeds of up to 80mph and experiencing centrifugal forces of around 4.5G. It may only last 75 seconds but it’s pure adrenaline and an experience you’ll remember forever.

Olympic Bobsleigh on Swiss adrenaline break in St Moritz during best extreme weekend on the planet


Not heard of skijoring? Well how does being pulled across a vast frozen lake by a galloping horse sound to you?

Skijoring 'Need for speed' Swiss adrenaline break Best extreme weekendThat’s more or less all there is to it. All you have to do is strap on your skis and hold on for dear life.

It’s hard to imagine how this best extreme weekend could get any better. But keep reading as it does!


Just imagine freefalling into the majestic Engadine Valley from a few thousand feet above. From March onwards, and for an additional fee, you have the option of trying a tandem skydive.

Skydive Engadin Valley on Swiss adrenaline break Best extreme weekendTake off from the Samedan airport, just a few miles from the hotel, before making the tandem jump with an instructor.

Enjoy the incredible panoramic views on the way down and relive the experience with a video of your jump. It’s the perfect way to cap off your Swiss adrenaline break.

Skiing or Snowboarding

If all of the above hasn’t used up all your adrenaline, then hit the slopes to satisfy your need for speed. During the weekend, or by booking an extra day or two, you can take advantage of the world-class ski slopes in St Moritz.

With 350km of pistes to explore in the Engadine, this high altitude winter playground offers slopes for all abilities. There is a good snowpark if freestyle is your thing and there is a lot of good off-piste terrain that doesn’t get quickly tracked out. The run down from Piz Corvatsch into St Moritz is a particular favourite.

To make the best extreme weekend even better you can even try heli-skiing.

Ski St Moritz on Swiss adrenaline break - the Best extreme weekend

Swiss adrenaline break package

The package consists of three nights half board accommodation, use of the hotel’s spa facilities, a 50-minute massage and all activity sessions. It costs CHF 2371 (approximately £1880) per person based on two people sharing a double room.

Kulm Hotel St. Moritz

The five star Kulm Hotel was the first to be built in St Moritz, way back in 1856. It’s well known for its first rate facilities and stunning views. Relax in the extensive spa and book a massage or dine out in a choice of five on-site restaurants serving a range of global cuisine.

Skate on the hotel’s natural ice rink, simply sit and admire the panoramic Alpine views or enjoy a tipple in the Sunny Bar – the oldest sports bar in Switzerland, home to the legendary Cresta Run riders so there’s plenty of memorabilia around the bar to pique your interest.

Kulm Spa St Moritz - outdoor pool at night

This Swiss adrenaline break is an incredible combination of activities and accommodation that you can’t find anywhere else. Which in our opinion makes it the best extreme weekend on the planet.

To book or to find out more visit: www.kulm.com

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