Most adventurous proposals: Top 5 extreme places to propose

Mar 26, 2020 BY Paul McWilliams

What are the most adventurous proposals in engagement history? If a romantic dinner for two doesn’t quite cut the mustard, then you might want to go big. This list of the top 5 extreme places to propose gives you some idea of how to do it.

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From sitting on a magical river beach under the stars in Madagascar to dropping anchor in a private cove in the Aegean. If your relationship thrives on adventure then these are proposal destinations that are sure to get you a ‘yes’.

Top 5 extreme places to propose

Here are five of the most adventurous proposals:

At 20,000 feet in Hawaii

The doors open. The wind surges in. Your adrenaline levels go through the roof. You’re just about to throw yourself out of a plane and hurtle to earth at terminal velocity. Then your other half taps you on the shoulder and thrusts a ring at you. 

Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating things you can do. No matter how many times you do it, it is always heart-poundingly exciting. In fact, just about the only way you could make it more exciting is to add a proposal.

Hawaii is one of the best places to skydive in the USA. And with dropzones as stunning as those in Hawaii, there’s no way it’s not going to be ‘yes’. Just don’t drop the ring…

Best US dropzones where to skydive in the USA Image courtesy of Skydive Hawaii

On top of the world in the Himalayas

The Himalayas are considered the roof of the world. This towering mountain range is home to nine of the ten highest peaks, including the legendary Everest and K2. Just imagine proposing with all of this as a backdrop.

Pop the question as you reach Everest Base Camp in Nepal. As one of the most iconic treks on the planet it is tough to beat.

On perhaps during the stunning 14-day Druk Path Trek outside a haunted monastery or sacred lake in Bhutan. Of the extreme places to propose this comes with plenty of spirituality as you’ll have achieved something together.

With the fishes in the Maldives

Dreamy white sandy beaches, stunning coral reefs, crystal clear warm waters – is there a more romantic place on the planet? The diving in the Maldives is equally stunning, and where better to do the deed than under the water?

OK, so you might need to think about how exactly you are going to make it clear what you’re asking. There probably isn’t a dive signal for ‘will you marry me?’ Then again, once you pull out a shiny ring it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.

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Rafting in Madagascar

You might not think that being pounded by class V rapids or paddling until your lungs are bursting is the ideal proposal scenario. But that is just one side of rafting in Madagascar.

This is not like other destinations for rafting. It’s totally unique and other worldly. From narrow canyons and lush jungle to bizarre spiny forests, the landscape and wildlife here is strangely alluring.

Paddle ashore and set up camp on an untouched river beach. Once you’ve made a fire ask the question under the stars. Just remember to keep the ring somewhere safe when you’re in the boat. 

Sailing around the Greek islands

The sail is up and you’re rounding a headland to discover yet another perfect cove. Sparkling blue waters, deserted beaches – the perfect place to drop anchor for the night. Knock up a candlelit dinner and reach for the ring. 

You’re spoilt for choice of Greek island chains. From the Dodecanese to the Saronic each island seems to be more beautiful than the last.

Most adventurous proposals Top 5 extreme places to propose Pikrepo royalty free image couple in boat

Most adventurous proposals

Now being the outdoorsy and adventurous type you are probably aware and concerned about the ethical nature of diamonds. So why not propose with a lab created emerald cut diamond ring? Ethically created it will be a guilt free proposal.

As you can see from our list of the most adventurous proposals, these top 5 extreme places to propose all offer something a little out of the ordinary. What better way to make this special day as memorable as possible?

If that is not enough proposal ideas check out these extreme marriage proposals. Also take a look at our adventure holiday discounts as you could save a fortune on your next trip.

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