Monthly deal: 15% off Black Ops Valdez heli-ski packages in Alaska

Dec 31, 2022 BY Luke Rees

This month we have a special deal for adventurous skiers and snowboarders. You can get up to 15% off Black Ops Valdez heli-ski packages in Alaska, USA. Warning! Only read on if you are prepared to book the ski or snowboard trip of a lifetime…

Monthly deal: 15% off Black Ops Valdez heli-ski packages in Alaska

Why heli-ski in Valdez, Alaska?

We’ve all seen videos of pro skiers and snowboarders such as Candide Thovex and Travis Rice taking on Alaskan slopes. What these epic vids don’t show is that it’s not all super steep gnarly spines, dropping cliffs or hucking massive back flips. There are lines suitable for all levels – even for those new to off-piste skiing or snowboarding.

Valdez is located on the edge of the infamous Chugach Mountains. There are more than 2,500 square miles (6,500 square kilometers) of peaks and glaciated terrain that receive over 1000 inches of snow per year. It is fair to say the skiing and snowboarding is world class and is rightly regarded as one of the best places to ski off-piste worldwide.

The Black Ops Valdez heli-ski packages in Alaska cover a huge area with run vertical averaging between 2,500 and 6,000 feet (760 to 1,800 metres). There is everything from mellow slopes to extreme terrain so the packages can accommodate any competent skier or snowboarder regardless of their off-piste experience.

Black Ops Valdez heli-ski packages

Heli ski/board packages with Black Ops Valdez not only provide an incredible backcountry skiing or snowboarding experience. The all-inclusive vacations are in one of the finest Alaskan Lodges in Valdez. Overlooking a lake, Robe Lake Lodge is a traditional log building that comes with a hot tub, sauna, high speed internet, satellite TV and all the comforts of home.

All heli-ski guests are treated to a private chef who prepares gourmet dinners, including steak and fresh local seafood. You will sleep well in the super comfortable beds and you can relax on the sofas and soak in the stunning views. And if you are aching after a day on the snow there is a massage therapist available on request.

The lodge has double rooms, single rooms and private cabins. The main lodge is ideal for private heli groups of 6 to 10 people. But it still works great for other sizes, couples or solo travellers.

Deal of the month Black Ops Valdez heli-ski packages in Alaska at Robe Lake Lodge

Robe Lake Lodge is unlike any other accommodation in Valdez. Prince William Sound and downtown Valdez with shopping, bars and museums is just minutes in one direction. While Thompson Pass, home to the best skiing and snowboarding terrain in the world, is only minutes in the other direction.

Valdez heli-ski packages in Alaska

The Black Ops Valdez team is highly skilled with decades of heli-ski experience. They fly Airbus/Eurocopter A-Star B-Series 350/H-125 aircraft so can transport 16 clients in four groups of four, each with a guide. This eliminates waiting for the chopper between runs and ensures you have a personalised experience.

On average, Black Ops Valdez fly 80% of the time. But the same storms and snowfall that make skiing and snowboarding holidays in the Chugach Mountains so incredible sometimes prevent flying. If this happens you can chill at the lodge or get involved in everything from ice climbing to boat tours and shooting to shopping.

Deal of the month Black Ops Valdez heli-ski packages in Alaska at Robe Lake Lodge

And if all you want to do is ride you can go cat skiing or sled/snowmobile skiing instead. They also offer guided ski-touring, snowshoeing, cross country and snowmobile tours. So the down days are as much of an adventure as those they fly.

Valdez heli-ski package deals

The Black Ops Valdez heli-ski packages in Alaska cost from $4,500 for 3 days to $11,000 for 7 days. But they are offering a whopping 15% off their Robe Lake lodge packages or 10% off their in town packages. This deal is good on remaining availability booked by February 1st 2023. Just mention AWE365 to get the discount.

To get this 10 to 15% discount off Black Ops Valdez heli-ski packages in Alaska get in touch through their website:

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