Montenegro activity holidays: The future of adventure sports?

Mar 11, 2012 BY Mark Pawlak

Action and adventure know no borders. So it’s not surprising to hear that Montenegro activity holidays are being spouted as the future of adventure sports.

Toward the southern end of the Adriatic, Montenegro is baking hot in the summer. But also has an interior that serves up winter sports challenges that only the most adventurous will appreciate.

Tara river rafting on Montenegro activity holidays: The future of adventure sports?image courtesy of DMD Kamp

Independent since 2006, it’s still a new name on many people’s list of as-yet visited countries. In 1998, Durmitor National Park was listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

Montenegro activity holidays

Did you know it has the second largest canyon in the world (Tara River Canyon) – nobody ever told me that. Tara River runs along the border with Bosnia providing some of Europe’s best rafting.

The Durmitor Massif has 75 peaks above 2000m to climb up, hike or bike to or paraglide from! Plus for trekking holidays there’s more than 2000 km of marked trails.

In fact, the more you look into this region, the more you can see how political events have clearly blinkered our view. This is majestic countryside, and there are beaches here to top any in the Adriatic. Plus there is the impressive fjord like Bay of Kotor which is perfect for sailing, kayaking and much more.

Bay of Kotor in Montenegro activity holidays: The future of adventure sports? flickr image by Amira_a

Montenegro Expedition Challenge

With such diversity within a relatively small area, it’s no shock to hear they are running an adventure race later this year. The Montenegro Expedition Challenge is setting out to test the hardiest of adventure traveller.

If you fancy getting a team together, you’d better make sure its members are experienced in a range of adventure sports: Adventure Race Montenegro (ARMEX) will see you pushed for 48 hours as you navigate canyons, valleys, mountain peaks, plateaus and forests.

Rafting, mountain biking, running, trekking, and the option to divert from the path in search of extra points (rogaine sections): it’s gonna be tough. But would you have it any other way? Probably not!

The future of adventure sports?

That said, it’s a country that’s also developing more easy-going holidays. Perhaps your adventure will be on the coast exploring Petrovac, or in its capital, Podgorica

Hiking during Montenegro activity holidays flickr CC image by Bruno Rijsman

For all that, if you feel the calling of the hills and streams of one of Europe’s most spectacular and challenging countries. Get in training: the race is Sept 16-18. Or just visit for Montenegro activity holidays.

We hope you found this guide to activities in Montenegro useful. Leave us a comment as to where you thing will be the future of adventure sports.


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