Malta adventure holidays: 10 best Maltese activities

Aug 03, 2016 BY Paul McWilliams

Sitting in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese islands are blessed with superb natural conditions for outdoor activities. Which is why Malta adventure holidays offer so many options, so simply choose the best Maltese activities for you and enjoy a world-class active break.

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Malta adventure holidays

An archipelago rather than just one island, the strategic position between Europe and the North African coast has seen the islands conquered many times by the Romans, Moors, French and British. All of whom have made the most of the island’s incredible climate and landscapes.

Dotted with ancient fortresses and megalithic temples, Malta boasts a rich culture and incredible past. But it’s the future that’s really exciting. Rapidly becoming a home for extreme sports and activities, Malta adventure holidays are bringing more and more people to the island.

10 best Maltese activities

Below you can find ten excellent reasons why Malta, a tiny Mediterranean destination, is making such a big splash in wind, water and land sports circles.

Scuba diving

Often considered one of the best diving destinations in the Med, there’s plenty to get excited about in Malta. The clear, azure waters cover a choice of wreck sites. They are home to rich marine life – including octopi, squid, flying fish, stingrays and moray eels.

Malta adventure holidays: 10 best Maltese activities image by Visit Malta

There are dive sites scattered around the three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino (especially famous for its Blue Lagoon). Check out the reefs and wrecks at Dewjra, Mtahaleb, Comino and Zurrieq, plus explore some cave sites. With plenty of dive schools offering tuition, no matter what level you are, you can dive here.


One of the best ways to experience more of Malta’s stunning coastline is on a sea kayaking day trip or multi-day adventure. Paddle around the Gozo coast, or cross to the nature reserve on Comino Island from Hondoq Bay. Explore caves, hidden bays and sea arches, plus enjoy a spot of snorkelling.

Paddle around St Paul’s Island and the rugged coastline of Mellieha Bay. Stop for lunch in Mistra Bay or discover the WWII bunkers at Xemxija Bay.

Kitesurfing & windsurfing

With some of the clearest and warmest waters in the Med, plus regular and reliable winds, it’s a great kiting and windsurfing destination. Check out kiting spots like Armier Bay on the northern coast of Malta for some intermediate kiting in a safe spot with a sandy bottom.

Kitesurfing in Malta. One of the 10 best Maltese activities Flickr image by Windsor Garage

The best windsurfing spots are also located along the northern coast of Malta, between Salina and Mellieha. Ghallet Marku is always popular with a good mix of calm, flat waters and rockier spots for more of a challenge.

SUP & surfing

The calm waters around the islands are ideal for stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Mellieha is a great spot, you’ll get a total body workout in the stunning waters of the Med. Or combine SUP with yoga at a number of locations in Malta for an immersive and holistic activity that will leave you feeling incredible.

The Med may not have the tides or swells to create huge surfing waves, but it’s possible to surf in Malta when conditions are right. The best swells come from the north and north east and can be precisely determined because of the surrounding coastlines. Check out Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay for your best chance of catching some waves.

Climbing & deep water soloing

With more than 1,300 climbing routes spread across the islands, Malta is something of a climber’s paradise. Tackle the stunning Dingli Cliffs or climb and abseil your way around some of the other awesome landscapes and backdrops.

Climbing in Malta. One of the 10 best Maltese activities Flickr image by marco.saraceno

Plus, with plenty of rugged coastline, there’s some great deep water soloing along the cliffs. Check out top DWS sites like Ghar Hasan, Wied Babu and the Hamrija Tower Slabs – with plenty more sites scattered all over Gozo and the other islands.

Hiking & walking

With a generally mild and pleasant climate, the walking and hiking in Malta is exceptional. In the summer, enjoy the wildflowers that burst into bloom, or visit in the winter when the island is green and lush.

With more than 80% of the islands are untouched by urban environments. So you can hike over rolling hills, through ancient farmland or along rugged coastal paths enjoying the natural environment.

Tackle day hikes in Dingli, Ghar Lapsi, Fawwara and the traditional fishing villages at Delimara Point in Malta. Or go walking in Wardija found in the north of Gozo.

Malta adventure holidays: 10 best Maltese activities image by Visit Malta

The smaller island of Comino is also great for walking if you like a little solitude. With trails crossing all the islands – including the San Blas Valley and Qala areas – set off and explore on foot as part of Malta adventure holidays.

If you really want to get off the beaten track, then check out the Malta Goes Rural Project. It includes nine picturesque hiking routes across the island.


The islands’ small size means that cycling is a very accessible way of covering the ground. Whether it’s a one day trip or a multi-day tour, you can see many of the highlights on two wheels. Cycle down narrow country lanes bordered by stone walls or through sleepy villages.

The gently sloping countryside means that it’s an option for all ability and fitness levels. And some of the best views in Malta are not accessible by car – so going by bike is a great option.

Malta adventure holidays: 10 best Maltese activities image by Visit Malta

Plus, thanks to the EU and Sustainable Interregional Bike Tourism (SIBIT) there’s 1,000 km of marked routes combining fun terrain and points of interest. A real highlight of Malta adventure holidays for cyclists.


The most modern way to get around the islands is by segway. It combines the open air pleasures of cycling with the convenience of motorised travel. Enjoy tours of stunning Selmun, glide through the capital at Valletta or enjoy the views along the Dingli Cliffs.

Modern Segways can even go off road. So you can explore the more rugged terrain of the Mellieha Red Cliffs as well as other routes on both Gozo and Comino.

Paragliding & parasailing

Why stay confined to the ground or water in Malta (as beautiful as they are)? Around the northern coast of Malta there are numerous paragliding and parasailing spots. Parasailing involves taking off and landing on the boat as you fly across the azure waters – you may even get dipped in the Med.

Malta adventure holidays: 10 best Maltese activities image by Visit Malta

If you’re an experienced paraglider, then there are popular launch sites at the stunning Dingli Cliffs, Qammieh and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Soaring above Malta is one of the best ways to experience the islands.

Zip lining

The 150-metre zip line at Migra I-Ferha is the fastest and longest in Malta. You’ll fly across the cliff edge with a 50 metre drop below. It’s not for the fainthearted but if you like your adrenaline served up quickly, this is definitely a ride for you.

You can either have a single ride, or book the zip line for a day or half day, with over 200 rides possible. The dramatic coastal scenery is an extra bonus, and a spot of zip lining is a great addition to Malta adventure holidays.

Other activities

You can also hire jetskis, have a go at sailing, charter boats for fishing trips, or explore on land while quad biking or horse riding. So choose from the best Maltese activities above to transform ordinary breaks into Malta adventure holidays.

Malta adventure holidays: 10 best Maltese activities image by Visit Malta

With stunning natural conditions, excellent facilities and a growing passion for extreme sports, Malta is fast becoming a European adventure centre.

To find out more about Malta adventure holidays and to book the best Maltese activities check out the tourist boards website:


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