Review of Maier Sports Torid Hiking Trousers: Lightweight pants for the Outdoors

Feb 22, 2022 BY Mark Barber

Maier Sports have a reputation of being the outdoor pants specialists. This is a review of the lightweight Torid hiking trousers which was carried out on a family trip to the Cotswolds.

Maier Sports Torid Hiking Trousers Review

It is worth noting that this review was carried out during the Covid Omicron outbreak of late 2021 and the travel restrictions that followed. I originally expected to carry out the review of Torid hiking trousers on a press trip abroad, but the Cotswolds seems fitting for the times with the forced trend of Stayvacations.

Review of Maier Sports Torid Hiking Trousers

The Torid hiking pants are lightweight and soft on touch. They are slim fit and modern looking. When I first saw them I did wonder how on earth I would fit in them, but the mSTRETCH Pro 4 material gives a tight but flexible and comfortable fit. I found them easy to bend in and I could easily climb over obstacles such as sties

Although hardly a hike in the Himalayas, it was dry, but cold winter weather in the Cotswold’s and I was hiking in muddy conditions. Despite the winter chill I did not feel the cold on my legs. Having said that, if it was any colder I would want to wear a base layer underneath.

I did manage to get them dirty but this was not a problem as the mud dried quickly without making the trousers damp inside. I was also impressed that despite the light tan colour my Torid trousers were easy to wash. The trousers are also easy to clean. I simply stick the pants in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash and they are good to go!

Maier Sports have made getting a pair that fits incredibly easy. You choose your waist size then the leg length. They even have an easy sizing guide on their site. It is about as close as you can get to being tailored fit!

Lightweight Pants designed for the Outdoors

Despite the lightweight styling, these pants have definitely been designed for the outdoors including zips at the bottom of the legs so they can snugly fit over hiking boots.

The waistband is elastic and they are extremely comfortable to wear. So much so that they are now my trousers of choice when travelling. Maier Sports do provide a simple cloth belt but I preferred to use my own belt when hiking for a better fit.

Maier Sports Torid Review Summary

With plenty of pockets and a slim fit urban style, the Torid trousers are practical but stylish enough for street wear or to travel in. Maier Sports have made them comfortable, durable, weatherproof, and quick drying, making them ideal for trekking and hiking in any conditions and were impressive in this review.

Another big feature for me is that the Torid pants are environmentally friendly with a PFC-free sustainable finish.

Torid Hiking Trousers Specification

Weight: 390 gram
Cut: slim fit
Material: outer fabric 90% polyamide, 10% elastane

For more information and to purchase the Maier Torid Hiking pants, click here


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