Luxury whale watching experience & sailing holiday in Dominican Republic

Feb 24, 2020 BY Paul McWilliams

There are few adventures on the planet that can match a luxury whale watching experience. Especially when this combines with a sailing holiday in the Dominican Republic, one of the most beautiful backdrops you could imagine.

super-yacht Tiara whale watching Dominican Republic

That’s exactly what is on offer with the whale watching expedition at Silver Bank from the 12-17th March 2020. This TIARA yacht charter takes whale watching to another level. 

Luxury whale watching experience

Each year thousands of humpback whales pass through the Silver Bank area of the Dominican Republic. It’s a well-known calving and breeding zone, making it one of the best places on earth to enjoy these beautiful creatures at their best. 

Luxury whale watching experience yacht Tiara copyright Shawn Heinrichs

This is the single largest population of humpbacks in the North Atlantic. You could be there to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures, aptly nicknamed the ‘acrobats of the sea’. But there’s more on offer than just watching.

A naturalist will be on hand to teach you more about their behaviour. They’ll giving you an in-depth understanding of how these mammals function and thrive. 

Luxury whale watching experience on yacht Tiara copyright Shawn Heinrichs

The calves are around four metres long but will grow much larger over their 80 to 90-year lifespan. You’ll see plenty of action above the surface and hear the haunting, complex songs of the rowdy males as they try to get the attention of the females. It really is an unforgettable whale watching experience. 

Sailing holiday in the Dominican Republic

This is a five-day sailing holiday in Dominican Republic which will head out to the Silver Bank area This is located about 90 km north of the country.

super-yacht TIARA whale watching expedition Dominican Republic

The journey to your superyacht (which will be there waiting for you) takes around three hours on board the Y NUT COCONUT chase boat. You’ll then spend your first night settling in, getting to know the luxury yacht and its crew.

For the next three days you will traverse the Silver Bank area, following the whales at a respectful distance. You’ll start to feel an affinity to these magnificent animals, gaining an increased understanding of their habits and patterns. 

Yacht TIARA sailing holiday in Dominican Republic 2

Day five sees you return to Puerto Plata. But first, you’ll cruise along the beautiful coastline to drink in the Caribbean scenery. 

On-board the TIARA superyacht

The 54.3 metre TIARA is the true definition of luxury. The spacious interior has been designed in the art deco style by John Munford, and offers space for up to 10 guests. The master suite features its own private lobby, a home cinema system and a large bathroom. While the other rooms are all spacious and can be arranged to suit your party’s needs. 

Yacht TIARA sailing holiday in Dominican Republic

The deck spaces include a Bedouin tent area, the perfect place to relax and watch the whales play. After an exhilarating day, why not jump in the hot tub with a glass of something bubbly to watch the Dominican sunset? There are a number of al fresco dining options to enjoy. And with your own on-board chef creating incredible meals, this is truly dining in style.

Looking for a luxury whale watching experience and sailing holiday in Dominican Republic? It doesn’t get any better than this!

If this article has inspired you to hit the water then check out our sailing holiday discounts. You could save a fortune! Thanks to Shawn Heinrichs for the photos of the humpback whales.

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