Loom Footwear: Versatile waterproof trainers for travel and adventure

Oct 31, 2021 BY Luke Rees

Are you on the hunt for some versatile waterproof trainers for travel and adventure? Then spend 5 minutes reading this article introducing Loom Footwear. New to the sneaker market they decided to create one pair of shoes that does it all.

Introducing Loom Footwear

Introducing Loom Footwear

But who are Loom Footwear? And what qualifies them to try to re-invent the shoe? To be honest they have very little prior experience in the shoe market, however sometimes you need people from outside an industry to improve it.

The story goes that one day the Loom founders realised they had too many shoes. So they decided to create one pair of footwear that works in all seasons, all conditions and for all situations. From sun to snow, city to seaside and striding across mountains to social nights out, they set about creating the ultimate sneaker.

Driving the development of these versatile waterproof trainers for travel and adventure was an environmental goal. Shoes are often made from materials that damage the planet, and the more pairs you own the more of an impact you are having.

Introducing Loom Footwear waterproof trainers for travel

So they spent years developing and testing footwear to create that perfect trainer.They have used new and more eco-friendly manufacturing techniques plus more sustainable materials to create the only shoes you will ever need.

Versatile waterproof trainers that breath

First up if you want to create some versatile shoes they need to be waterproof. Using the most advanced membrane on the planet the H2-Go Layer is 100% waterproof and breathable. This outer knit layer will keep your feet nice and dry in all seasons and all conditions.

But waterproof is only half the battle. It is moisture from within that can wreck your comfort and make your shoes stink. Fortunately, the membrane is fully breathable, wicking moisture out of the shoe to keep sweat at bay.

Introducing Loom Footwear white Introducing Loom Footwear Versatile waterproof trainers for travel

Furthermore, the merino wool liner is not just moisture-wicking but also antimicrobial. This helps to destroy bacteria in sweat that creates odour, keeping your feet fresh and stopping your sneakers from becoming stinky. The high quality merino wool, is also temperature-regulating, keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Waterproof trainers for travel

As an adventure travel website, the key element for AWE365  is how good are these trainers for travel. Could you chuck them in your luggage and use them for everything from flights to nights out, or hiking in the Alps to going for a jog?

For all of these uses what you need is all day comfort. So through multiple rounds of testing by Loom Footwear, the perfect cushioning system was developed. This creates engineered comfort for your feet.

Introducing Loom Footwear Versatile waterproof trainers

They use double layered Merino Wool, to provide twice the comfort! The cushioning minimizes foot pressure when standing and walking, removing foot pain and discomfort. This helps to stabilize your feet in a range of activities and reduces impact from repetitive strides.

Beneath this, the ultra-advanced Excelcast Sole has been designed by podiatrists to maximize energy return, helping you keep on your feet for longer. It acts as a shock absorber protecting your ankles, shins and knees from hard terrain and rough surfaces.

Trainers for travel and adventure

But outdoor adventures are generally not kind to trainers, particularly bright white ones. One day of mud and you’d expect them to be ruined forever. However, the outer coating is made to repel stains which are easily washed away with water.

Grip on Loom Footwear

Adventure travel also requires grip to safely get involved in outdoors activities. So the Loom footwear has slip resistant soles. This non-marking rubber grip provide excellent traction on a variety of surfaces in both dry and wet conditions.

So while these look like basic trainers they are in fact durable enough to be used as trail shoes. Added to that they are very lightweight to reduce foot fatigue, but also making them easy to carry in luggage. Plus they have form-fitting flexibility so your foot has a full range of motion.

And to complete the praise these versatile waterproof trainers for travel and adventure are vegan and cruelty-free. The materials have been sourced from some of the most eco-friendly farms in the world making them more environmentally friendly than most shoes on the market.

Loom Footwear Versatile waterproof trainers for sports

Loom Footwear = Ready for Anything

As sneakers go they look fairly standard. There is nothing flashy about their appearance. They are unobtrusive, not likely to turn heads but equally unlikely to turn stomachs either. Loom Footwear come in the full range of women’s and men’s sizes in either black or white.

But it is what goes on beneath the surface that are the main reasons to buy them. They will keep your feet completely dry but are also breathable, they are easily cleaned and stain repellent, Loom wick sweat away and are anti-bacterial, plus they are super soft and supportive while being exceptionally comfortable. Loom footwear is ready for anything.

We hope you found this article introducing Loom footwear helpful. The RRP is $249 but they currently are offering 60% off so you can pick a pair up for $99. Buy yours here: https://loomfootwear.com/


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