Lewis Crathern interview: Kitesurfer who jumped Brighton Pier

Jul 07, 2017 BY Mark Pawlak

We just found this exclusive Lewis Crathern interview from 2010 in our archives. As the kitesurfer who jumped Brighton Pier back in November 2010 we thought it is worth sharing the interview again.

Lewis Crathern interview Kitesurfer who jumped Brighton Pier Photo by Martin Wells

Kitesurfer who jumped Brighton Pier

If you didn’t see the footage of Lewis jumping Brighton Pier back in 2010, or 7 years has dulled the memory, be sure to watch the clip below. At the time it was groundbreaking stuff, and to be honest still stands out as a ridiculous stunt. Which is why we have decided to share this Lewes Crathern interview again.

Back in 2010 this interview with the kitesurfer who jumped Brighton Pier was exclusive to us. Later the trick was picked up in national press, and the video still goes strong on YouTube proving some feats stand the test of time.

Lewis Crathern interview

Questions originally by Mark Pawlak

Brighton Pier: Did you know it was on, or did you decide when you got on the water?

I knew it was on by the forecast; it just had to match it up in reality, which it did in the end.

With a good kite and a strong wind, is there a limit to how high you can go?

A: No, there isn’t really any limit of how high you can go. That’s what I like about it. That’s what keeps you out after three hours on the water, the possibility you could go higher…

Wind, kites and energy, is there more to kitesurfing than the sport?

It’s more then a sport. It’s a permanent connection to the elements, you can only do it when the weather is right – something most extreme sports share. Kitesurfing is the green sport of the 20th century.

It’s a solo sport. So how do you explain kitesurfing in your educational work?

A: Kitesurfing is one of the most obvious ways to show the potential of wind energy especially to kids. It’s very exciting so it grabs their attention allowing you to deliver some equally important messages, like keeping fit, staying healthy and thinking about ways of being eco-friendly.

Which are your top three kitesurfing spots?

Worthing/ Worthing and WORTHING!!!

And last of all: Any advice to people new to the sport, looking for big air?

Take your time; learn in lighter winds and deep enough water. Key points in getting air “Wham it back full speed for a Biggy!”

Since becoming the kitesurfer who jumped Brighton Pier, Lewis has continued to go large. He is a British record holder and came 2nd in the 2016 Big Air World Championships, perhaps it is time for another Lewis Crathern interview? These days he still competes, coaches, mentors and appears as a speaker. Find out more by visiting: www.lewiscrathern.com

Full credit is also due to Martyn Wells for the images

We hope you found this Lewis Crathern interview interesting. If the kitesurfer who jumped Brighton Pier has inspired you to take up the sport then check out our kitesurfing discounts as you could save a packet.

Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, England, Europe, United Kingdom
Lewis Crathern

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