Learn to Tantrum: Kitesurfing trick tutorial

Aug 02, 2021 BY AWE365 Team

The Tantrum is a lesser considered trick but a remarkably handsome one all the same. Have a read of this kitesurfing trick tutorial by Kris from Bigstyle Kitesurfing. Hopefully it will help you learn to Tantrum.

kitesurfing Tantrum: Learn to Tantrum

The Tantrum essentially a variation of a front roll except it it moving away from the straightforward two-hands-on-the-bar cartwheel style rotation. Instead of this a tantrum can be described as an arch-backed swan style backflip. Done right it is a graceful trick that is great to learn at home or during kitesurfing holidays worldwide.

Hooked-in or unhooked it adds a great trick to add to the repertoire and of course something else to tell the grandkids about…. For the sake of clarity we’re going to look at the Tantrum as a hooked in trick, though it is easily transferable to the lofty world of unhooked riding.

 Step by step guide to learn to Tantrum

  1. For the set up of the Tantrum find a nice stretch of flat water or even the back of a wave.
  2. A good sized air is paramount as the rotation is best served slow. Approach with speed and make sure your pop is firm and clean.
  3. Just after releasing your pop remove your back hand from the bar and open your body out 90 degrees to the kite, your back will be facing the rotation
  4. The best way to picture the start of this rotation is like the motion of tripping over your heel-side edge. Imagine your heel catches, your head gets thrown back and your back arches – trust me, it’s more pleasant than it sounds.
  5. Try to look back at the water below you during the flip, this works two fold. Firstly your body will follow your head completing the rotation, just like regular backflip, secondly it will help you get your bearings and spot your landing early.
  6. Coming in to land the standard rules apply. If you haven’t over or under rotated this should be a straightforward endeavour, have your legs slightly bent and drop into the landing.
  7. Roll away and feel a bit more like a boss than eight seconds previous.

Learn to Tantrum

General Tips to learn to Tantrum

Have your front rolls on tap before trying this one. It’s also probably best to be able to do your front rolls with one hand. The easiest way to get the hang of this is to throw in a backhand grab, such as a tail grab or an indy.

The added help of doing a front roll with just your front hand on the bar is that it stops you over-sending your kite. Like most tricks a tantrum looks far better with a low kite and landing with your kite nice and low makes for smoother, faster landings.

Well now, summer is here get stocking up on your arsenal of kitesurfing tricks and learn to Tantrum. If you are more comfortable learning with the help of a professional instructor then check out these kitesurfing courses worldwide.

If this kitesurfing trick tutorial helped you to learn to Tantrum then you might also like our guide on how to do the Raley.


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