Lake Silvaplana kitesurf holiday in Switzerland: Where kitesurfing began

Jul 13, 2016 BY Luke Rees

Fancy a ‘pilgrimage’ to where kitesurfing began? Then you’ll want to visit the sport’s spiritual home on a Lake Silvaplana kitesurf holiday in Switzerland. Not only will you experience perfect conditions in stunning surroundings, but you’ll also get to enjoy a spot of luxury too.

Lake Silvaplana kitesurf holiday in Switzerland

Where kitesurfing began

It was back in 1987 that German Dieter Strasilla and Swiss Andrea Kuhn – a champion paraglider – pioneered what many consider to be modern kitesurfing. By combining inflatable kites with surf and snowboards they first surfed across Lake Sils – Lake Silvaplana’s twin.

Of course, it was no accident that they chose the stunning Engadine Valley in Switzerland to conduct their kitesurfing experiments. The lakes are blessed with exceptional natural conditions.

Each day, the legendary Maloja wind arrives with precision of a Swiss watch. These thermal winds start just before noon and blow from the south west at 10 to 20 knots until sunset.

Lake Silvaplana kitesurf holiday Where kitesurfing began

Kitesurfing here is set against the backdrop of majestic mountains on this pristine lake. It’s easy to imagine why this is the place where kitesurfing began, and why it remains so popular with kitesurfers.

Why choose a Lake Silvaplana kitesurf holiday?

Apart from the history and obvious natural benefits of Lake Silvaplana, another great reason to kite here is because the facilities are superb. The Swiss Kitesurfing School – the oldest in the world – is located here.

Lake Silvaplana kitesurf holiday in Switzerland Where kitesurfing began

Lessons for beginners is obvious, but most kitesurfers will find tuition useful. Whether you’re looking to learn to kitesurf, planning your first unhooked tricks or hope to make it as a pro, you’ll improve with help from the Swiss Kitesurfing School.

Book a three-night kitesurfing package with the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz and you’ll get a four hour private lesson each day. Learn the theory and practical skills you need to improve – using the latest technology via radio helmet to coach you on the water.

It’s all geared towards helping you to get the most from your kitesurfing experience. And doing it all in a place so intrinsically linked to the history of the sport adds an extra dimension to your Lake Silvaplana kitesurf holiday in Switzerland.

Lake Silvaplana kitesurf holiday in Switzerland to where kitesurfing began

With flat water and strong winds the conditions are ideal to improve technique and try new tricks. The winds build through the afternoon, so beginners will usually be out on the water earlier in the day leaving the lake to the experts in the late afternoon.

Kitesurfing holiday in Switzerland

The three-night package is at the luxurious, five star superior Kulm Hotel St Moritz, which is just 10 minutes down the road. In addition to the kite lessons and equipment plus the half-board accommodation, the package includes daily transfers to and from the kite school.

Kulm Hotel kitesurf holiday in Switzerland

You also get unlimited access to the Kulm Golf course in St. Moritz and the Kulm tennis courts. Or, if you’re in the mood for something a little more relaxing visit the Kulm Spa where a 50 minute massage is included in the package to help loosen your aching muscles.

If tennis or golf are not your thing, then explore the mountains you’ve been kiting past on a mountain bike, or on foot. The package includes unlimited use of the Engadine/St Moritz mountain railways so you can really explore the area.

The Kulm was the first hotel in St Moritz, opening its doors back in 1856. It quickly became popular as a spa resort, but also with walkers, painters and holidaymakers. And it’s now becoming the ‘go to’ destination for a kitesurf holiday in Switzerland.

Kulm Spa St Moritz - outdoor pool at night

The Kulm Hotel St. Moritz was recently named the best mountain hotel in Switzerland and is rated as one of the best in the country for service. So, what better place to come and experience ‘where kitesurfing began’ with an added slice of luxury?

A Lake Silvaplana kitesurf holiday in Switzerland at Kulm Hotel St. Moritz costs from CHF 2590 (approx £2000) per person. Find out more at

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