Kitesurfing holiday destinations: 10 best kitesurf spots worldwide

Oct 24, 2017 BY AWE365 Team

With so many possible kitesurfing holiday destinations where should you go on your next trip? For inspiration, check out our 10 best kitesurf spots worldwide. They are all top kite holiday locations that are guaranteed to be worthy of any kitesurfers time and money.

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Kitesurfing holiday destinations

So what makes a good kitesurf spot? Well three main factors: wind, wind and wind. OK so there are other things to think about too, such as the wind, how windy it is, and don’t forget wind….

Although we feel strongly about the wind, the best kitesurf spots worldwide have to offer more than ideal wind. Epic waves, endless flat water, great weather, beautiful setting and buzzing nightlife all help to make great kitesurfing holiday destinations.

Another thing to consider is does it offer varied conditions? You might like to ride waves, but a protected lagoon for speed freaks, freestylers and beginners – best not forget about them! – turns good kitesurfing holiday destinations into the best kitesurf spots.

Tarifa one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide Kitesurfing holiday destinations Flickr image by Zach Dischner

10 best kitesurf spots worldwide

In no particular order (it was hard enough to choose just 10!) take a look at what we feel are the top places to kitesurf worldwide.

Tarifa, Spain

Known as Europe’s kitesurfing capital, reliable winds hit this southerly tip of Europe as they funnel through the Strait of Gibraltar. Tarifa is at the mouth of the Mediterranean, just across the water from Morocco and delivers both cross-onshore from the right and cross-offshore from the left – which gets fierce!

It has long been the go to place for windsports in Europe. Offering a range of conditions on various beaches that mean there is nearly always somewhere to kitesurf whatever your ability.

Tarifa one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide Kitesurfing holiday destinations Wikimedia image by Stefanvanderkamp

Despite hot summers, winter kitesurfing in Tarifa requires a full suit, but it’s still one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide. For more information check out our guide to Tarifa kiteboarding holidays.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have long been a popular holiday destination. But their location in the Atlantic with steady winds and plenty of swell make them one of the best kitesurfing spots worldwide. Check out our guide to kitesurfing in the Canary Islands for more info.

It is hard to choose just one island let alone one spot for this top 10. But Corralejo on the north coast of Fuerteventura is perhaps the top of the Canary Islands kitesurfing holiday destinations.

Flag Beach Fuerteventura - kitesurfing European Style Image courtesy of Flag Beach Kitesurf Centre

Flag Beach in Corralejo is known for great wind, good year-round weather and both flatwater and waves making it a favourite for all-levels. Winds are cross-shore and are at their best in the summer months.

In the south of Fuerteventura you’ll find the 4km long beach of Sotavento which is another great kitesurf spot. There are protected shallow lagoons that are good for learning and further out plenty of bump to play in.

Sal, Cape Verde

Small name, long beach, and one of the top kitesurfing holiday destinations. Sal serves up plenty of space so everyone can get in and take advantage of the natural benefits of this Cape Verde island.

Sal in Cape Verde one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide kitesurfing holidays destinations flickr image by skyline899

Winter brings with it the wind (15-25 knots) and it’s warm enough to go in without a suit all year. There’s 3km of beach to launch from, with winds more side-on at the end of the bay and more side-off at the top.

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is loved for its curved bay and cross-on winds and waves. Further south of this Moroccan favourite you’ll find bigger waves, although conditions nearer the town provide enough challenges for kitesurfers of all abilities, making it one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide.

Winds get stronger after lunch, peak at around 40 knots in the summer periods and are most effective the further downwind you go. Expect bigger waves in the winter and little need for a shortie outside of the coldest months.

Guide to Essaouira kitesurfing holidays image by Explora Morocco

Check out our guide to Essaouira kitesurfing holidays for more info.

Cape Town, South Africa

There are more than 30 beaches to choose from for kitesurfing around Cape Town, and it’s during the winter months that the winds are most consistent. The legendary ‘Cape Doctor’ – a south easterly wind that dominates conditions, keeps winds regular and strong.

Cape Peninsula stretches out to the Cape of Good Hope, creating Table Bay. There are shallow lagoons and everything from slight swell up to five metre waves to be enjoyed.

Cape Town one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide kitesurfing holidays destinations flickr image by carolune

Cape Town is a place of variety – both on and off the water – with perhaps the most imposing backdrop of any location worldwide: Table Top Mountain.

Cumbuco, Brazil

Just 45 minutes from the airport at Fortaleza you’ll find Cumbuco – one of the top kitesurfing holidays destinations. This Brazilian beach spot has 10km of coastal frontage with plenty of sandbars offshore that produce good waves.

Wind is mainly side-shore from the right, occasionally side-onshore, and there is plenty of it even for advanced kitesurfers. The most powerful winds arrive between June and December, but you can still take advantage of flat water past an initial shore dump.

Brazil one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide kitesurfing holidays destinations Flickr image by Cold North Photography

Maui, Hawaii

Kitesurfing is one of the newest sports to thrive on this Hawaiian island. Lush hillsides and national parks lead to the wind and wave lashed beaches of Maui – it’s not surprising some of the best kitesurf spots worldwide are found here.

Again it’s the trade winds that keep conditions consistent. Expect 17-22 knots anywhere from 75-95 per cent of the time from April to October. The north shore has side-onshore winds from left to right.

Be sure to check beach rules, as in line with the locals’ traditional respect of the oceans the coast is protected in places.

Maui one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide kitesurfing holidays destinations flickr image by r1aviator

Perth, Australia

On the far west of Australia, kitesurfers get to play in some of the strongest winds of this part of the coast. Better suited to intermediates and above, there’s open water for everyone.

But closer to shore there’s a sand spit that protects beginners and gives them a shallow entry point. This also helps to create great slalom conditions. Best wind is from October through to April, with winds from 15- 25 knots, which work best in the afternoon.

If you are heading to Australia there are plenty of other great kitesurf spots – really you should make a road trip out of it. Check out the best Australia kiteboarding destinations for inspiration.

Perth one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide kitesurfing holidays destinations flickr image by Mr Moss

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay Island in the Philippines is a touch of paradise and one of the most perfect kitesurfing holidays destinations on the planet. If your idea of a kitesurfing holiday involves lagoons for learning and white sand beaches to launch from, your in the right place.

White Beach is 4km long so there’s always space, and thanks to the ever-present trade winds, there’s always wind. The high season runs from November to April, and with shallow entry and cheap costs it keeps Boracay as one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide.

Some purists will tell you that Boracay’s popularity has been it’s undoing. It can get busy, but that makes for a lot of fun off the water. However, if you are more interested in kitesurfing holiday destinations that you have to yourself, then check out these lesser known kitesurf spots in the Philippines.

Boracay one of the best kitesurf spots worldwide kitesurfing holidays destinations flickr image by Ky6uk

Hurghada, Egypt

The big name in Egyptian kitesurfing, mainly thanks to its flat waters which stay shallow out to 100m. Wind is cross-onshore from the left and there are two main spots to consider: Magawish Bay and a kite beach near Jasmine Village. For more info check out our guide to Hurghada kiteboarding holidays.

At the time of writing (Oct 2017) Egypt is considered a little dicey to visit. So be sure to check out the latest safety advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before booking a trip to Hurghada.

We hope you found this guide to the best kitesurf spots worldwide interesting and inspiring. When planning your next trip be sure to check out our kitesurfing discounts as you could save a fortune.


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