Kitesurfing: Do you crash and burn or crash and learn?

Sep 20, 2022 BY AWE365 Team

There are two types of people when it comes to kitesurfing. The question is do you crash and burn or crash and learn?

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A good friend of mine, also a professional kitesurfer gave me some great advice when I was starting out. She said, “while one person hesitates because she feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becomes superior”.

I never forget these words. Whether practicing during kitesurfing holidays or I am out at my local spot, progression in kitesurfing comes from not being afraid to try!

Crash and burn or crash and learn?

Every crash takes you one step closer to learning that kitesurf trick you’ve been attempting. It’s true that crashing is not pleasant. Still, I believe that with every crash you spot that little mistake to avoid next time.

Kitesurfing Do you crash and burn or crash and learn Royalty free image by jeremy bezanger on unsplash

When I am out on the water I focus on learning one trick at a time. I will try let’s say ten times, and with every crash I feel like I am one step closer to landing the trick. Often a trick which at first seems impossible.

You have to be willing to push yourself but to also know your own limits. Riders should go out and try the tricks most appropriate for their skill level. You cannot expect to learn one manoeuvre before first having the basics. And getting ahead of yourself is how injuries start happening.

An important phase in learning a new move is understanding it step-by-step, but most of all it’s committing 100%. When I’m training, I’m focused on what the trick looks like before I even attempt to try it, only then do I commit to it.

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Kite safely

Tricks and clever moves aside, the most important thing is kiteboard safely. Of course it is important to always have fun and to constantly push your limits but ultimately be safe on the water and don’t push them too far.

We hope you found this article asking ‘do you crash and burn or crash and learn?’ interesting. Be sure to check out these kitesurfing courses as good instruction can help you learn much more quickly.



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