Kitesurfari SXM: Caribbean kitesurf charters

Oct 23, 2013 BY AWE365 Team
A huge part of the Caribbean’s charm is the fact that there are so many islands, each with its own individual character and feel. The plethora of destinations does, however, occasionally make it difficult to find the services and facilities that you’re looking for. Which is exactly the reason behind Kitesurfari SXM’s Caribbean kitesurf charters.
Kitesurfari SXM British Virgin Islands image by Captain James
**UPDATE** Please note Kitesurfari SXM has now become Kitesurfing Cruise. They are the same company, and same team, offering all the same services plus a bit extra. They now offer more options and have a lovely new website:

By gathering together, all in one place, all the professional tour companies offering kitesurfing holidays, tuition and facilities, it is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to kitesurf in a beautiful Caribbean paradise.kitesurfari SXM. Caribbean kitesurf charters

With over 20 skippers offering custom cruises in 25 incredible destinations, Kitesurfari SXM has everything you need to find perfect Caribbean kitesurf charters. It allows you to compare prices, available services and access the skippers directly, without having to go through middle-men who always take their cut.
The climate, conditions and culture of the Caribbean make it the perfect place for kitesurfing. Beginners, intermediate and expert riders will all find something to excite in the beautiful blue waters. In the north of the region, explore the French West Indies including Martinique, Guadeloupe and St Martin.
To the west, discover the British and American Virgin Islands and the stunning Dominican Republic, home to a number of kitesurfing champions (which should tell you all you need to know about the conditions here).
Kitesurfari SXM The Grenadines kitesurfing image by Captain James
In the south you’ll find Trinidad and Tobago, Los Roques and El Yaque and to the east the sublime islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Kitesurfing SXM’s network of skippers is unrivalled in the area too, with experienced riders and all round water people taking charge of your all inclusive Caribbean kitesurf charters. These are exactly the kind of experts who know where the best winds and waters can be found all year round – meaning you’re guaranteed to get the most from your kitesurfing adventure.
Kitesurfari SXM image of St Lucia kitesurfing by Captain Ben
The network makes it so easy to build your perfect cruise. Choose your region, your skipper, your boat and your skill level and you can tailor your trip to your exact specifications. You can even get in touch directly with the skippers themselves, if you have any questions before your trip. That’s a service you don’t get in many other places and indicative of the kind of friendly reception you’ll get all across the Caribbean.
kitesurfari SXM. Caribbean kitesurf chartersSo, if you’ve been scouring the net for top Caribbean kitesurfing destinations or if you’re just trying to find Caribbean kitesurf charters, let Kitesurfari SXM do the hard work for you.

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