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Oct 22, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

A Jordan overland trip will take you through one of the Middle East’s most hospitable and enjoyable countries. And that’s despite the fact that 85% of the country is desert.

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The Middle East has tended to be overlooked by travellers in recent years, its image marred by conflict. Many see this region as being home to soldiers and deserts, and not much else. That perception is wrong: there is much to see in this region, and Jordan is at its heart. 

The ancient city of Petra is Jordan’s big draw. The city was built over 2000 years ago, and was once an international trade centre. Its buildings are carved into red rocks in the desert, with impressive columns and carvings that give a clue to its past wealth. It was unknown to westerners until the nineteenth century, and it still feels like a recently discovered secret. You can get there by road, but swap to camel or donkey once you’re in.

From Petra, you can drive to the Dead Sea in around three hours, and wash the sand away. It is a spectacular area to drive through. Visit Wadi Mujib, a remote mountain gorge that enters the Dead Sea at over 400m below sea level. You can enjoy trekking both in and around the water, take a swim and get to know the gorge’s huge variety of bird life.

If you’re a fan of diving and other water sports, head to the Red Sea coast. The city of Aqaba is the region’s hub, with plenty of facilities and an interesting ancient heart to explore.

Whatever your pre-conceptions are about what Jordan is like, they’ll be blown away on a Jordan overland trip. Why not get there and see for yourself?

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