Introducing the Vango Earth Collection: Eco-friendly camping gear

Jul 28, 2022 BY Paul McWilliams

Going camping has the potential to be one of the sustainable holidays there is. And that’s never been truer thanks to the Vango Earth Collection, a range of sustainable and eco-friendly camping gear made using recycled single use plastics.

Introducing the Vango Earth Collection Heddon tent

Vango are really pioneering in the field of environmentally friendly camping, helping to make nights under canvas even more of a sustainable way to enjoy a break.

Why is the Vango Earth Collection different?

Going on a camping holiday close to home is a great way to reduce your vacation carbon footprint. But it’s not just about saving the planet, it’s also about discovering one of the best ways to enjoy any landscape. And even if you are camping in another country, making sure your gear has the last impact possible on the world around you is always important.

Of course, camping gear hasn’t always been so green. Think about all the things you might pack on a camping trip. Tent, sleeping bag, ground mat, camping chairs. In the past all of this would have been made from plastics or other materials derived from petrochemicals.

By the time you had added it all up, your reduced carbon footprint camping trip isn’t looking quite so sustainable. That’s exactly what Vango were thinking when they designed the new Vango Earth Collection of eco-friendly camping gear.

Introducing the Vango Earth Collection

The origins of the Vango Earth Collection

Introduced in 2021, the Earth Collection includes tents, sleeping bags, chairs and rucksacks. All of these are made from recycled single use plastics, such as bottles and bags. By expanding the range across 2022, Vango aim to recycle the equivalent of 8.2 million plastic bottles.

These bottles are collected at recycling points, where they are washed, sorted and crushed. This plastic is then made into pellets which can be spun into a thread. This is then woven into high quality fabrics and used to make top of the range camping gear for all your adventures.

Vango eco-friendly camping gear

Let’s have a closer look at some of the eco-friendly camping gear available in the range.

The Vango Aether Air 450XL: RRP £695

This four-person tent is an inflatable AirBeam® design featuring Sentinel Eco Fabric, and all made from recycled single-use plastic. The Aether Air 450 XL includes a pre-attached extension which offers extra living space and the double living area gives you plenty of room to relax with family and friends. There are darkened bedrooms, which help you to sleep a little longer.

Vango aether air 450xl Eco-friendly camping gear

The large front door can be fully rolled back, and good airflow reduces condensation. In addition, low level AirZone vents and mesh panels keep air circulating while not letting any nasty insects in. The use of AirBeam® technology ensures quick inflation and a sturdy structure, even when the wind and rain and lashing down outside.

Other tents in the Vango Earth Collection include the Heddon, a compact two-person design that uses walking poles to form the tent structure for an incredibly lightweight solution. There is also the Joro Air 600XL which is a family-sized tent complete with front awning, dining and social area, and a king-size bedroom designed to reduce early morning light.

Vango Aether chair: RRP £40

The Vango Aether chair features EcoStem recycled fabric and is made from 100% recycled single-use plastics. The material is tough but soft and flexible, and the foldable design means it doesn’t take up too much space and is easy to transport. Ideal when space is at a premium.

The wrap-around seat keeps you cosy and warm when the temperature drops at night. It is also great as extra seating when you’re enjoying some time in the garden at home, or to take along for a day at the beach or park.

Vango aether chair Eco-friendly camping gear

As an alternative, you might prefer the Osiris, featuring an integrated cup holder and comfortable padded surface. Again this is perfect for either outdoor use or under your awning. The Joro features an all-over padded design and wrap around arms for even more comfort on the campsite.

The Vango Mica rucksack: RRP £36

The Mica rucksack, like all the products in the Vango Earth Collection, is made from recycled plastic bottles. As well as reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill, this bag also gives you the benefits you have come to expect from Vango. This includes an AirMesh Back System for comfort and breathability.

There is also an adjustable harness to ensure the best possible fit for maximum comfort when worn over long periods of time. The twin side pockets and padded laptop sleeve add an extra dimension of practicality, making the Mica as useful around town as it is out on the trail.

Vango Mica backpack sustainable camping gear

Vango Zenith 200 sleeping bag: RRP £65

This Zenith 200 sleeping bag is made using recycled Polair® Z Eco fabric and lightweight Insulite™ Helix Eco fill. Light and compact enough to take on any camping trip, the Zenith also offers superb protection against the cold thanks to the insulated zip baffles.

In addition, the 3D hood helps to retain heat and the fleece lined stuff sack can be used as a pillow for extra comfort during the night. The additional mosquito net at the head and foot of the bag means your night won’t be disrupted by any unwanted visitors, so you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

The Era Double is another sleeping bag in the Vango Earth Collection made for two and with an insulation lock meaning that less heat escapes and you stay warm all night. The Evolve Superwarm Single features a double layer construction and integrated head rest for additional comfort.

zenith 200 sleeping bag from the Vango Earth Collection

The benefits of Eco-friendly camping gear

If you love camping, getting outside and seeing what the great outdoors has to offer, then the chances are that you care about the environment too. Which makes the Vango Earth Collection the perfect choice for you. You can buy top quality camping gear that combines comfort, practicality and style but that is made using recycled single use plastic.

This means you can enjoy adventure travel, wherever that may be, safe in the knowledge that you are reducing your footprint. It is good to know you are doing your bit to divert needless single use plastic from hitting the landfill. Although replacing old but functional gear, with new but eco-friendly kit, is less sustainable than using your old gear until it dies.

A purchase from the Vango Earth Collection is an investment in the long-term sustainability of your weekend getaways, festival experiences and camping trips. You can’t ask for more than that.

We hope you found this article introducing the Vango Earth Collection useful. If you’d like to buy some eco-friendly camping gear from Vango go to:


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