Introducing Pangea 2.0 eco travel towel for adventure and outdoors

Apr 12, 2021 BY Luke Rees

What do trekking across the Himalayas, camping in Yosemite, surfing in Cornwall, backpacking in New Zealand and a visit to the gym have in common? For all of these adventures, and pretty much every other activity, you need a towel. Microfibre travel towels are usually 100% plastic so are not green or sustainable. So we are pleased to be introducing Pangea 2.0 eco travel towel for adventure and outdoors.

Introducing Pangea 2.0 eco travel towel for adventure and outdoors

Why you need a towel for outdoors?

Air drying under the sun is a great feeling. But the reality is that wherever you go on camping holidays, water sport breaks or other adventures you’ll need to dry yourself after washing or swimming.

There is a whole industry of lightweight travel towels aimed at filling this need. On the whole they are small, low weight, do a good job at drying you and dry quickly themselves. These towels do the job well. But unfortunately they are not very good for the environment.

Pangea bamboo eco towel vs microfibre towel

Usually 100% made from plastic they add to the amount of non-biodegradable waste on the planet. They are made using materials that are carbon intensive in their production, plus the manufacture of the towels adds to their carbon footprint.

As outdoor enthusiasts we want to protect the environment rather than add to it’s problems. Which is why this eco travel towel for adventure and outdoors is so exciting.

Introducing Pangea 2.0 eco travel towel for adventure and outdoors

Introducing Pangea 2.0 eco towel

In 2019 Pangea created the most funded travel towel ever on Kickstarter. But after surveying thousands of their customers they realized most people used the towel for backpacking and camping. So based on customer feedback they created Pangea 2:0 eco towel to be the best outdoors towel on the planet, with great new features.

Made out of bamboo – a natural fibre – it is home compostable and considered to be both sustainable and renewable. It is three time more absorbent than microfibre and dries five times faster than cotton towels.

The material is naturally anti-bacterial which keeps it odour free – perfect for sweaty sports and adventure travel when you will wash it less frequently. The addition of reinforced slits at the corners adds versatility as the towel can be used as a sunshade or cloak.

Also the pack has been redesigned to be stronger and the towel now takes half as long to pack away. Pangea have introduced a new XL size beach towel. Plus it comes in five colours using natural plant dye that is better for the environment.

Pangea eco towel 2.0 in action

Eco towel for adventure, travel and outdoors

But what makes the Pangea 2.0 eco travel towel better for the environment? Firstly it is made from bamboo rather than plastics like microfiber travel towels. Very fast growing, bamboo sequesters more Carbon per year than any other plant. It releases vast amounts of oxygen in place of CO2 that it uses during photosynthesis.

Traditionally the creation of fibre from bamboo is not very eco-friendly. But Pangea replaces the use of toxic chemicals and bleach with NMNO (Nitrogen-Methylmorpholine Nitrogen-Oxide). NMNO is a non-toxic compound that is 99% captured and reused in a closed loop system greatly reducing the amount of acid needed.

How bamboo fabric is made by Pangea

But the environmental credentials don’t stop there. Pangea also actively remove plastic from the rivers and oceans by partnering with Sungai Watch. This is a river cleanup organization using barriers to capture trash and prevent it from entering the ocean. By buying a Pangea 2.0 eco travel towel you help them reach the goal of having 10,000 river barriers in Indonesia.

Buy a eco travel towel for adventure and outdoors

So the Pangea 2.0 towel does a better job of drying you than either microfibre travel towels or traditional cotton, it also dries quicker and won’t smell. It’s also far better for the environment than either of the popular towel options. Added to that Pangea are actively removing trash from rivers and oceans in Indonesia.

Introducing Pangea 2.0 eco travel towel for adventure and outdoors

What ever sports activities and adventures you are into this eco travel towel will benefit you and the environment. I honestly can’t see why you wouldn’t want one!

We hope you found this article introducing Pangea 2.0 eco travel towel for adventure and outdoors interesting and useful. With three sizes and five colours to choose from you can order yours and support them on Kickstarter here:


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