Introducing G’Love snowboarding gloves by Love Inc.

Jan 18, 2016 BY Luke Rees

As a British snowboarder I am always happy to see snowboard specific gear that is made in our green and pleasant land. So I am pleased to be introducing G’Love snowboarding gloves by Love Inc. Introducing G'Love snowboarding gloves by Love Inc Vader black

Of course us snowboarders can wear ordinary ski gloves, but as most boarders have realised they often do not stand the test of time. Personally I find the palms and fingertips tend to be the main area of weakness.

Love Inc LogoSkiers with the same gloves don’t seem to have the same problems, which begs the question why? Perhaps it is from carrying the board, repeatably doing up bindings or using our hands to help slow an out of control ass or tummy slide on an icy piste…..

Whatever the reason we need more strength in key places if we want gloves to last. Love inc. understand this which is why they have developed G’Love snowboarding gloves.

Introducing love Inc.

If you have not discovered Love Inc. yet then you should check them out. Gloves are just one of the products in their line, which includes technical gear such as base and mid layers, plus fashion items like t-shirts, hoodies, beanies and sweatshirts.

skiing is a bit shit


Even if you haven’t encountered Love Inc. you may have spotted the slogan ‘Skiing is a bit shit’? Love Inc are the company behind this, you can find on t-shirts, beanies and even a snowboard that is hand made in the UK by DOUK snowboards.

Love Inc have been trading since 2006. They’re a firmly established British snowboard brand, providing useful, good looking, and excellent performing gear. Plus they sponsor some British riders – giving a bit back to the industry.

Introducing G’Love snowboarding gloves

Onto the main event – introducing G’Love snowboarding gloves. They are hand made in the uk using mainly British materials. So by purchasing the G’Love gloves you get great gear, and help keep money in the British economy.

Introducing G'Love snowboarding gloves by Love Inc Rebel Red

The outer material is 100% leather. There are many reasons most French ski instructors wear leather gloves – it is hard wearing, waterproof, warm, supple and natural. These qualities make leather the perfect glove material for us shredders.

Back to the aforementioned points of weakness due to carrying your board, doing up bindings and trying to stop an out of control slide. Love Inc. have addressed these with reinforced palms and fingertips on the G’Love snowboarding gloves. The leather also wraps around the fingers so there is no weak point.

Introducing G'Love snowboarding gloves by Love Inc Vader black 2

So that you can actually use your fingers the knuckles are gaitered. This gives you better dexterity and more flexibility when wearing the gloves.

To keep you hands warm and dry there is a PU membrane that’s both wind and waterproof, while allowing moisture to escape. The liner is sewn into the fingertips, so inners coming out due to sweaty hands is a thing of the past.

For practicality the G’Love snowboarding gloves come complete with a snow cuff to stop pesky getting into your gloves. They also have a handy carry strap, so you don’t lose your gloves when you take them off on the lift etc.

Introducing G'Love snowboarding gloves by Love Inc

G’Love snowboarding gloves feedback

To get to this stage in the design of the perfect snowboarding gloves has taken four years, and Love Inc. are currently on the third version. Love inc. appreciate the feedback received on early versions and have incorporated this into Mark 3.

Love Inc LogoBut they really want to keep improving the gloves. So all purchasers can let them know how they got on. Just scan the QR code on the packaging to be whisked to a secret area of their site where you can leave your feedback. This gives you the chance to shape the future of the G’Love snowboarding gloves.

They come in ‘Vader Black’ or ‘Rebel Red’, to get your paws on a pair of G’Love snowboarding gloves visit:


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