Introducing Exogun: Portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery

Aug 31, 2021 BY Luke Rees

If you do action sports from time to time you will hit the deck, over stretch or push your body too hard. To aid your recovery you might want a massage (or a week off!). But what if you want to get back on your bike, board or boat ASAP? Then read this article introducing Exogun which provides portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery.

Introducing Exogun Dream Pro

A massage treatment is not cheap, and at short notice you cannot always get one. Plus when doing adventure sports it might not always be possible. If you are camping while climbing at a remote crag, sailing in the middle of the Med or on a kitesurfing downwinder in rural Brazil you’ll have to fix your own aches and pains.

Introducing Exogun

The answer is something offering portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery. Which is where Exogun comes in. They are the leader in percussion massage products that allow athletes, fitness buffs, and anyone aching from different types of extreme sport to benefit from massage and aid their recovery anywhere and any when.

Professional athletes use percussive massage therapy to recover faster, reduce pain, and relieve tension after training and competing. And its benefits can help you too. No longer is this kind of massage only available to the pros with a team of massage therapists at their beck and call.

Introducing Exogun Introducing Exogun Portable percussive therapy

The new Exogun Dream Pro is a wireless, lightweight and portable massager that enables anyone to provide a professional percussive therapy to themselves or someone else. Fully adjustable to your needs, Exogun generated thousands of sales in it’s first couple of weeks alone.

How is Exogun different?

“Exogun brings professional-grade recovery and spa-quality massage to those who typically can only afford those types of services once in a blue moon,” says the founder of Exogun. “We’re athletes ourselves, and we wanted to level the playing field while making training safer and more effective for everyone.”

As an all-in-one massager, Exogun is different to other devices. It provides both a professional percussion massage and the tension-melting benefits of deep-tissue relaxation massage.

Introducing Exogun percussive massage

With four interchangeable heads and six speed settings, Exogun provides fully-customisable and portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery. Regardless of the body type, muscle group, or personal preference it is guaranteed to deliver the right intensity for you.

Portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery

Using the percussion settings Exogun penetrates soft tissue. This increases blood flow to muscles to reduce tension and relieve pain straight away. Studies show that percussion massage can increase range of motion and improve performance within a few days of regular use.

You can quickly and easily switch from an intense percussive massage to a relaxing deep-tissue massage, by changing the massage head and adjusting the speed. Athletes have been benefiting from percussive massage for years and thanks to Exogun it is now available to everyone.

Introducing Exogun Portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery

So whether you feel pain after a day on the ski slopes, in the line up or a in the saddle Exogun is the answer. It is lightweight and provides portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery. So you can easily fit it in most rucksack styles or your kit bag to use when needed.

Introducing Exogun features and benefits

  • Powerful & Customizable:

    • 16mm Stroke (length)
    • 20-53Hz Vibration Speed Range
    • 1200 – 3200 Percussions Per Minute
    • 60lbs Stall Force
  • Portable & Long-Lasting:

    • Cordless and Portable Massager
    • 2400 mAh Long-Lasting Battery Life
    • Easy to Hold & Lightweight at 2.5lbs
    • Quiet (70db) with 24V Brushless Motor

Exogun Dream Pro Portable massage and recovery kit

  • All-in-one Handheld Massager:

    • 6 Customizable Speed Range Settings
    • 4 Replaceable Massage Heads
    • Ergonomic Design for Hard to Reach Areas
    • Highly Responsive ShockSmart Sensitivity™
  • Benefits of ExoGun:

    • Treat Your Body Right
    • Percussive Therapy & Deep Tissue Massage
    • Relieve Pain, Tension, and Tightness
    • Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue
    • Enhance performance and Speed Recovery
    • Increase Blood Circulation and Range Of Motion
    • Recover Faster and Live Better
    • Treat Your Body Right with enhanced recovery & relaxation
    • Revives Muscle, Boosts Circulation, and releases energy

Portable Exogun massage

A huge benefit of Exogun is that it can be used without a partner and without any understanding of massage or medical knowledge. The unique settings deliver the exact pressure required to relieve tension. You’ll enjoy relief after just 60 seconds of using Exogun on a tense of painful area.

Exogun Portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery

The Exogun has been designed by fitness experts. The unique ergonomic FirmWare Grip handle has contours to help you confidently hold it at all speeds and intensities. Furthermore, Exogun was designed for solo use on the lower back and shoulders without being awkward to use or uncomfortable.

Finally, Exogun has a quick charging, long lasting lithium-ion battery. It is fortified with rubber so you can use it at the gym, outdoors or even whip it out on a ski slope!

Exogun is currently available for the launch price of $169 with free worldwide shipping. The full price of $599 will be applied soon when launch stock is exhausted. Find out more at


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