Introducing Auron Self Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle

Mar 11, 2021 BY Paul McWilliams

Can you always be sure what you’re drinking? With the Auron self-cleaning water purifying UV-C smart bottle you can. Plastic pollution is one of the major environmental issues facing the world. And contamination of drinking water is a serious concern. Luckily the Auron water purifying bottle helps with both these problems.

Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle by Auron

That’s why the Kickstarter campaign, launched in February 2021, was able to meet its target within just 24 hours. The stats are impressive too. The Auron UV-C smart bottle is able to sterilise itself and its contents in just 60 seconds. It can eliminate 99.9% of microbial life in the water. Cleaning can be activated manually or set to automatic to clean every four hours.

Even better, there are no replaceable parts. One bottle will continue to sterilize water for over 100 years without the need for batteries or replaceable filters. This is a one off investment guaranteeing you clean water for the rest of your days.

Why use the Auron self cleaning bottle?

More and more people are switching to reusable bottles. Tired of single use plastic, the move to a more permanent solution is a natural choice. But these bottles have their faults. Over time they can get dirty, can be difficult to clean and the water sometimes takes on a stale taste. Plus, you need a clean water source to ensure you have drinkable water.

Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle by Auron

The Auron water purifying bottle is different. It cleans itself every four hours so it never gets smelly and dirty, and the water always tastes good. Plus, you can use water from more or less any tap, fountain or fast flowing river. That’s what makes it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts such as trekkers, mountain bikers and perfect for overland travel and camping.

Run out of water on the trail during a hiking holiday? Or need to fill up from a roadside well while you overland in Africa? Simply find the nearest water source, fill up, activate the cleaning system and within minutes you’re drinking clean water and hydrating

How does the Auron water purifying bottle work?

It’s a simple design. A UV-C light inside the lid of the bottle kills harmful and odor-causing bacteria and the double walled insulated exterior keeps water cool and fresh for up to 24 hours. There’s also a built-in thermometer to tell you the exact temperature of your water.

Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle by Auron

To use the purifying system, simple open the vacuum sealed lid and fill the bottle with water. Tap the lid twice to start purifying the water and clean the bottle.

A display on the lid will countdown the 60 seconds required for this process. Then you have clean and safe water ready to drink. And it doesn’t have to be water, you can also use the Auron to store tea or coffee, or even beer.

Auron UV-C smart bottle extra benefits

The Auron is sleek and stylish, and available in a range of colour choices. There is an attractive LED display and additional programmable features such as hydration reminders and auto-cleaning functions.

Introducing Auron Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle

The Auron self cleaning bottle is also manufactured using only sustainable and recycled materials. So, you can be sure you are minimizing your footprint even further.

If you feel like it’s a time to reduce your plastic consumption or have been looking for a long-term reusable solution, the Auron water purifying bottle might be just what you’ve been waiting for. With Kickstarter goals met, they will be hitting the shelves very soon.

To order your own Auron self-cleaning water purifying UV-C smart bottle go to:


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