How much does skydiving cost? Guide to tandem skydive prices worldwide

Apr 09, 2020 BY Paul McWilliams

How much does skydiving cost? It’s a good question with no definitive answer. But as this guide to tandem skydive prices worldwide proves, it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive.

Guide to tandem skydive prices worldwide Pixabay royalty free image

A tandem skydive is jumping out of a plane attached to an instructor. Now while you may want to pay as little as possible, this is not a sport you want to be cutting corners. You want everything to be as safe as possible.

Guide to tandem skydive prices worldwide

So, where are the cheapest places to skydive? And does travelling to a specific part of the world offer big savings?

The answer is that it varies. Interestingly there are a similar range of prices in most regions around the world. But certainly, some countries are cheaper than others.

Here’s a breakdown of low and high costs by continent. Plus, some average tandem skydive prices worldwide. Prices are from the global database and are correct as of April 2020.


  • Low cost: Italy £135 (€150/$170)
  • High cost: Switzerland £370 (€405/$440)
  • Average: £240 (€265/$290)
  • Advantages: You can skydive in almost every country in Europe so it is a great way to combine travel, culture and excitement!
How much does skydiving cost Guide to tandem skydive prices worldwide Pixabay royalty free image

North America

  • Low cost: Florida and Ohio £83 (€91/$99)
  • High cost: Alaska £251 (€274/$300)
  • Average: £159 (€174/$190)
  • Advantages: More dropzones than any other continent which means lots of choice and good prices.

Central America

  • Low cost: Panama £260 (€285/$310)
  • High cost: Costa Rica £275 (€300/$327)
  • Average: £267 (€292/$319)
  • Advantages: Tandem skydives are more expensive here but accommodation and travel are very affordable.


  • Low cost: Cuba £185 (€203/$220)
  • High cost: Dominican Republic £295 (€322/$350)
  • Average: £244 (€267/$290)
  • Advantages: Idyllic skydiving which doesn’t cost a fortune.

South America

  • Low cost: Brazil £45 (€51/$55)
  • High cost: Bolivia/Chile £201 (€229/$250)
  • Average: £93 (€102/$111)
  • Advantages: Some of the most affordable skydiving in the world.

Middle East

  • Low cost: Jordan £220 (€250/$275)
  • High cost: UAE, Dubai £345 (€378/$410)
  • Average: £275 (€300/$327)
  • Advantages: Jumps are rarely cancelled due to bad weather.
Skydiving one of the best extreme activities in the UK Wikimedia image by by Dregcla


  • Low cost: Indonesia £155 (€169/$185)
  • High cost: Philippines £288 (€315/$343)
  • Average: £220 (€241/$262)
  • Advantages: While the tandem skydive costs can be quite high cost of living is very low.


  • Low cost: Australia £150 (€165/$180)
  • High cost: New Zealand £200 (€219/$238)
  • Average: £175 (€192/$208)
  • Advantages: Some of the prettiest places to tandem skydive on the planet.


  • Low cost: South Africa £63 (€69/$75)
  • High cost: Zambia £255 (€280/$305)
  • Average: £130 (€145/$164)
  • Advantages: Some of the cheapest tandem skydives in the world.

Of course, if jumping away from your home you’ll also have to factor in your travel and accommodation. So, it’s a question of balancing skydive costs with other expenses. 

How much does skydiving cost?

In addition to the above, our research shows that tandem skydive prices worldwide tend to fall into three price brackets. So below we’ve included budget options, mid-range prices and top end skydiving experiences.

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Cheap tandem skydive prices

Below £200 (€218/$240)

Just because you’re slumming it around the world with a backpack, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy skydiving. There are places all over the world where you can tandem jump on the cheap. 

In Europe, Italy is the cheapest place to go with some tandem jumps costing as little as £135 (€150/$170). Spain is also affordable at an average of around £150 (€165/$180).

If you’re in North America, then the cheapest dropzones can be found in Ohio and Florida. Here you can pay as little at £83 (€91/$99) – although these appear to be special deals. But there are many US dropzones where a tandem skydive costs £150 (€165/$180) or less.

But South America and Africa offer the cheapest tandem skydives worldwide. In Brazil you can pay as little as £45 (€51/$55) and in Argentina around £60. South Africa also costs around £60 per tandem jump.

Mid-range tandem skydive prices

From £200 (€218/$240) to £300 (€327/$360)

Mid-range prices are considered those above £200 but below £300. This is around the average price for tandem skydives globally. It is roughly what you will pay in the many UK tandem skydive destinations.

UK tandem skydiving locations flickr image by Steve Montgomery

Most dropzones in Australia also charge in this range. North Wollongong Beach just outside Sydney making a thrilling jump for first timers. But there are quite a few other great places to tandem skydive in Australia.

If you want to skydive in the US premium jumps tend to fall in this range. For example, Grand Canyon jumps in Colorado will set you back around £250 as does a jump in Alaska. But both are worth the extra, for the incredible views.

New Zealand offers similarly priced jumps, with the Fox Glacier being a favourite amongst those in the know. Zambia in Africa offers mid-range jumps out over the stunning Victoria Falls, so it is worth paying that little bit extra.

Top end tandem skydive prices

Priced £300 and above

Top end options start at around £300 and go up from there. If money is no object, then you can jump at unique global locations.

You can skydive at Pokhara, in view of Mount Everest in Nepal. There are just four jump opportunities per year. And it will cost you upwards of $14,000 for the privilege.

5 extreme Himalaya adventures in Nepal: Including Pokhara skydiving

Prices in Switzerland are usually over £300 but then everything is more expensive there. Check out this guide to skydiving in Interlaken where you can jump from a helicopter.

How much does skydiving cost?

So, how much does skydiving cost? As you can see from this guide to tandem skydive prices worldwide, prices vary a great deal.

In general, you should expect to pay around £200 (€218/$240) to £300 (€327/$360). So once you factor in travel and accommodation the best value option is usually to skydive close to home.

Skydiving may be expensive. But it is well worth it!

We hope you found this guide to the cost of tandem skydives useful. Check out this article about the cost of skydiving as a hobby if you’d like to take it up more seriously.


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  1. Can you specify the Brazilian and Italian dropzone you were referring to as being affordable? I’m searching for a place to do my AFF but don’t want to break the bank. Thanks!

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