How listings work on AWE365

Thinking of promoting your company on AWE365? Then you’ll probably want to know how it works and where your adverts will appear. So here’s a rundown – in mildly boring detail – of how AWE365 works.

What is a listing?

We get asked this a lot.

A listing is a page promoting your products. They can be holidays and vacations, courses and lessons, experiences and day trips, accommodation in any form, a company itself or discounts and deals.

Every listing has its own page. We ask you do add as much detail as possible so that it appeals to potential customers. If they like what they see they’ll send an emailed enquiry, share it or click through (Linked and Featured listings only) to your website.


How AWE365 works

Listings are found throughout AWE365 by three variables that dictate where they will appear:

  1. Activity, eg snowboarding, trekking or kitesurfing
  2. Destination, eg Europe, France, Rhone Alps, Morzine, Portes Du Soleil (destinations are hierarchical)
  3. Category, the type of listing or other content, eg holiday, course, experience, accommodation, discount or blog.

There are pages for every combination of activity + destination + category. So, if you add a snowboarding holiday in France it will appear on the Snowboarding + France + Holidays page:

Each listing has one activity, one category and multiple destinations. You should add all destinations related to your listing. For example, a snowboarding holiday in Morzine should be added to Europe, France, Rhone Alps, Morzine and Portes Du Soleil (the ski area).

Where do listings appears?

Every listing appears on every related page. A listing can appear on more than 15 pages, including the homepage. For example, a snowboarding holiday in Morzine could appear on the following pages:

Pages at the top of this list receive more traffic and have more related listings creating greater competition. Pages lower down the list get less traffic, however there is less competition and they are more targeted.

Order of listings

Featured listings appear first followed by basic and linked listings then finally the free listings. The order of listings is random, but always with featured top, basic and intermediate next and free listings at the bottom.

Adventure sports courses Adventures every day

If there are more listings than can be displayed there are links to view all and/or pagination. To maximise exposure we recommend adding everything you offer.

Most pages have mainly free listings, so they get plenty of exposure. Because they appear in random order, exposure is equal over time. If you’d like more prominence you can upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Want to always be top of the page? It is not a isting, however you can also sponsor a page. This puts your logo and a 50 word description top of the page. Page sponsorship is sold exclusively to one company per page for a year and links directly to your website.

We are offering this free advertising on a goodwill basis. Please don’t abuse it by adding destinations you do not offer, or listings that don’t apply to you. We will delete accounts that do this.


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