Slovene Alpine Pearls: Slovenia hiking holiday in the Alps

Explore Slovene Alpine Pearls on this self-guided Slovenia hiking holiday in the Alps, perfect for experienced hikers.

8 days
€925 to 975

Embark on an extraordinary self-guided tour tailored for seasoned hikers, unveiling the splendor of alpine landscapes. Traverse mountain ridges, meandering through meadows and valleys that reveal breathtaking vistas at every turn. This picturesque journey unfolds from east to west, promising both challenge and beauty.

This immersive experience promises an unforgettable encounter with nature’s grandeur, providing a perfect blend of adventure, tranquility, and the breathtaking allure of Slovenia’s alpine pearls.

Highlights of this Slovenia hiking holiday in the Alps:
Serene stays in tranquil mountain villages
Exploring ancient feudal tunnels that hold tales of bygone eras
Uncovering hidden mountain valleys, rich in natural wonders
Visiting the iconic Lake Bled and the pristine Lake Bohinj
Wandering over expansive mountain pastures, connecting with the untouched wilderness

Price Includes

  • accommodation in 3* or 4* hotels/guesthouses in a two-bed room with WC and shower, on a bed & breakfast basis
  • transfers on days 4, 5 and 6
  • luggage transport between hotels (one piece per person, max 23 kgs / 50 lb)
  • tour description and maps in GUIBO application electronic form
  • local tourist and other taxes
  • welcome meeting
  • backup service (hotline) during the walk

Price Excludes

  1. single travelers 560 EUR - applies when a person travels alone
  2. single room 395 EUR in low season, 430 EUR in high season - applies when a person travels together with a group
  3. printed information package including route notes and corresponding maps delivered upon arrival - 30 EUR

What to expect

Slovene Alpine Pearls: Slovenia hiking holiday in the Alps itinerary.

With its idyllic location in a basin between the towering Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Karawanke Mountains, on the border with Austria, the small romantic village of Jezersko will be the starting point for your hike. You will spend the next 3 nights here.
Accomodation in Guesthouse.

Day 2: JEZERSKO–ČEŠKA KOČA ( 12 km, ascent and descent 640 m)
Embark on a gentle warm-up hike to Češka koča. This trail leads to one of Slovenia's oldest alpine huts, standing serenely beneath the imposing north face of Mt. Grintovec, a true alpine giant. Pause here to savor lunch and bask in the presence of majestic peaks, while taking in the captivating view of the parallel valleys. On your return journey, you'll pass by the delightful Shepherds Lake before arriving back in Jezersko.

Day 3: JEZERSKO–VIRNIKOV GRINTOVEC (18 km, ascent and descent 760 m)
Today's adventure entails a hike up the northern side of the Kamnik Alps, specifically Virnikov Grintavec. The path weaves through meadows and forests, ultimately leading to a breathtaking viewpoint overlooking the Jezersko valley. Here, straddling the border between Slovenia and Austria, you'll be treated to a splendid panorama of the Grintovec range. It's a vista that truly showcases the natural beauty of this region.

Day 4: JEZERSKO–LJUBELJ–BEGUNJE (12,5 km, ascent 250 m, descent 700 m)
You'll begin with a car transfer to the starting point at Ljubelj, right on the Austrian border. From here, the trail leads you through a brief subterranean passage originally excavated by merchants to expedite travel between Carniola and Carinthia. Upon emerging on the other side, you'll follow the ancient shepherd's path before entering the serene Draga Valley. This will be your final stretch, culminating in the historic village of Begunje. Notably, Begunje is the hometown of the renowned Slavko Avsenik and the Oberkrainer band. Just 2 kilometers down the road, you'll find the evocative ruins of Kamen Castle.
Accomodation in Guesthouse.

DAY 5: BEGUNJE–KARAVANKE RANGE–LAKE BLED (13 km, ascent 850 m, descent 790 m)
Day for a panoramic stroll along the base of the Karavanke range. Your morning ascent will lead you to the diminutive St. Peter's Church, strategically constructed at an observation point during the days of Turkish raids. The day's walk is a easy one, allowing you to relish the serene pastoral scenery and the sweeping views of the Julian Alps. After a brief car transfer, your day ends in Bled—a globally renowned town nestled along the shores of a stunning glacial lake. Here, you'll find the unique island church gracefully positioned on the lake's surface, while the imposing castle stands sentinel atop a cliff, watching over the town. It's a quintessential scene of natural and architectural beauty.
Accomodation in 4-star hotel.

DAY 6: BLED–POKLJUKA HIGH PLATEAU (14 km, ascent 710 m, descent 640 m)
Car transfer to the beginning point, on top of Pokljuka high plateau (1280 m) – starting point of many hiking trails in Julian Alps. The hike will guide you across mountain pastures and through lush fir forests, ultimately leading to the Lipanska Hut. Here, you can enjoy a typical hiker's lunch. After lunch, your path will wind along a panoramic route, offering superb views of the Karawanke range, Pokljuka plateau, Krma valley, and the Bohinj Mountains. This picturesque journey concludes at the biathlon centre of Pokljuka, where you'll spend the night. It's a day filled with natural beauty and invigorating mountain air.
Accomodation in 3-star hotel.

You will hike across mountain pastures and old farmhouses where you will come to a viewing point providing outstanding views into the Bohinj Valley. As you descend you can stop at the little historic village of Studor where you can visit the museum and see how people lived 150 years ago. Your final destination is Lake Bohinj, the jewel in the heart of the Triglav National Park, and the small settlement of Ribčev Laz (Fisherman’s Pass).
Accomodation in 4-star hotel.



Slovene Alpine Pearls: Slovenia hiking holiday in the Alps: From €925 to €975 for 8 days

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