Sicily beginner kitesurfing holiday: Learn to kitesurf in Italy

Sicily beginner kitesurfing holiday offers huge flat water lagoon at Lo Stagnone offering great conditions all year round to Learn to kitesurf in Italy

7 days
£475 to 705
Sicily beginner kitesurfing holiday: Learn to kitesurf in Italy

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily offers warm weather and a kitesurfing season that extends virtually all year. This relatively undiscovered kitesurfing destination offers flat, shallow waters – perfect for beginners and one of the safest places to learn to kitesurf in Italy (and the world!).

The nature reserve of Stagnone is the largest lagoon in Sicily, extending between the areas of Marsala and Trapani. The picturesque lagoon is home to a number of small islands and is famous for its salt pans and windmills.

At the kitesurf spot in Sicily you will find an onsite hotel located on the western tip of Sicily, surrounded by kilometres of beautiful coastline. But a Sicily beginner kitesurfing holiday is about more than time on the water, there are ancient cities, rich in historical and archaeological sites to explore.

Price Includes

  • 6 hour semi-private learn to kitesurf course including equipment
  • 7 nights accommodation

Price Excludes

  1. Flights (contact us for an all inclusive price)

What to expect

Lo Stagnone, Sicily, offers a great kitesurfing area for beginners just starting out. The large flat water area is shallow enough all around that you can stand up no matter far you go. And with a great warm water temperature, and a daytime temperature that never drops below 20 degrees Celsius in summer, the area is perfect for those that are still learning to surf upwind.

With conditions like these, it takes considerably less time to learn to kitesurf in Italy when on a Sicily beginner kitesurfing holiday in Lo Stagnone.

While you will spend a few hours each day out on the water you will also find yourself with enough time to explore the number of great bakeries, supermarkets and bars that can be found close to the kitesurfing spot at Lo Stagnone. The area of Marsala is linked to marsala wine and a few days spent in this stunning city will complete your Sicilian getaway.


Sicily beginner kitesurfing holiday: Learn to kitesurf in Italy: From £475 to £705 for 7 days

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