Remote Patagonia trek: Trekking holiday in Glaciers National Park

Get way off the beaten path on a remote Patagonia trek. This 6-day trekking holiday in Glaciers National Park explores the rugged landscape of southern Patagonia.


Our remote Patagonia trek takes us through little-traveled areas where orientation is done by identifying natural landmarks, and where we will encounter few trails and probably no other people at all.

On our walk through the valleys that separate the Helsingfors and Cristina ranches, we will discover beech forests, rivers and waterfalls, impressive mountains with hanging glaciers, and the wild and immense solitude of this remote part of Argentina. Read on to learn more in the daily itinerary and contact us for more information.

-Undertake the most remote trekking holiday in Glaciers National Park where you won’t come across another hiker
-Hike along the Moyano arm of the Viedma Lake to access viewpoints of the imposing North and Moyano Mountains
-Camp in solitude in front of a glacier and discover the remarkable Fossil Canyon
-Visit two typical Patagonian Estancias (ranches) to learn a little about the history of the area
-Trek through very isolated areas of Patagonia in the spirit of adventure and exploration

Price Includes

  • Bilingual mountain guide
  • Transport from El Calafate to the start of the trek. Transport from the end of the trek back to El Calafate
  • Necessary permits for the program
  • Camping equipment (tent, cooking ware, common group equipment)
  • All food during the trek (breakfasts, box lunches, dinners)
  • VHF/Satellite communication
  • 1 night accommodation in double room
  • Boat ticket from Estancia Cristina to El Calafate

Price Excludes

  1. Transfer from and to El Calafate to El Chaltén
  2. Accommodation in El Calafate and El Chaltén
  3. Personal travel insurance
  4. Tips
  5. Food outside of what is stated in the included section
  6. Porters
  7. Personal equipment

What to expect

Rough itinerary for trekking holiday in Glaciers National Park

Day 1: Welcome, and transfer from El Calafate

We will meet everyone at the El Calafate airport and begin our journey to either the city of El Calafate or the Estancia La Estela (Star ranch) on the shores of Lake Viedma (depending on flight times). During the afternoon, we will review all equipment and the route we will be taking over the next week.

Included: Transfer, 1 night accommodation (double room) in El Calafate or Estancia La Estela, dinner.

-Day 2: Estancia Helsingfors - Seno Moyano

We begin the day by heading towards Estancia Helsingfors from either El Calafate or Estancia La Estela. Note that Estancia Helsingfors is located 180km from El Calafate, about 70km of which is along dirt road, so the journey can take up to 4 hours. It is from here that we will begin our trek.

The ranch is located at the entrance to the Seno Moyano of Lake Viedma. We will hike along this branch of the lake following the undulations of the terrain through low vegetation. The valley we traverse is sandwiched between the Mascarello and Huemules ranges, with views to a background of glaciers running down from the South Patagonian Icefield and the Moyano mountain range. We will set up camp for the night near the lake in the vicinity of an old abandoned hut.

Distance: 13km hiking
Duration: 8 hours
Physical Intensity: moderate
Included: Transfer, 1 night wild camp, breakfast, boxed lunch, and dinner

-Day 3: North and Moyano Mountains and North Canyon

We continue the trekking holiday in Glaciers National Park up the valley through an area of hills and ravines until we arrive at a viewpoint that allows us to see the Valle del Quemado (Burned Valley) below us, the North pass ahead of us, and the spectacular Moyano and Norte mountains with their important hanging glaciers.

We enter into the Valle del Quemado, cross over tree trunks, and then start climbing to reach the upper part of the North pass at ~1,100 meters above sea level. From the pass, we can see the entire mountain range of the Mascarello Strict Nature Reserve (Mascarello Strict Nature Reserve) and the North Canyon, which begins a long descent towards Lago Argentino (Argentine Lake).

From here we will descend about 200m on uneven rocky terrain in the shadow of the imposing walls of the Moyano and Norte mountains, and cross an area of mallines (Patagonian wetlands) and low forest to look for a good campsite.

Distance: 7km +680 / -250
Duration: 9 hours
Physical Intensity: intense
Included: 1 night wild camp, breakfast, boxed lunch, and dinner

-Day 4: North Canyon - North Valley - North Glacier
From our camp near the forest, we cross a large glacial moraine into a beautiful river valley. Here the remote Patagonia trek follows along the valley, skirting around the many mallines and finding our way through trail-less forests. If weather permits, we will camp with a view of North Mountain’s impressive hanging glacier and lagoon, otherwise, we will continue a little further to set up camp in the forest.

Distance: 8km
Duration: 4 hours
Physical Intensity: easy
Included: 1 night wild camp, breakfast, boxed lunch, and dinner

-Day 5: North Valley campsite - Laguna Anita
Today, we continue heading along the valley - following animal trails and keeping the river on our right to discover a series of spectacular waterfalls. After navigating forests, mallines, and low bushes, we will once again gain height and cross a ridge to a series of terraces. From the ridge, we will see Lago Argentino and Estancia Cristina in the distance, the Canon of Fossils on the opposite side of the river, and parts of the glaciers that descend from the South Patagonian Icefield. We will set up our wild camp near the river and the Anita Lagoon.

Distance: 16km -530
Duration: 9 hours
Physical Intensity: moderate
Included: 1 night wild camp, breakfast, boxed lunch, and dinner

-Day 6: Canyon of Fossils - Glacier Upsala Viewpoints
From our beautiful campsite near the lagoon, we head towards the Catarina river looking for a place to cross the glacial waters. One on the other side, we make our way through the incredible Canyon of Fossils until we reach a rocky ledge with impressive geology and color. We will have this remarkable place - close to the South Patagonian Icefield and surrounded by huge glaciers converging in the direction of Lago Argentino - all to ourselves.

Day 6 of this remote Patagonia trek ends when we arrive at the repaired Upsala hut, which is located behind a rocky promontory and very close to the viewpoint of the Upsala Glacier.

Distance: 11km -350
Duration: 6 hours
Physical Intensity: moderate
Included: 1 night wild camp, breakfast, boxed lunch, and dinner

-Day 7: Upsala Hut - Estancia Cristina
On the final day of our spectacular journey, we will rise early to enjoy the morning light over the Upsala Glacier from the viewpoint. Once we’ve had our breakfast and enjoyed the last morning of tranquility, we will start our descent towards Lago Argentino where we will wait for the boat that will take us back to El Calafate by sailing for 3 hours.

Distance: 14km
Duration: 4 hours
Physical Intensity: moderate
Included: breakfast, and boxed lunch. 1 night accommodation (double room) in El Calafate

-The campsites and daily distances are approximate only. Your guide will make the final decision as to where to camp based on the speed of the hike, the weather, and the terrain conditions.
-The timing for lunch is flexible as the guide will always look for a sheltered lunch spot out of the wind. Each participant will carry their sleeping bag, sleeping mat, part of a tent, and a share of the food for the group.
-The guides will prepare breakfast and dinner at the beginning and end of each day.


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