Rafting Adventure Holiday in Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia

Experience three different countries on this Balkan rafting adventure holiday in Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia as we paddle across the former Yugoslavia.


The Balkan Peninsula is home to some of the most incredible rivers in Europe. On this week-long trip you will travel through Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Slovenia and not only paddle through breathtaking rivers but there are also opportunities to do some sightseeing and take in the culture and history of each country.

This Balkan Rafting Adventure Holiday in Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia is aimed at people who love water sports, from adrenaline seekers to general rafting enthusiasts, it is bound to hit everyone’s tastes!

Some highlights of this trip are:

-Paddling through the Tara River Canyon in Montenegro, the second deepest canyon in Europe with crystal blue waters
– Stopping by Sarajevo in Bosnia, a city that dates back to prehistoric times, for a pit stop tour to take in some rich culture
– Exploring UNESCO world heritage site, Una National Park, taking in the waterfalls and paddling across the Una River
– Visiting the mountain town of Bovec, Slovenia, home to the River Soča and Triglav National Park
– Trying traditional cuisine from each country

Price Includes

  • Private minibus for trip duration
  • All accomodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • All rafting fees
  • All safety equipment
  • All river fees
  • Cultural extras
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off

Price Excludes

  1. Bar Bills/Alcohol
  2. Travel insurance
  3. Flights

What to expect

Rafting Adventure Holiday in Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia

There are days when the transfer periods are long, some over 4 hours, but completely worth it to take in some views and cultures that are only accessible via river transport.


You will need to bring the following on this Balkan rafting adventure in Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia:

- Swim kits
- Warm clothing that is suitable for rafting, as the water can get very cold even in the summer
- Good shoes for hiking


Day 1: We will be flying into Dubrovnik before transferring to our first location in Montenegro, the coastal town of Herceg Novi. We will then enjoy some lunch, get to know each other as a group, and go for a swim.

Day 2: Today is when the adventure really begins as we make our way to the Tara River Canyon to descend its blue waters, making our way to Radovan Luka. This is a gorgeous hotel/camp where we will be able to sleep beside the river in our own huts.

Day 3: We will be continuing our journey down the Tara Canyon today to complete the rest of our descent, arriving in Bosnia. From here, we will travel to the town of Foča for the night before continuing our journey to our next destination.

Day 4: On this day, we will drive through the capital city of Bosnia, Sarajevo. It has a vibrant history, as a settlement in this area dates back to prehistoric times, that can be seen through various landmarks, museums, and more. We will stop here to take in the prominent culture and beauty of this city via a tour (or personal exploration if you wish). After taking in all that Sarajevo has to offer we will move on; stopping in the small city of Jajce for the night.

Day 5: Today we will journey to Una National Park, which is Bosnia’s largest national park and home to the Una River. Firstly, we will take in the star attraction, Štrbački Buk, a 25 m-high collection of majestic waterfalls. We will then get to paddling across the Una River until we reach the city of Bihać where we will stop for the night.

Day 6: Saying goodbye to Bosnia, we will travel through Croatia to reach Bovec, a mountain town surrounded by the Julian Alps in Slovenia. We will have the choice to either swim in the River Soča or take a short trip to Triglav National Park, the only national park and largest protected area in Slovenia, to do some hiking.

Day 7: After the unforgettable experience of waking up in the picturesque town of Bovec, we will get kitted up to do some rafting in the River Soča. After we are all done rafting, it’s time to have a swim and do some rock jumping! In the evening, we shall have our final meal of the trip, indulging in traditional Slovenian cuisine, and go over our favourite parts of the adventure.

Day 8: All good things must come to an end. Time to say our final goodbyes and fly out of Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana. We can accommodate other airports if told in advance.


Rafting Adventure Holiday in Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia: From £1,350 to £1,350 for 8 days

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