Norwegian backcountry trip: 12 day ski touring holiday in Norway

Join a Norwegian backcountry trip for a motorhome freeride adventure. 12 day ski touring holiday in Norway to Tromso, Lofoten Islands, Lyngen Alps, Narvik & Alta

Ski Touring
12 days
€2,990 to 2,990

This 112 day ski touring holiday in Norway is a trip to the far north – well within the Arctic circle. Norway is renowned for stunning ocean views, reliable snow and stable conditions making it one of the best places to freeride on the planet.

Based in motorhomes we can park up where we wish to explore this magical region and make the most of the conditions.

The exact itinerary of this Norwegian backcountry trip will depend on the weather and snow conditions. But the plan is to do roughly 4 days skiing or snowboarding followed by a rest day, another 4 days in the mountains before another rest and then 3 final days of backcountry fun.

After arriving in Tromso, via a connection from Oslo, there are many different areas we could explore on this 12 day ski touring holiday in Norway:

From the city you can reach the 1200m high hill Tromsdalstinden. With plenty of lines to take and stunning views of the fjords it is the perfect place to start. Also the nearby Kvaloya Island is within an hour’s drive from the city, where in the right conditions you can ski all the way down to the sea.

About three hours from Tromso you’ll find the industrial city of Narvik. Just above this is the Narvikfjellet ski resort with excellent mountains that are just made for freeriding. It’s the perfect spot to tour of splitboard for a few days.

Lofoten Islands
The Lofotens are snow-free earlier than the rest of the region, but if conditions are right they are stunningly beautiful and a fantastic area to tour. Around 5-6 hours from Tromso, Vesteralen – the Islands north of Harstad – are a must visit and are similar to the mountains on Kvaloya Island. Tricky to reach the Lofotens are almost a separate trip but offer idyllic peaks and slopes surrounded by the ocean.

Lyngen Alps
Around 1.5 hours northeast of Tromso you’ll find 2000m mountains that rise straight from the sea. It’s the most popular destination for freetoneers with more technical ascents and extreme slopes, gills etc. The freeriding here can be too extreme for some, but fortunately in the southern Lyngen Alps the peaks are smaller with easier slopes providing options for a range of abilities.

Alta and Lapland
Alta is a 4-5 drive from the Tromso. Here you’ll find smaller hills, that feel even more exotic. The peaks are crowded together, there are reindeer running free and the area often receives extra powder. From here it’s possible to cross the border into Sweden or Finland to freeride in Lapland. While it is often -15°C in Alta, in Lapland temperatures drop to below -40°C…

Join this two week Norwegian backcountry trip to explore one of the best freeride destinations on the planet.

Price Includes

  • 10 days guided freeriding
  • Basic avalanche training
  • Technique coaching
  • Local transport (FREE CHARGE)
  • Shared accommodation (FREE CHARGE)

Price Excludes

  1. Flights, travel, climbing and are not included.
  2. Insurance
  3. Food and drink

What to expect

Daily plan for 12 day ski touring holiday in Norway

7 – 8am
Wake up, have a breakfast, coffee, ... We will meet up at 9am on the slope.

9am - 16pm
Skiing & snowboarding with Snowbusters coaches/guides, coaching if required.

Dinner and apré ski / apré ski and dinner?

11 pm
There are no rules but most of us will be in bed this time on the Norwegian backcountry trip!


Norwegian backcountry trip: 12 day ski touring holiday in Norway: From €2,990 to €2,990 for 12 days

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