Montenegro Walking Holiday: 8 days guided hiking in the Balkans

On the Montenegro walking holiday, you will experience the Black Mountain in a truly unique way. Join ACE adventure for 8 days guided hiking in the Balkans

8 days
€1589 to 1810

8 days/ 7 nights hiking on a Montenegro walking holiday with accommodation of very great comfort. From the wild Durmitor Mountain on the North to the Adriatic Coast in the South of the country

Stay in the highest inhabited place in the Balkans – Žabljak, a small town nestled at the foot of the grandiose peaks of Durmitor

Meet the three faces of the Durmitor mountain – dark and mystical evergreen forests, rough and rocky peaks, and gentle and \”soft\” meadows where cattle graze.

Look the mountain in the eye (locally glacial lakes are known as \”mountain eyes\”).

The view of the deepest canyon in Europe – Tara River Canyon will leave you speechless.

Feel the power of faith in one of the most visited places of pilgrimage in the Orthodox world – Ostrog Monastery – a true masterpiece of nature and human creativity.

Explore the cultural capital of Montenegro – the stunning old town of Kotor, located in the southernmost fjord in Europe.

Witness the passage of time, climbing the walls of the city of Kotor – a masterpiece of fortification architecture, built and extended from the 9th to the 19th century.

Hike the most beautiful trails of Vrmac mountain, above the old town of Kotor and Paštrovačka Gora, a coastal mountain that will constantly present you with romantic landscapes of the Budva Riviera seen from a bird\’s eye view.

Over  8 days guided hiking in the Balkans you can relax while safe in the company of trained and experienced A.C.E. Tour Leaders and other A.C.E. staff, which, in addition to knowledge, experience and professionalism, are passionate about the outdoors, nature, different cultures, people …

Price Includes

  • Transfer from Podgorica airport to the hotel in Žabljak. Regardless of your arrival time, a private transfer will be organized for you.
  • Seven lodgings in 4* hotels
  • Seven breakfasts, four dinners in four-star hotels
  • Three lunches
  • Guiding service of English, French, or German speaking ACE tour leader
  • The following entry fees and services: entry fee for National Park Durmitor, tickets to Kotor Ramparts, boat Perast-Gospa od Škrpjela- Perast.
  • Transfer service for all programs listed in the tour description
  • Snacks and refreshing drinks during the hiking tour
  • Transfer from the hotel in Perast to Podgorica airport. Regardless of your flight time, a private transfer will be organized for you

Price Excludes

  1. The price is based on double room occupancy.
  2. Single room supplement 290 Euros.

What to expect

Itinerary for the 8 days guided hiking in the Balkans

DAY 1 - Hello Montenegro!
Transfer from Podgorica airport to the hotel on Durmitor in the center of Žabljak town. Meeting the tour leader and the group. After the introductory briefing free time for relaxation and dinner.

ACCOMODATION: Night in 4* hotel Žabljak in Žabljak town
ACTIVITY: Transport

DAY 2 - Into the deep green
Today we will get to know the soul and mystical spirituality of Mount Durmitor. Isn\'t it really necessary, when we meet someone new - to look him in the eyes first?

So today, after breakfast, we will head deep into the woods, towards the lakes. The road first leads us to the most famous and most marked lake – Crno Jezero (Black Lake). Lake in the shape of digit 8 - two circles that are almost completely separated in the months of drought. With a depth of over 60m and emerald colour, the smaller circle of the lake gives you the privilege to look into the soul of this magical mountain.

After we dive into the soul of the mountain and get acquainted with its secrets and charms, just like Hansel and Gretel, we will go deeper into the forest ... And what a mystical sorceress she is! Always green, deep, and dark - that\'s why Black Lake got its name! Because of her, because of the dark colour of the forest around the lake, mirrored in its surface. Her paths are sprinkled with mushrooms, moss, and fallen trees. From its rich soil, fir and spruce trees, some up to a hundred years old, tend to the sky. And the air! Fresh, fragrant ... gentle and sharp, at the same time. Created to seduce you farther and farther, all the way to “Zminje Jezero” (Snake Lake).

Don\'t worry too much. Indeed, there are no snakes here, but there is a clear and pure spring just a few steps from the place for lunch and rest. A beautiful little lake on the edges overgrown with water lilies and rare water grasses ... and snakes? Again, the magic forest is responsible for this name. Namely, they say that the dense forest of fir and spruce is so reflected in the water here that it leaves a picture in the lake that resembles snakeskin.

After lunch, rest, and enjoying the silence and pleasant freshness of this hidden lake, we will set off, slowly back. Not missing the opportunity to turn off the road and visit another in a row, this time “Barno Jezero” (Pond Lake). It is located on a larger glade, mostly overgrown with wild flowers, orchids, lilies, wild hyacinths, and further on, a rare reed marks the edge of the lake. The braver ones, can carefully, if the Tour Leader allows it, walk on the peat bog all the way to the water\'s edge. But beware! This will most likely mean that you will return to the hotel with wet feet!

ACCOMODATION: Night in 4* hotel Žabljak in Žabljak town
MEALS INCLUDED: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACTIVITY: Hiking 4h-5h, ascent +250m / descent – 250m.

DAY 3 - Bare Bear Peak (Međed)
The peaks that dominate the landscape! Can\'t you hear their call? We will visit them today! We will pass by our friend from yesterday - Black Lake, just to send it a friendly greeting and wish it a good day, but also to express our respect and tell its that we are invited today to visit the peaks from which its waters are coming.

Don\'t expect to see those waters after leaving the lake. In fact, we need to take enough water with us today because we will not find any on the surface. Water has its own paths to the lake, underground paths, hidden from our view, out of our reach.

And after the forest belt, we go out to an area without shelter. Low vegetation and shrubs, grass, and stone. Rocky trails lead us towards the peaks, but what we see is not the one where we headed to, but only a tump that obscures the horizon on our climb ...

View of the boulder of the neighbouring peak, over a deep ravine, joining the walls of mountain peaks that we call passes ... View of the green canopy of the forest we just left ... Today we climb to 2,160 m above sea level. Due to the unsafe section that leads to the very top, we walk around Međed (Bear Peak)to the “Previja” pass where we can enjoy rest and lunch.

And then the descent. We are witnessing a time that inevitably affects this beautiful mountain. The old Bear is getting tired a little ... we see rocks and stones pouring down like waterfalls, flowing towards the plateau. There is no movement in our time dimension, but traces, wrinkles are there to talk about the real age of this Montenegrin giant and how it is slowly, imperceptibly decreasing ... collapsing. We move lower and lower, near the shepherd\'s huts where local shepherds keep sheep during the summer ... we return to the forest and finally, from the other side we come again to our wonderful friend - Black Lake.

During the summer and autumn, when the weather is nice, the temperature of the lake water can be very pleasant. If that is the case - we will relax in the water of the Black Lake. After this, all the fatigue and tension in the muscles totally disappears. All that remains is pleasure.

ACCOMODATION: Night in 4* hotel Žabljak in Žabljak town
MEALS INCLUDED: Breakfast, Lunch
ACTIVITY: Hiking 6h-7h, ascent +950m / descent – 950m.

DAY 4 - The power of creation
Today you leave the Durmitor National park and head to the Adriatic coast. After 2h of driving you arrive at the Ostrog Monastery built by St Vasilije (Basil) in the 17th century. Stopping to visit the lower monastery – the Church of the Holy Trinity – you then take a 30-minute climb along the pilgrim’s path to the higher one. Set before the imposing backdrop of sheer vertical walls, the whitewashed walls of the upper monastery makes an inspiring sight. The relics of St Basil lie in the monastery, reverentially housed in a sepulchral sanctuary that is linked to another chapel by series of caves and passages. The walls are crammed with gifts and pleas from the pilgrims and the entire atmosphere of the monastery is exceptionally piety. Afternoon we drive to Kotor bay where we will settle down for the next four days in our waterfront hotel in Perast town.

ACCOMODATION: Night in 4* hotel Conte, Perast
MEALS INCLUDED: Breakfast, Dinner
ACTIVITY: Hiking 1h15, ascent +250m / descent – 250m.

DAY 5 - The irresistible charm of Kotor town
In the shadow of the Lovćen Mountain, surrounded by an equally protective wreath of the Orjen and Vrmac Mountains, at the bottom of the most beautiful bay in Adriatic, lies the quiet and sleepy town of Kotor. Moving through the labyrinth of streets, additionally protected by defensive stone ramparts, we start the wheels of a special clock in each heart, which will continue to count only the hours until the next return in Kotor.

We walk the walls of Kotor to St. Ivan Fortress, 250m above sea level. The mountain massif above us make a pleasant shade until noon, and the walk lasts just as long. We climb the stone steps, above the stone city. Cypresses, a small church with a bell tower, the red roofs of Kotor covering stone houses, streets that meander and flow into squares, the blue of the sea and mountains of blue-green tones - are just some images remaining in our memories. Seen from the opposite shore, in the evening, Kotor with its illuminated walls and reflection on the calm surface of the sea form the shape of a heart. As everyone in the world knows, it is a sign of love.

After the walk, you have free time to wander the explore the town at your own pace. Enjoy lunch in some of the many restaurants, visit some museum, gallery, or shops. We drive you back to Perast where you take a small boat to the Our Lady of the Rocks - a man-made island and a church on it. This island was made by numerous sailors from this region, as a pledge for good luck and a happy return after overseas voyages. Return to Perast for a supper on the waterfront.

ACCOMODATION: Night in 4* hotel Conte, Perast
ACTIVITY: Hiking 2,5 h, ascent +250m / descent – 250m, Sightseeing

DAY 6 - Hiking over the Budva Riviera
Today, we will set off outside the Bay of Kotor to the southeast, more precisely to the Budva Riviera. Budva coast is the most developed tourist resort in Montenegro. Despite the excessive and uncontrolled tourist development of this region, which has completely changed the landscape, one of the things still worth to be seen is certainly the old town of Budva.

We start a hike from the Austro-Hungarian fortress (Kosmač fortress). There we will witness another advantage of our passion for hiking. From this height and distance, the Budva Riviera still looks enchanting. A series of bays, islands, and islets, the blue sea and the sky merging on the horizon, all make a miraculous sight for admiring during our hike. Montenegro is a mountainous country. The Adriatic Sea is the only \"plain\" there. Earlier, this \"plain\" was mostly used by fishermen. Now they are almost gone, and small fishing boats are being replaced by cruisers, yachts, motorboats...

Following the mountain trail, we reach the remote Katun Ograđenica (shepherd\'s hut) and St. Spiridon Church. Here we can take a short break in the isolated peace of the forest church.

From there we start a long descent to the monastery Praskvica and the world-famous Sveti Stefan island-hotel. We can refresh ourselves in the sea on one of these exclusive beaches.

ACCOMODATION: Night in 4* hotel Conte, Perast
MEALS INCLUDED: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACTIVITY: Hiking 5 h, ascent +100m / descent – 550m.

DAY 7 - Hiking Vrmac – Another little walk along the sea shore
Starting from a tiny town of Muo, we hike on the Old Austro-Hungarian road, built with the stone technique of \"dry masonry\". The smell of the sea and pine trees ... And at the very end of the zig-zag climb - the path through the fern field to the backyard of grandmother-Radojka\'s house. From there we take a gravel road that follows the mountain ridge. The mountain divides the bay into the Bay of Kotor and the Bay of Tivat. The sound of crickets is following us along the way. On a gravel road, we are surrounded by low Mediterranean vegetation and exposed to the sun until we start a descent through the enchanted forest back to the shore. Uneven stone steps, a stone bridge, through a forest of miniature curved dark trees, all these lead us to the conclusion that this is a path of dwarves.

And here we are, back to the first houses, densely packed along the sea. A town of Prčanj. Another small beautiful town, sandwiched between the sea and the mountains. The town is nestled in such a narrow space that only several rows of houses and one small road leading to Kotor could be built.

There, on the pebble beach of Markov Rt, we can dip into the sea. A perfect finish of wonderful hiking.

ACCOMODATION: Night in 4* hotel Conte, Perast
ACTIVITY: Hiking 5h, ascent +650m / descent – 650m

DAY 8 - Time to say Goodbye
This Montenegro walking holiday ends today. After breakfast, we drive you to Podgorica airport and wish you a safe and pleasant journey, with the desire to see you again on another adventure, on another trip...

ACTIVITY: Transport


Montenegro Walking Holiday: 8 days guided hiking in the Balkans: From €1589 to €1810 for 8 days

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